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A community to talk about the Fediverse and all it's related services using ActivityPub (Mastodon, Lemmy, KBin, etc).

If you wanted to get help with moderating your own community then head over to [email protected]!


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Sometimes, developing a new app, platform, or concept for the Fediverse can seem like a minefield. Here's some rules of thumb on how to maintain goodwill with the community, and ideas of how to do it.


cyberpunk.gay is now open for registrations!!!

WHO ARE WE? we’re a scrappy little fresh-faced underdog instance of sharkey (a misskey fork). we have but one humbly stated mission: to put the PUNK back into cyberpunk on the fediverse

WHO AM I? i’m vanta. trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist, the fediverse’s favorite pirate radio DJ, DIY clothing auteur, and rogue wordsmith extraordinaire. i’ve been posting on fedi heavily since 2017

THREADS? not only is this instance a fedipact instance that has threads.net blocked, but… i’m the one who made the whole pact to begin with lmao


The news this week:

  • Dutch government plans to expand their #Mastodon project
  • Nomadic Identity (decoupling user identity from servers) over #activitypub comes to the fediverse
  • OpenVibe combines Mastodon, #nostr and now Bluesky into a single app and a single feed.

More details on PCSX2 and the updates over on this post from [email protected]


Original toot:

There are no more open issues in the #ActivityPub issue tracker!

Thanks to all, but mostly to @evan who diligently and tirelessly did much/most/all of the work!!



Be me.

Wanted to use the mastodon app instead of browser.

Sign up, everything smooth.

Later: Read Lemmy.

See a mastodon link.

Disagree with post, post my critique.

Want to see how my post is rendered.

Post list can't be sorted and has a weird order.

Scroll and realize that the majority is in agreement.

Post list so long, no way anyone can be expected to read up upon for context.

Feels like random thoughts dumping: Fire and Forget.

Is this how such platforms work? The author prompts something and random people interact with eachother - without a consens at the end of the post? Or am I missing something?


In an effort to better help prospective Fediverse developers understand Solid, the ActivityPods team has released an example app as a reference point for understanding how everything works under the hood.

Canvas 2024 is live! (canvas.fediverse.events)
submitted 4 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Rocky start, but we're here! also making this almost an hour late due to the rocky start

What's Canvas?

Canvas is a collaborative pixel canvas similar to Reddit's r/place, except it is open to (almost) the entire Fediverse!

The event is going on from July 12th 4am UTC to July 15th @ 4am UTC (72 hours)

🌎 https://canvas.fediverse.events

Main community: [email protected] Matrix: #canvas:aftermath.gg Discord (bridged): https://discord.gg/mEUqXZw8kR Microblog Announcements: https://social.fediverse.events/@canvas


It's a pain that search results on lemmy show by default ordered by some useless relevance ranking. I can't think of a single time I didn't want newest first. I couldn't find a preference to request that. It would be great if there was one.

The suggestion on c/support on lemmy.world was to make this kind of request on github, but it seems anti-FOSS to me to require a Microsoft account for a fediverse request, so I'm posting here and hoping for the best.

Thanks for any consideration!


The only real attempt at monetisation that I've seen is https://beetoons.tv/, but they use their own crypto - making it like Odysee. Why is that?

Edit: Please, before you answer consider this monetisation doesn't mean ads!


Threaded is a very simple Mastodon client, that is meant to look like the newest social media Threads made by Meta Platforms. It integrates perfectly with your Mastodon account, and matches the Threads vibe, while having Mastodon-only features.

Threaded is free, open-source, available on iOS and has a little integration with watchOS, and is made in pure SwiftUI.

Learn more about Threaded
Follow @[email protected]


After teasing support for the fediverse earlier this year, the newsletter platform and Substack rival Ghost has finally delivered. "Over the past few days, Ghost says it has achieved two major milestones in its move to become a federated service," reports TechCrunch. "Of note, it has federated its own newsletter, making it the first federated Ghost instance on the internet."

From the report:

Users can follow the newsletter through their preferred federated app at @[email protected], though the company warns there will be bugs and issues as it continues to work on the platform's integration with ActivityPub, the protocol that powers Mastodon and other federated apps. "Having multiple Ghost instances in production successfully running ActivityPub is a huge milestone for us because it means that for the first time, we're interacting with the wider fediverse. Not just theoretical local implementations and tests, but the real world wide social web," the company shared in its announcement of the news.

In addition, Ghost's ActivityPub GitHub repository is now fully open source. That means those interested in tracking Ghost's progress toward federation can follow its code changes in real time, and anyone else can learn from, modify, distribute or contribute to its work. Developers who want to collaborate with Ghost are also being invited to get involved following this move. By offering a federated version of the newsletter, readers will have more choices on how they want to subscribe. That is, instead of only being able to follow the newsletter via email or the web, they also can track it using RSS or ActivityPub-powered apps, like Mastodon and others. Ghost said it will also develop a way for sites with paid subscribers to manage access via ActivityPub, but that functionality hasn't yet rolled out with this initial test.


Interesting history and analysis of SMTP's history. How can we prevent fedi and other open protocols from suffering the same fates?


I know that communities don't translate well to Mastodon, I just find it a little odd how it seems to be a firehose of all comments in a community when viewed in Mastodon. I was expecting it to "repost" posts submitted to the community and have comments in the replies to those posts. Just something odd I was thinking about.

  • A fully-featured review platform for the fediverse with NeoDB
  • Mastodon better supports journalism with author bylines on links, and seeing what people are talking about on trending news links
  • The first Ghost instance joins the fediverse

I mocked up a better workflow for video in a mastodon mobile app. I'm not a developer, just a mobile user who wants to stay in their fedi app of choice (currently Moshidon) while enjoying multimedia content and not get booted out to a web browser every time I want to watch a video or listen to a podcast. I still have no idea how difficult or feasible it is to actually implement this concept.

I think it's very important for fediverse mobile apps to support audio and video streaming to integrate with platforms like Peertube, Castopod, Bandwagon (once that gets going), etc.


This is inspired by this advice from a few months ago:

Stop giving shitty mods a free pass. Honest mistakes happen; but if the mod in question is assumptive, disingenuous, trigger-happy, or eager to enable certain shitty types of user, spread the word about their comm being poorly moderated. And don’t interact directly with the comm. I think that at least here in the Fediverse we should demand higher standards from our mods.

(Emphasis mine.)

In the past I have used places like [email protected] or [email protected] to call out mods on other subs, with mid-to-almost-high degrees of success, but I wonder if it would be better to have a dedicated sublemmy?

Here are my thoughts on what would make this effective:

  • probably shouldn’t be hosted on .world due to the breadth of possible conflicts of interest with admins
  • probably shouldn’t be hosted on .ml due to federation hurdles
  • mods of the community shouldn’t moderate any other communities of any significant size, in order to make the whole “accountability” thing work
  • mods should be willing and able to deal with substantial quantities of garbage posts because there would be a lot of “why won’t c/xyz let me be transphobic/say slurs 😡😡” type submissions which, left unaddressed, would outflood genuine criticism

This is still in conceptual form so I am interested what others think :)


I'm resuming my work on Fediverser, and I need as much help as I can get to build the Recommended community map. This crowdsourced data will be one the key points for instance admins that want to make use of the Fediverser services, and it will help immensely for people who want to migrate away from Reddit.

How does it work? The front-page gives you a list of all the subreddits with its corresponding recommendations of Lemmy communities. The ones that have no recommendation go to the top of the page. One example. You can open the page for that subreddit entry and make all the suggestions that you think are appropriate.

Every suggestion goes into a queue which I can then review and merge to the main database.

One of the things that I will be adding soon is the ability to request a community to be created. For subreddits which there is no equivalent community, people will be able to fill a form (similar to the "Create Community" page on Lemmy's default client) which will check what is the best participating instance in the network, and if the instance admins approve, the instance can be created right away.

How can you help?

  • Categorize the subreddits that have no entry.
  • Reaching out to the mods of the uncategorized subreddits
  • Creating community requests for the ones that are still missing.

Thank you!



As everybody knows, content discovery on Lemmy can sometimes be a bit tricky.

To help smaller communities to get more activity, I launch this thread for people to promote the communities they are active one.

One important criteria: please only promote communities that have been at least one post in the last 7 days. And if there is none, feel free to post there and then promote it here!

This could be a weekly thread, but let's see how it goes

Finally, [email protected] and [email protected] are communities that you can subscribe to to see updates about communities


I'm trying to learn more about the protocol, and after years of being around in the fediverse there's obviously areas where the protocol could improve. I was reading some of the fep documents and there are really good proposals. How long for these to be part of the protocol? Last update was 2018.


Ok, so one of the bigger problems I see on Lemmy is the fact that I subscribe to dozens of different communities, but my feed is always the same. News news news technology technology technology.

What if I want something lighthearted? What if I DON'T want to see certain topics???

Maybe I'm at work, and a big sports game is going on. I don't want spoilers, so now I can't look at Lemmy.

Or what if Nintendo hosts a Nintendo Direct before I get a chance to see it? Welp. Can't look at Lemmy.

But......what if I could? What if my main feed was exactly what it is now. But what if I had user created catagories? I could make one called "News". Now if I want to see the news, I can include that catagory in my home feed. Or I can exclude it from my home feed. I could switch over to the news catagory, and then every community that I've designated under the news catagory that I've created will show ONLY those communities home feed.

Or maybe I want to see only video game related stuff.

Or maybe I only want to see sports stuff.

I could even create user created tabs. I could name the first one "Happy" and it could include light hearted catagories. Things like /c/aww and /c/humor

I could have a tab called "Serious" and it could be all news, and updates on the world.

I could have a tab called "Nerdy" and it could be all technology and video game related stuff.

Or I could have my main home tab, where I choose which communities/catagories do and don't appear.

And you could do the same concept in Mastadon with followed users. If you follow some users who only post about pro-wrestling, and you don't want to see that? Uncheck your pro-wrestling catagory from your home feed tab. Have a seperate tab just for pro-wrestling.

I'm sure you could implement this with other fediverse services. I just haven't used many to give examples of how they would work, if I don't know how the core platforms themselves work.

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