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That's why I provided 18 citations for that claim in the first paragraph

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If you read through some of my other stuff, I mostly document controversy in the open source community. OSS developers being taken advantage of and loosing is just the norm, the only thing unique here is that the donation platform itself was doing that instead of the users

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I cannot maths sometime 😩

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I must confess that you're the first person to tell that to me — English class was always a disaster! The only thing I can point to is practice: I have a blog here that I write at regularly. The other component might be luck? They say that a broken clock is right twice a day and I'm inclined to agree.

In any case, thank you!

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fuck this country man

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This thread has been reported to us. I've temporarily made the decision to keep it (other mods; feel free to override). While the question could have been phrased a hell of a lot better ("what are your favourite bands that people don't get the real meaning of?"), its a valid question and doesn't quite fall into the "offensive" rule.

Community: please stay civil. The fact that a song can be political does not mean it is worth debating if it's politics are correct. If discussion significantly devolves into personal attacks, bans will be issued regardless of partisanship.

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Right? like the probably 50-100k they stole in total is whatever, but the fact they stole it from underpaid OSS developers and generous community members is disgusting.

I might apply for funding to research the real number that was stolen...

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Sure! I've been meaning to depoy hedgedoc for a while now and this seems like a good use. Here you go:

fixed; ignoreEdit: Why does nothing ever work. Immediately hit some obscure error because of a cloudflare minifier edgecase:, well if you do a view source you'll see it

Edit 2: You can also verify by asking at any of the methods in

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I agree these claims are a little crazy, but not actually that crazy. Did a little digging and

that the most redditors were in the town where Eglin Air Force base is located

Ghislaine Maxwell

their CEO made their career in the CIA before coming over to Reddit

No fucking clue on this one

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Hi! I wrote this <3

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Historically, I've perceived Reddit as slightly left leaning, with strong pockets of conservatives. Recently though, a vast majority of comment sections seem to excuse violence, such as in this thread (TW: police brutality), where people say things like

TW: Supporting violence

The students didn’t hurt the bullets, right?

They paid to learn so....... You go learn today


Follow the rules of the people who own the property. If they ask you to leave then leave. Don’t interfere with people’s incomes or you’ll end up finding the fuck out

Got it. The next time I stand on a private piece of grass that I paid 200 grand for the privilege of using, I should expect to be shot at like I deserve. I'll keep that in mind.

When the owner of the property wants you to move on? Yeah. Move on. Or don’t and find out.

And I'm seriously wondering when Reddit got so bad that the hivemind supports calls for violence. Are these humans? Are they bots? Why does reddit allow this conduct?

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I don’t think so, the password was randomly generated

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My main has 10s of thousands of karma from a different time in my life and it’s not banned

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I made an account 3 years ago to make a single post, which I wanted to be anonymous for. I logged in again today as I wanted an account for... um... science, and discovered I was banned a year ago. I find this ban incredibly odd as

  1. I did not log into this account for two years between the post and the suspension
  2. They do not state what rule I broke, which is not standard in my experience
  3. They do not offer the opportunity to appeal, which I also believe is not standard
  4. They tell me to make a new account. If I broke their rules, why would they want me to make a new account? Temp ban makes sense. Permaban makes sense. This makes no sense.

The only explanation I can think of is that they want to bump the user count.

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There's been an influx of content surrounding lemmy here. Some of it is open ended:

  • "What kinds of things from reddit would you like to see Lemmy avoid as the user base grows?"
  • "Lemmy, what do you call users of Lemmy?"

And these are a-ok! There's also been a lot of questions like

  • "How do I block a user?"
  • "How do I join a community on a different instance"

These aren't open ended (at least, relatively). They are objective based, and just need a resolution, rather than discussion. These sort of questions are more relevant to [email protected].

I know there's also questions like "What are you guys doing when there’s multiple communities for the same thing across instances?". I'm inclined to let those stay, there is lots of opportunity for discussion. It's a game of discretion from a moderation perspective, but I assume most can easily guess what is cold hard support.

At least from me, moderation of support posts has been sporadic at best, despite the long standing rule. I will begin redirecting these questions to [email protected], however I'm of course willing to listen to the community here if that's not what is wanted, as well as other feedback.

edit: support posts will now be removed, not locked

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Hey all, if you notice any comments that clearly don't belong here please hit the report button! In the next few days I will be checking in every few hours to ensure this community is in tip top shape.

I have also recruited two new mods.

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Email is already nicely federated, but I think it's time for a change. Services like protonmail claim to offer encryption between users, but you can't host your own instance. It would be awesome if there was a spec somewhere for a federated email service that defines

  • email encryption between users
  • markdown
  • ~~connection with activity pub? (What would this look like)~~ I mean some way to "email the web", ie: add comments via email
  • compatibility with standard email users (if you send/receive to/from a user who does not have email v2 implemented it just uses normal features)
  • somehow better support for email discussion groups (hop in and out, public interface defined)
  • this spec should be focused heavily on usage for humans instead of automated mailing, I expect html would not be defined.

I'm just spit balling here. Does anyone have any ideas? Does something like this exist?

Thanks, Evan

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