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Stocks, Investing, Gambling, Bitcoin .etc

Look, I'm not a fucking broker or a hustler, okay? I don't care that you keep running around telling me or others to go waste our time and money to put into markets that can be incredibly unpredictable. It is all about luck, chance and risk. Things most wouldn't want to put themselves on the line over even if they were down next to nothing. They'd rather buy lottery tickets.

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Did they determine this by comparing what DNA fragments they've managed to recover, or by physical skeletal structure similarities, or what?

I'm no expert in the field, but I just don't see it.

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The birth (or death) of a relative, the release of a new program, game, series, movie, the date you were dreaming about, could be anything

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So, I see some comment, post view from my instance is missing comparing to view from that original instance. Which prevent me to interact (like, comment)

As a user, how to tell the instance to update missing content ?

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I am curious about podcasts with high quality content but that are pretty centered around specific topics like hobbies or particular professions.

For example, there are a handful of ham radio podcasts such as Linux In The Ham Shack.

Tell me about some podcasts that keep you up in your interests or career that wouldn't make sense to share with most people you know.

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Just curious how they get the satellite pictures. Do they have their own? Is there an open-source option or public availability of satellite pictures somewhere?

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You can't cut any taxes or programs to fund your idea. Nothing else in your government is going to change. It can't be a tax that you avoid somehow. The money comes from you and similar people in your situation. Don't try to get around it in some way.

What would you pay more taxes to support?

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If I start one, can I ban and mute people on it?

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What's your favourite F-Droid app? (links.hackliberty.org)
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that you're willing to share obviously

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Edit: Due to popular demand FatTony Search servers are down for the time being. but has gone open source just in time (Yes that's how it works 😡) . You may now get responses from other users. Servers will be back up some time later.

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I'd go back to the 1970s, the dawning of personal computer growth in it's beginnings. I'd take every single idea and patent from today and collect them all in a multiple series of binders. I would spend weeks holed up in some apartment, jotting notes, re-directing credits to me.

I would be the founding father of hundreds of technological inventions, way before they were even thought up. Flash Drives? My idea. Compact Discs? My idea. SSDs? My idea.

Everything will be my idea and I'll be biding my time, pitching ideas and profiting off of the patents that I sell and my ideas alone, with little to no work involved. By the turn of the 2000s, I'll be unfathomably recognized and wealthy.

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So perplexity can kind of weakly analyze the first few pages of small file size pdfs one at a time, but I'd love to have something that would allow me to upload several hundred research papers and textbooks that could then be analyzed for consensus and contradictions and give me more meaningful search results and summaries than keyword searching alone. Does anything like this exist in a fairly user friendly accessible format?

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I have noticed lately that several sites I've tried to login to, some I already have an account, some I am trying to make a new account give me what seems like endless captchas.

The two notables ones from my memory, Etsy, where I've had an account for years and have 2fa enabled ffs. The other Unity, where I'm trying to make an account to join a friends Organization.

After several minutes the captches just seem to keep going and I get more and more frustrated to the point I just give up and don't login (which is not really an option with my Etsy store).

My setup isn't anything crazy, Firefox, Fedora 40, no vpn's or anything. Always from either my laptop or gaming system.

Does anyone else have this issue? What are the options?

EDIT/UPDATE: I disabled ublock origin long enough and only got one captcha. Seems google is trying to punish people using that. EDIT2: Spoke too soon, got my email verification, clicked through and back to endless captcha's.... ffs

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Apologies if this isn’t the place to ask.

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Most instances don't have a specific copyright in their ToS, which is basically how copyright is handled on corporate social media (Meta/X/Reddit owns license rights to whatever you post on their platform when you click "Agree"). I've noticed some people including Copyright notices in posts (mostly to prevent AI use). Is this necessary, or is the creator the automatic copyright owner? Does adding the copyright/license information do anything?

Please note if you have legal credentials in your reply. (I'm in the USA, but I'd be interested to hear about other jurisdictions if there are differences)

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Mine is insidious as it sounds cool and is apt in our modern world of fast news

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That site allowed musicians to create and upload music and then other musicians could rate, critique, and collaborate on said music. You could even download tunes and I've got SO much great music still on my phone from those artists. And, it was a fun, supportive community.

I apologize for spamming all the Ask Lemmy communities. I can delete if desired. Or, post in a more appropriate community.

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