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Hello Lemmy,

I am the author of bluetuith, an open-source TUI-based bluetooth manager for Linux only. I have been working on this project for over 2 years on and off, and I was wondering about extending support to other platforms as well.

To begin with, the Bluetooth Classic (BR/EDR) implementation on Linux is fairly standardized (via bluez APIs), but on other platforms, especially windows, Bluetooth APIs are finicky, and tricky to deal with, and also there is no standardized management in general.

I would like to start creating a centralized Bluetooth server or a daemon for other platforms (natively maybe), mainly Windows and Linux, which can expose relevant APIs so that clients can use them to handle Bluetooth-based operations. I know this is quite an uphill task, but I would like suggestions on how to implement it, or if anyone has a better idea, please do suggest that as well.

To summarize, my current plan is this:

  • Create bluetooth servers natively for each platform, utilizing the platform's proven APIs to handle bluetooth-based functions and expose a standard API to clients
  • Adapt clients to use said APIs provided by the daemons to allow the user to control bluetooth in general.

For the server implementation (mainly to other platforms), I will require contributors, so contributors are highly welcome to be involved in the project. I am in the process of securing an NLnet grant to invest into this project and mainly pay contributors to implement this platform-wise (the proposal has been accepted, and the negotiation call will be hosted in a few weeks, more details about this can be further published if anyone has questions about this. If contributors are confirmed, maybe the budget could be adjusted as well).

I apologize if the post is naive or does not fit this community's guidelines, and if it doesn't, a comment on where to redirect this question would be great.

Constructive feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

Note: By Bluetooth operations, I mainly mean Bluetooth Classic based operations.

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I find the official app bad and hard to use etc. is there any alternative I can use that can provide me the same info with the official app? Preferably an Android app

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Hi there, what tools do you use to share your bookmarks for example between your devices eg. smartphone / laptop / desktop?

I could youse firefox sync, but I am not so much conviced as I don´t want to host it on FF servers. Plus on my business device I am using chromium.

Does anybody have experience with linkwarden?


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What do you think of this project and cloud gaming in general? I thought it's dead already

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In economics class, we had to present a business plan. Mine was a coding summer camp for kids. I said the mission was "creating a generation of people who can work towards a bright future for the world." In the slide that lists aspects of supporting that mission, two items were "libre software" and "contributing" These were my verbal explanations:

Libre software: "...teaching the vision of a world without non-libre software and encouraging kids to work towards it by only making libre software, which means software that grants freedoms to users, such as seeing and changing the source code, so it is controlled by users instead of just companies..."

Contributing: "...and briefly introducing the process of creating and submitting contributions to code, which many libre software projects in the real world accept from anyone."

(Slideshow style is Steve Jobs + frutiger aero)

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Is there any decentralized software similar to MusicBrainz or booru-style image boards for collaboratively tagging various media files (music, movies, books, images, etc.) without the need for a centralized database? I'm looking for something where users can contribute metadata and tags in a peer-to-peer fashion.

While I understand that such a decentralized system may result in messy or unreliable metadata due to the lack of curation, I'm willing to accept that trade-off. Sometimes, having any metadata available, even if it's imperfect, is better than having no information at all about a particular file, especially when I don't remember the details myself.

I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend existing software or projects that fit this decentralized, collaborative tagging approach, even if it's a proof-of-concept or works for only a specific media type like music or images. The key requirement is the absence of a central database or authority, with metadata being crowdsourced and distributed across a peer-to-peer network.

Open Source for Climate Podcast (ossforclimate.sustainoss.org)
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We are excited to announce the launch of a new podcast showcasing the transformative power of “Open Source for Climate” and the people and stories behind it. The open source movement is the key to bringing trusted knowledge, technology and collective action.

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/c/opensource is currently unmoderated because all the existing mod accounts are inactive.

Thats why we are looking for new moderators. To apply as mod, reply below indicating what would make you a good moderator for this community, and mention any previous mod experience you have. You should be registered on lemmy.ml and have previous posting history.

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Hello! In qalc I can do calculations using measuring units like this:

> 5 W * 3 s

  (5 watts) × (3 seconds) = 15 J

I'd like to be able to do something similar also in GNU Octave. I think the symbolic library could be a place to look at, but I found nothing "already done". Do any of you know of a way to achieve this functionality?

C/Cpp Projects (github.com)
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A while back, I created a repository for all the C/Cpp projects I've worked on, ones I'm still creating, or projects I've really liked from other people (including their licenses and credits). It's essentially a big collection of C++ projects you can browse or use.

I recommend starting with:

- miniShell

- canChat

- Simple-Code

- design-patterns

- Template_Language_Generator

- simple_turso

- CPP20_Develop

GitHub repository: https://github.com/ibra-kdbra/Cpp_Projects

Every directory has a README markdown file. The main README file is a bit disorganized because I've just been adding projects to it. To be honest, I could use some help with that.

Any contribution is welcome, just trying to spread Cpp projects more among people

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Hi all! Do you know a valid app for GutHub? I've searched on F-Droid, but they are all abandoned. Thanks!

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Beekeeper Studio is a cross-platform SQL editor and database manager available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Beekeeper Studio Community Edition is GPL licensed so it is free (libre) and free (gratis).



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I am currently learning to be a sysadmin and I have no software development skills. I love FOSS very much and want to contribute to several projects, including non-networked ones.

How can I do this with my skillset? I have a very small (16GB RAM) server that I could offer to these projects as a build server or web host. IDK what else I could do.

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I recently created a new Github Account but probably there is some issue with my account. Whenever I am creating a issue on any repo either by web or cli. It shows that issue is created and actually it is shown as created in my recent activity tab if I am loggined. But If I pull up a incognito tab and Enter issues URL there it shows page not found. What is actual issue (do I need any verification?) And how to solve it?

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If someone like this thing

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Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drives for ISO/IMG/VHD(x)/WIM/EFI files. With Ventoy, you don't need to format the disk over and over, you just need to copy the disk images to the USB drive and boot them directly. You can have multiple images on the disk and Ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them.

Changelog for 1.0.98

  1. Updated EFI boot files.
  2. Fix the issue that can not recognize Ext4 filesytem created with latest gparted.
  3. Fix the issue that VTOY_LINUX_REMOUNT=1 cannot take effect in RHEL9/CentOS9. (#2827)
  4. Fix the boot issue for latest archlinux. (#2825 #2824)
  5. Fix the boot issue for latest KAOS.
  6. languages.json updated.
  7. vtoyboot-1.0.35 released. Notes
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