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There's other types on cars

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I think it should be supported for a decade and the open sourced so that it can be archived and maintained by those who care.

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100%, they test it on people like this first so the general population doesn't care

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The black panther method, 10 outta 10

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Good to know, I'll have to try that too

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Now wouldn't that be fun lol

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Acadian myths?? Acadians were Catholic lol

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That's because it's not walkable between home and the gym

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Yeah I've definitely wanted to get into those sectors as well, but I don't really know how to get my foot in the door or where to look, plus at least for my local government the pay is abysmal, any tips you have I would appreciate!

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Huh, I haven't really gotten it to work very well in nobara, do you know what the keyboard shortcuts would be?

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There's a lot of keyboard and gesture shortcuts that make them easier to use on most OS's


You can read about Luhn's algorithm here

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