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When I got hooked on Morrowind in middle school it occurred to me to quicksave before a test at school.

What's yours?

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I normally just do a big text document, but I'm starting to think thats not the best method for me. It can be overwhelming to keep nice and linear over time.

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This question is rather specific, so I know it's not going to get many answers, but any answer is appreciated.

I'm thinking about living alone, but I'm worried about getting certain issues. I've already talked about it to my doctor, but I also wanted to get answers from people who have went through it.

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Your favorite movie, series, or anything else really that you can't find a community here (or maybe it just doesn't exist)

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I'm lookijg into some courses, I know I can get most of them for free but I was thinking about certification too, is it worthy? Does someone cares about coursers certifications from coursers?

It's a thing because my income is not in dolar so it gets more expensive to me

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rice absorbs moisture.

Curious if this works to recover notebooks or other electronics.

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Which side of the bed is the left side? Is the answer based on the perspective of laying in the bed (person's head at the head end)? Is the answer based on viewing it from the foot of the bed, looking at the head of the bed? Is there an "anatomical position" or special terminology like in boating for this?

For context: My boyfriend and I can't agree on this. We change who gets which side based on the shoulder we'd predominantly sleep on and how it's feeling. This let's us get good cuddles before shoulder pain gets irritated. He comes to bed after me. A while back he asked what side I'm sleeping on. I said "left". Later that night, he comes in and almost lays directly on me because he claims "left" is the other side. Since then we have to describe which side using complicated descriptions.

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Any platform(s).

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Like the title says, are there any EVs that just have a Bluetooth radio and that's it? Like a normal car, not a smartphone on wheels? If not, do you all think that this will actually happen at some point? This is the main reason why I can't (and will never) buy an EV. I like to have actual buttons everywhere on my car. I think those massive tablets on these cars with all the touch buttons are very dangerous. I like an "entertainment system" that only connects to my phone with either a headphone jack ~~of~~ or Bluetooth. It's a car, not a PC.

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More specifically, the HP T640 device.

The manufacturer declares compatibility with CL22 latency and 2400 MHz clocking. If I buy RAM with CL17 and 2400 MHz clocking, will it work?

Photo for attention

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I'm going to make the acceptable answers broad so jam, preserves, etc are all acceptable. I'm a fig jam or apple butter man myself.

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I'm a bit of a jack of all trades. When I work on a project I use anything from woodworking and sewing to chemistry and physics to human physiology and psychology. I also like reading up then chatting about random science and history and art stuff. I like working with computers occasionally, and I'll just randomly throw some basic geometry or algebra into a project, but I was also an art student so I'm not half bad at making things visually appealing either.

I have a job where I often get a chance to use my various areas of semi-expertise when I pick up a side project, but that's led me into getting waaay overinvolved in my work and neglecting my outside relationships. What hobbies or other non-professional things could I get involved in that would give me that same opportunity to flex my creativity when solving a problem?

Remove text on TPE phone case? (lemmy.frozeninferno.xyz)
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Hi. When I got a new phone a couple weeks ago, it came with this really nice, name-brand (not giving names here) phone case. It's really rugged and feels great on the hands. It's also one of the most premium phone-case options out there.

Unfortunately, the case is plastered with the text: Pixel. The only phone engineered by Google. I really don't enjoy being a walking advertisement for Google, but leaving such a great case lying around is quite a pity.

So I wanted to ask if there's a way to remove the text that would not damage the case itself?

The case is made of TPE plastic according to its packaging. I thought about just scratching it off cause it does seem to be some kind of layer on top of the case, but I'm worried it won't be removed cleanly and might even leave behind scratches.

Is there another way? Is there some kind of solvent able to do this job?

Here's a closeup if that helps.


Edit: I have decided to uncensor the words.

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I recently got a 2017 Honda CRV and I noticed the backup camera wasn't the best quality. Are there any replacements that have a higher resolution?

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I've already looked at rtings.com and have tried XM5 which I didn't like because the ANC wasn't good enough.

Planning to get Bose Quietcomfort Ultra (the earbuds, not the headphones) very soon but unsure if there's going to be any new and quality release by any brand of high-end ANC earbuds that would be worth waiting for.

What can you recommend?

In case it matters, my preference goes like this, in order of priority:

  1. Comfort of the earbuds within the ear (ideally something that won't damage the ear canal while sleeping on the side).

  2. The quality of the noise cancellation. I need the strongest ANC because I live in an extremely noisy environment.

  3. The sound quality as well as battery life come third.

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My $10 says there will be variants of this catchy phrase. (Help me win this)

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Just an honest, open question. I have an idea of like to have for a hat. However, knowing how to go about getting the correct file formats or knowing the cost of what is asked for in advance seems like a foreign language. Much less if there are design corrections back and forth. I've dealt with organizational offices doing similar, but never anything private. Is that even a thing?

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I was talking with a friend who mentioned "taking tea to India". It made me wonder what the equivalents are around the world. "Taking coals to Newcastle" is the UK's.

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You just find out you are living in virtual world (simulation) and was grant permission to freely create matter. You can create anything, as long as you know it. The admin use you as test subject and see what happen if you have that such ability.

You have 2 ability:

  • Inspect the item: the item is near you, in your eyesight, or you can touch the item with your body part (no need eyesight now). Then the item property, material, schema, ... is written in your brain.
  • Create a item: create a carbon copy of what you inspect (copy a dollar bill), or you can create new stuff with your creativity (got to start somewhere, scan some basic material like sand, water, ... first then build with basic material)

So, what should you do ?

Others "thing", law of physics, people/biology behaviours as normal.

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