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I will say it took me some time to get used to it, but it also is a lot easier to use than it used to, they made a lot of things better in the last update

I think it's one of those things that you have to sit down and test out and really figure out. Tree style tabs are also good though. I definitely think it's where sideberry got their inspiration

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Agreed, and it seems like Firefox has recently made an effort to accommodate the extension more, as it seems to run even better than it used to and is now a recommended extension

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I knew that isn't how they worked, but I didn't learn about how engines work until I was 26 by watching YouTube videos. America is fucked

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Gotta love Moldani

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It's basically got a full fat Mac arm PC in it, it's wild

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Good ol' Bobby Tables

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Sideberry is leaps and bounds better at it imo tho

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I sort by active, that usually helps


Posting from my .world account because I straight up can't login to any of my SJW accounts. Anyone else having this issue?

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Knowledge is knowing that a few drops of gasoline contains all the calories you'd need in a day

Wisdom is knowing that it isn't a good idea to drink gas

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Hardly. Stolen valor is when you impersonate a vet for clout.

You're putting in a code in a checkout menu that you and you alone will see, to get a discount.

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