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An eternal style (lemmy.world)
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Found post in https://social.wildeboer.net/@jwildeboer/112320305177390840

EDIT: converted to a text post instead of link. hoping someday there's easy way to re-toot Mastodon post to lemmy

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If you notice your chat messages show up in the chat feed but don't appear on the streamers in-screen chat, you have been shadowbanned.

Twitch will still take your money for donations, subs, etc, but your feedback won't be seen by anybody but you. This shadowban does not appear in the appeals page and can be applied randomly and intermittently. You are never informed about this by the way. You'll likely be talking in a chat and assuming you're being ignored. Hop into a private tab and load up the stream where you'll be able to notice if your messages are missing in chat.

From my observations, there seems to be some type of algorithm/system that determines who to shadowban. I'm assuming it assigns extra points for factors like VPN usage, Linux, and adblockers. Once you've been shadowbanned, switching one of those three will not work to unban you until some arbitrary timer expires.

I'm posting this in case anybody else has experienced this and felt frustrated and isolated. You're not being ignored (unless you're a twat and are being ignored). You're just being punished by Twitch for being privacy conscious.

The Squonk (lemmy.world)
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I need some "Me Time" (sh.itjust.works)
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Internet Watch Foundation has found a manual on dark web encouraging criminals to use software tools that remove clothing. The manipulated image could then be used against the child to blackmail them into sending more graphic content, the IWF said.

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Israeli forces killed three Palestinian children during a military incursion into Nour Shams refugee camp that lasted more than two days.

Jihad Nyaz Naser Zandiq, 15, Ali Mohammad Ali Abdullah, 17, and Qais Fathi Ibrahim Nasrullah, 14, were killed by Israeli forces on April 19 during a 54-hour military incursion into Nour Shams refugee camp, near Tulkarem in the northern occupied West Bank, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International - Palestine.

Israeli forces shot Jihad and Qais with live ammunition while shrapnel from an Israeli-fired shell killed Ali. Israeli forces deliberately blocked Palestinian ambulances from reaching wounded Palestinians for the entire duration of the military incursion.

The Israeli military invasion into Nour Shams refugee camp marks the deadliest days in the occupied West Bank since the Second Intifada,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director at DCIP. “Israeli forces viciously targeted Palestinian children with deadly force and destroyed civilian infrastructure throughout the camp, amounting to collective punishment in violation of international law.”

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Finally found a match (sh.itjust.works)
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Kids today may know Big Josh with his TALKING Camp Pack when it was retconned as Dora the Explorer.

Edit: If you want to know what his TALKING Camp Pack says- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9s4Q1Hm-HU

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Ex-Democrat, reported contender for Trump running mate, sued Clinton for Russia remark but dropped case

Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic congresswoman, has repeated a discredited claim about Hillary Clinton that previously saw Gabbard lodge then drop a $50m defamation suit in a new book published as she seeks to be named Donald Trump’s running mate for US president.

Accusing Democrats of making up “a conspiracy theory that [Trump] was ‘colluding’ with the Russians to win the election” in 2016, Gabbard claims: “Hillary Clinton used a similar tactic against me when I ran for president in 2020, accusing me of being ‘groomed by the Russians’.”

Gabbard ran for the Democratic nomination. Clinton did not accuse her of being “groomed by the Russians”.

Small Wins (sh.itjust.works)
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“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way” - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Even after living in Oregon, off and on, for 30 years, I still tend to drive through a few towns there without looking right or left. One of these is Grants Pass, which has, as the Oregon Encyclopedia delicately puts it,

a troubled social history, with outbreaks of religious intolerance and white supremacist activity. The Ku Klux Klan was active throughout Oregon in the 1920s, with an estimated Grants Pass membership in the hundreds. The Klan had a short-lived resurgence in Grants Pass in the 1980s and 1990s, and the area was targeted for an Aryan Nations’ organizing drive, canceled after an anti-racism protest in the city drew 1,500 marchers in 1995. Militia activity spilled over into Grants Pass as well, most recently involving demonstrations by the Oath Keepers group.

Whatever its image may be, the city in 2024 bids fair to become the nationwide face of non-hospitality. Today, it will come before the Supreme Court to defend an “anti-camping” law designed (in the words of one of its sponsors) “to make it uncomfortable enough for [homeless people] in our city so they will want to move on down the road.”

If discomfort was their aim, the “anti-camping” ordinances’ authors achieved it. It is currently unlawful in Grants Pass to be anywhere in public with “bedding, sleeping bag, or other material used for bedding.” “Campers” don’t need to erect tents or shelters; merely holding a blanket violates the law. There can be no sleeping in public parks or other public property, and cars cannot be parked for more than two hours in public parks after midnight. No one can sleep in “any pedestrian or vehicular entrance to public or private property abutting a public sidewalk.” Anyone found “camping” or sleeping can be “immediately removed” from the premises and subject to a fine of $75 (for merely sleeping) or $295 (for “camping”). These fines are bolstered by hefty “collection fees” if not paid promptly. Though the fines are “civil,” a homeless person with two unpaid fines may be subject to an “exclusion order”—and may be fined and jailed for violating that order.

Homeless people in Grants Pass might try to find somewhere to shelter legally on a chilly night, but that quest is problematic. The city doesn’t maintain public shelters; it has a “sobering center” where intoxicated people can sober up, a temporary shelter for homeless youths, and a “warming center” that operates only on nights that fall below freezing (and doesn’t feature beds). Meanwhile, a church-supported “Gospel Rescue Mission” allows homeless individuals to stay—if they agree to work six days a week at shelter-assigned jobs, not to seek other employment while staying there, and not to smoke, drink, or engage in “intimate relationships.” Women may stay at the Mission with their children; men may not bring their children with them. Residents must also attend Christian services twice each weekday and once on Sunday.

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240423121701/https://washingtonmonthly.com/2024/04/22/the-supreme-court-takes-on-homelessness-what-could-go-wrong/

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Preventable deaths are on the rise in the European Union amid low vaccine uptake, putting young children most at risk, Europe's disease agency has warned.

Officials from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) revealed new data Monday confirming an upward trend in measles and pertussis — or whooping cough — cases last year. 

At least five people in EU countries died of measles between March 2023 and the end of February 2024, all in Romania, while data showed a more than 10-fold increase in whooping cough cases in the EU in 2023 and 2024 compared to the previous two years.

“It is disheartening to see that despite decades of a well-documented safety and effectiveness track record of vaccines, countries in the EU/EEA and globally still face outbreaks of several vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Andrea Ammon, ECDC director.

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