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Ukraine wants to use donated weapons to attack targets inside Russia, but its allies are split on the issue.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Ukraine should be free to hit targets inside Russia in response to a direct threat of attack, wading into a debate that's dividing Kyiv's allies. 

"We have to allow [Ukrainians] to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired, but not other civilian or military targets. We're not being escalatory by doing this," he said on Tuesday, speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

Scholz was more cautious, saying that Ukraine's use of Western weapons "must always be within the framework of international law."

The two leaders' comments are part of a broader debate roiling Ukraine's Western allies.

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Recent voter surveys say between 14% and 22% of under-30s would vote for the far-right Alternative for Germany party in the upcoming European elections. But who are these potential voters?

At an Alternative for Germany (AfD) European election campaign in Berlin, two of the far-right party's candidates, Dr Alexander Sell and Mary Khan-Holoch, discussed national pride and how the AfD hopes to make Germans proud of being German again. 

The crowd was largely made up of pensioners. However, there were also quite a few young people in the mix. 

Khan-Holoch herself is 30 years old, and she did not hesitate in her answer to the question of what makes the AfD so attractive to first-time and young voters.

"Germans feel afraid of becoming strangers in their own country," Khan-Holoch told Euronews.

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Almost three-quarters of the recorded executions were carried out in Iran alone.

Human rights group Amnesty International said in a report released on Wednesday that 1,153 executions were recorded worldwide in 2023.

The figure represents a 30% increase when compared to the year before. 

The number of countries that carried out the executions was the lowest on record at 16, according to the UK-headquartered NGO.

"The lowest number of countries on record carried out the highest number of known executions in close to a decade," Amnesty said in its annual report on the death penalty and executions.

The human rights monitor attributed the "alarming” jump in executions to Iran, where numbers spiked nearly 50% when compared to 2022Iranian authorities executed at least 853 people last year, compared to 576 in 2022.

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The White House on Tuesday provided the most complete definition yet of what it considers a "major ground operation" in Rafah that could trigger a change in United States policy toward Israel, and said Israel's actions there have not yet reached that level.

"We have not seen them smash into Rafah - we have not seen them go in with large units, large numbers of troops in columns and formations in some sort of coordinated maneuver against multiple targets on the ground. That is a major ground operation. We have not seen that," White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at a briefing.

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PORT-AU-PRINCE, May 28 (Reuters) - Haiti's transition council on Tuesday tapped former Prime Minister Garry Conille, who briefly led the country over a decade ago, to return to the role as the Caribbean nation works to restore stability and take back control from violent gangs.

The transition council voted 6-1 to install Conille as interim prime minister, a member told Reuters.

Conille's extensive resume in development, working largely with the United Nations, is considered key to shoring up international support as Haiti prepares to launch a U.N.-backed security mission led by Kenya, though its deployment has faced hurdles.

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Ukraine should be allowed to strike military bases on Russian territory from which Moscow carries out missile attacks against Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said on May 28, Le Monde reported.

"We think that we should allow them to neutralize military sites where missiles are fired, from where... Ukraine is attacked," Macron said at a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. "If we tell them that you are not allowed to target the place from which missiles are fired, we are in fact telling them that we are providing you with weapons but you cannot defend yourself."


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Sol Mamakwa, a New Democratic party member from the community of Kingfisher Lake First Nation, rose on Tuesday to give the province’s first-ever Indigenous language speech in Queen’s Park, telling colleagues the moment left him feeling “thankful and proud”.

Before speaking, Mamakwa asked for the unanimous consent of the house to speak at length in Anishininiimowin, also known as Oji-Cree, receiving applause from lawmakers in response.

“I am speaking for those who couldn’t use their language … and for every Indigenous person in Ontario,” he said. “The language was taken from us by the arrival of the settlers, colonization and residential school. This history removed the children from our ways of life.” He said that children had their mouths washed out with soap for speaking their mother tongue.


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The US does not believe Israel has launched a full-scale invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, White House spokesman John Kirby has said.

. . .

Mr Kirby told journalists that images from Sunday's strike, which killed mostly women, children and elderly people, were "heartbreaking" and "horrific".

"There should be no innocent life lost here as a result of this conflict," he added.

But he acknowledged that Israel was investigating the incident and said he had "no policy changes to speak to" following the recent events in Rafah.


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LAGOS — Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu vowed to usher in an era of renewed hope when he was inaugurated into office a year ago. Twelve months later, the prices of food and fuel have doubled, driving increasingly loud discontent.

Tinubu’s first anniversary, on May 29, comes as the country is set to slip two places to fourth on the ranking of Africa’s largest economies, according to the IMF.

The president had promised to deliver higher economic growth, a million new jobs and security reforms. On his first day, he removed a decades-long subsidy on petrol that had made it relatively affordable for consumers. He charged the central bank’s new leadership to pursue a market-driven exchange rate. The bank has hiked the benchmark lending rate by 7.5 percentage points since February to tame inflation.

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Aid workers fear a new disaster as militia forces close in on a major Darfur city.

On a sunny April afternoon in 2006, thousands of people flocked to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for a rally with celebrities, Olympic athletes, and rising political stars. Their cause: garner international support to halt a genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.

“If we care, the world will care. If we act, then the world will follow,” Barack Obama, then the junior Illinois senator, told the crowd, speaking alongside future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That same week, then-Sen. Joe Biden introduced a bill in Congress calling on NATO to intervene to halt the genocide in Sudan. “We need to take action on both a military and diplomatic front to end the conflict,” he said.

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Meanwhile, international relief organisations have expressed concern that millions of children could be at risk of dehydration and exposure to record-high temperatures.

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The tanks were spotted near Al-Awda mosque as IDF deepened its operations in Rafah.

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The temporary pier that the U.S. military constructed and put in place to provide much-needed humanitarian aid for Gaza has broken apart in rough seas, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

The latest calamity to befall the pier endeavor punctuated a particularly grim several days in Gaza, where Israeli forces have ramped up attacks on the city of Rafah just two days after carrying out a deadly strike that killed dozens of people.

. . .

Army engineers are working to put the pier back together and Defense Department officials hope that it “will be fully operational in just a little over a week,” she said.


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In its declaration, Mexico outlined the obstruction of humanitarian assistance and destruction of cultural heritage

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“The rebuilding and repairing of the pier will take at least over a week, and, following completion, will need to be re-anchored to the coast of Gaza,” Singh said.

“Thus, upon completion of the pier repair and reassembly, the intention is to re-anchor the temporary pier to the coast of Gaza and resume humanitarian aid to the people who need it most.”

The damage is the latest setback to the pier, which opened two weeks ago, and is likely to be seized on by Joe Biden’s critics as a waste of taxpayer money.

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