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In the case of children, isn't some of this on the parents involved as well? Have the parents of affected children talked to each other about it and reached out to the parents of the bullies to ask if they know their child's been bullying or however one might go about that conversation?

That said, Apple's certainly in the wrong in taking advantage of this, and in many ways it's no surprise. They're essentially a luxury brand, whose entire business model is exploiting this kind of behavior of social pressure and buying specific products to better fit into a group.

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I had been publishing articles on my own website since 2003, but I did that mostly manually by writing whole HTML pages.

Huh, so literally raw html? I know it's not too difficult, but I have wondered occasionally how many small websites may have been written that way.

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Appreciate the reply! It's a cool way to view it in individual terms. I was thinking in more social terms, however, which I've been a little fascinated to find seems to be a little atypical from the replies so far.

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This does seem to come closer to what I was wondering about when I originally posted, good eye!

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OP asks the real life equivalent of being AFK which, assuming you’re normally regularly online, only really corresponds to being high or sleeping.

The funny thing is, it didn't occur to me how vague my question was until after I posted and started seeing the replies. That's made it more fun tbh, and interesting as in this context (online vs. in real life) I've not really thought of being online in such individualistic terms as this and some other replies suggest.

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Is there something mystical to this?

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If shareholders and executives are demanding so much money, shouldn't they be the optimal target for cuts to maximize profitability of the business? 🤔

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Does ffmpeg work best standing? Or is it better spread out? Did it work properly if it finished fast?

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Does it sometimes seem like commenting in high traffic online spaces feels this way too, not just Reddit?

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Thanks for the reply and note on the pen use!

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Second, as a disposable, dead layer, it also provides protection against UV light and such. We don’t think of living out of water under the direct radiation from the sun as being particularly difficult or the environment harsh, because we casually do it every day, but it was a very hard problem for life to solve.

Oh yeah, that's a good point! I'd typically be more concerned with the drying out part for a lot of aquatic life, forgetting about the UV exposure issues.

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Huh, thanks for the detailed reply! I suspected some of them must have something extra going on to help their time in the water, but wouldn't have thought this!

Were you able to feel how dry the otter was through the sealed fur, or was it sealed enough that you couldn't really tell?

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Sometimes what I'm interested in may be more specific or niche, but a lot of search engines and filtering systems don't seem to provide a way to drill down to those results. What may be some reasons behind that?

Or am I overlooking some obvious ways to search/filter this way?

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Brogue's a more up to date spin on the classic game Rogue, with some slight modern touches to make it more approachable to newcomers while keeping to the spirit of the original.

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Stuff could be anything, digital or physical, but the idea is of discussing and doing it as a hobby without any pressure or push to make it a business or side-gig. Nothing against that, simply that communities/groups with that atmosphere are easy enough to find as-is.

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If sociology's exclusive to humans, then what might be the field of other social animal research?

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There's probably a different word for it, but linkhole like rabbithole.

You went to this one site, and it mentioned some other site, and they kept your interest and kept linking on to others and you've surfaced just long enough to share here.

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I was working on some stuff on my PC and stepped away for a bit, and on returning noticed notifications on it that some files had been downloaded via KDE Connect from my phone. I was using my phone at the time, and didn't send the files.

I know that you can quietly download files from a phone with its paired device (i.e. no notification on the phone, nor prompting permission) from allowed directories, but these files weren't from those directories, so...What may have happened here?

Glitched notifications, or something else?

Also, the downloaded files weren't anywhere on my PC, so... 😕

I found an issue report I think may be what I was seeing: KDE Connect spams the desktop with a torrent of old notifications.

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