Flood water use (lemmy.world)
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Has anyone ever given any thought to trying to capture all the floodwaters that seem to be increasing lately, and moving them to the more drought affected areas?

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completefoods.co is still up but building new recipes with the recipe builder doesn't seem to work anymore. Are there any recipe builders still working that calculate the full list of FDA rdi vitamins and minerals?

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I have everything pretty much ready to launch full time. Time, skills, customers, support from family. But I'd leave my current job behind and with it my family's health insurance for the foreseeable future. I can't afford any of the options I've seen. It's the one thing holding me back. Any ideas for affordable health insurance for startups? If you've been in the same situation, what did you end up doing?

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I'm not sure if this is the right community for this question, but it says "no stupid question" so here goes. I'm an Israeli who now lives in the US, but I am considering permanently residing in the US or elsewhere (perhaps somewhere in Europe or Canada) because I've become kinda disillusioned with Israel for a variety of reasons (the war in Gaza being one of them, the erosion of democracy by Likud being another, and etc) but is that cowardly to leave? Should I go back and try to change society or should I just leave for good? Thanks for your time.

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I have been watching magnet fishing and people love to toss stuff over bridges without a second thought on the environmental impact. Hiding evidence I can almost understand but not lawnmowers, car batteries, etc.

It seems deeper fines should be made to discourage this terrible behavior.

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like if i post on a community in instance A and my instance goes down will people still see the post?

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More specifically, the HP T640 device.

The manufacturer declares compatibility with CL22 latency and 2400 MHz clocking. If I buy RAM with CL17 and 2400 MHz clocking, will it work?

Photo for attention

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When I use yt-dlp -x to grab audio only, the resulting opus files are often troublesome to play back in strawberry, stopping unexpectedly. They also sometimes don't index at all, and metadata including embedded cover art don't seem to stick.

So, since most of my library is already vorbis in OGG files, I have been converting the files, but my inexperience with audio codecs and YouTube audio formats in general is shining through. I use 320kbps, but the resulting files are typically about twice the size afterward. I'm thinking I'm probably wasting space for no reason.

What is a comparable bitrate for the OGG files for a given bitrate opus source file?

EDIT: Here is my conversion script find ./ -iname "*.opus" | parallel --load 0.9 ffmpeg -i {} -c:a libvorbis -b:a 320k "{.}.ogg"

EDIT2: Here is the updated version with a suggestion from @[email protected] find ./ -iname "*.opus" | parallel --load 0.9 ffmpeg -i {} -c:a libvorbis -q:a 6 "{.}.ogg" which results in only slightly larger files (5.4MB > 7.2MB).

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I'm slowly switching to rechargeable ones (Ikea Ladda ones), but we still have lots of other batteries around.

Do you have a favourite device to test them with? Ideally it could test many different types (regular, coin), but I'm ok with just AA/AAA if there is a cheap/reliable option.

When I did a search just now, I saw recommendations both for and against multimeters/voltmeters. Some said it was easier, and others said that it wasn't accurate because of testing under load.

Thanks :)

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I traded my cousin some really expensive RAM that I happened accross for his old desktop, that he put his graphics card into that he swapped from his newer computer. If I plug the desktop into the wall and try to turn it on nothing happens. If I open it up I can see that the where the wire from the power supply plugs into the graphics card there Is a little light on. So clearly some power is getting somewhere...

How do I go about trouble shooting this, and what tools do I need? I assume at minimum a multi meter? Not really sure what to do, it's been decades the last time I built a computer.

Board says "Asrock H110M-HDS"

Edit: Attached a Pic and noticed the light is actually on the graphics card, not motherboard. Added addtl info.

Update: So now all of the sudden the fan spins. I am at a loss as to why it spins now, as I haven't actually really done anything. I ordered a speaker for the mobo, so waiting for that.

Final update: It works! I apparently had either a bad monitor or bad display port cable. But using another monitor with DVI I was able to finally get it to fully boot!

I am not sure what got the fans to eventually work, maybe just a cable was jostled.

I really appreciate all the advice! I definitely know a lot more and feel better equipped to do things with it now.

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Did they have to track down leaded gas? Did they just use unleaded? Did they suffer engine knock?

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Found on a google maps trip to Al Jirab, Along the E11 24°05'14.0"N 53°55'27.0"E

I found this while looking for interesting places to share on the Top View community here on Lemmy

After some more research, the most likely candidates:

mangrove nurseries, salt harvesting, algae farm, coral nurseries.

But nothing yet is confirmed!


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I’ve been struggling with sleep issues for over a decade now. My Doctor has prescribed me all sorts of medication, all of which has had many adverse side effects. What I do know that works, is Xanax. My wife was prescribed it for some stress issues and occasionally will give me one so I can finally sleep. Obviously asking my Doctor, “can I have Xanax” Will not go well. I’ve eluded to it in ways and the response has always been along the lines of “that’s habit forming, I’d rather you try this”. Of the many medications prescribed, none have worked. Resorting to the dark web is something I’d really rather not do. Fentanyl laced drugs took my sister and it’s a road I hope to not have to explore. Any suggestions?

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I don't know if I'm blind or getting too old or what, but I cannot find the instance rules anywhere. Can someone help me?

ETA: for context, a comment of mine was removed and "rule 2" was cited but the rules in the TOS don't seem to be relevant.

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A lot of folks suggest getting your own domain name for having control over your online presence but the question that I have always had is what would happen to them when I die?

Wouldn't the domains eventually expire and anyone else would be able to register it and access my email attached to that domain? With that email, they can theoretically get into all my accounts which don't have 2FA on (a lot of the sites just don't have the option to turn on 2FA) via the 'Forgot my password' services?

Similarly, if I have a blog or website that I have poured my heart and soul into for my entire life, wouldn't that just go down forever when the domain expires? Maybe services like The Internet Archive would help in that regard but I don't know how many people are actively searching for an archived version of a website when they can't access it on it's actual domain.

I understand that after I die, all of this wouldn't by my concern and wouldn't matter but I still think about this a lot.

To the people who have their own domain, email and/or blogs, what are your thoughts on this?

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I have to write a paper about a place/time that I have an emotional attachment to or a place that has shaped my sense of self. I haven't really felt much of an attachment to anything for most of my life. Even if I did, I wouldn't even know how to begin describing the nature or cause of that attachment. I chose to write about the woods by my childhood home because I spent a lot of time there as a kid but I couldn't tell you how I felt about it in the moment or even how I feel about it now. I literally don't have the words

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I'm 20, I practice fencing. My height is 192 cm, I usually fence against shorter opponents. They often manage to drive their smallsword into my belly. That’s why I’m curious: what would it be like to get wounded into the belly by a real smallsword? How lethal would it be? How painful? How would I react?

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Sorry if this is the wrong community for this. I'm looking for a compilation of Trump's most rambling moments (e.g., "Look, having nuclear"; Gettysburg being beautiful; etc.). Does anyone know of any sites that would have something like this? Thank you!

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With the lastest news of AI layoffs, I'm struggling to understand how the idea of a career still holds. If careers themselves effectively become gambles like lottery tickets, how do we maintain drive and hopes in the longterm endgame of our struggles?

I know AI as an honest utility is itself a lie to some extent, but this only aids my argument further. People's career struggles are panning out to be valueless because of a nothing-fad that no one could have predicted.

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Searching for product recommendations has become harder and harder over the years. I used to google or browse reddit for reviews, used them to create a shortlist of products and then actually dig deeper and compare them.

Lets say I'm in the market for a mechanical keyboard, but I don't know much about them. I use whatever search engine to look for "best mechanical keyboard 2024". The results are really bad, and I mean really bad. It's more of a list of keyboards to avoid, to be honest. The problem is not just google. Bing, duckduckgo, Kagi, Startpage... all results suck. The results are filled with AI generated pages or outlets farming affiliate links. There are a couple of good suggestions in the middle of the garbage but if 9/10 websites recommend a random razer keyboard, I'm inclined to believe it's an option worth considering.

Some of my friends say they resort to Youtube. I can agree that Youtube has amazing content creators that give amazing reviews and produce great quality content. But if you don't know anything about the subject, how do you know which content creator is good and which content creator is just farming affiliate links?

One of the things I loved about Reddit was that I could just go to /r/whateversubject and talk to what I felt was real people discussing products they loved. I no longer use Reddit ,and Lemmy, unfortunately, doesn't have a big enough userbase to have a good community for each type of product.

So, what's your strategy to find out good products on subjects you know nothing about?

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What's the reason for Gentoo having so few distros based on him compared to other distro families?

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Is used to be common for store owner to put the cash directly in their pocket. Which is not possible with electronic payement. Meaning that you add 20% VAT to the price, an when transforming the money in a salary need to pay for unemployement/health/retirement insurance to finally get a taxable income.

But I am curious on how much "not being able to easily fraud" pushed shop owner to increase the prices ? Any study on it ?

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