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  • A Seattle basic income pilot gave low-income residents $500 a month, nearly doubling employment rates.
  • Some participants reported getting new housing, while others saw their employment incomes rise.
  • Basic income pilots nationwide have seen noteworthy success, despite conservative opposition.
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So the gist of national debt in my understanding is Nation A asks for aid of some kind from (or commits unintentional damages to) Nation B who later on deems Nation A owes them based on their interpretation of the ordeal, with varying layers of complexity.

Cities do that to each other too, right? Why do we never hear of a town or city urging that another town or city owes them, whether they're both in the same country or not?

And/or better yet, why doesn't national debt default on that kind of small level, where, instead of India saying "you owe us money, Israel", if all the money is coming from New Delhi and going to, say, Jerusalem, the mayor of New Delhi can just say to the mayor of Jerusalem "hey, get your billionaires to pay up"?

I know cities are not as sovereign as countries, but they're still valid units, correct?

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Former TikTok senior data scientist:

“I literally worked on a project that gave U.S. data to China”

“They were completely complicit in that. There were Americans that were working in upper management that were completely complicit in this.”

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The former president got very mad about his inability attack witnesses and jurors before reportedly dozing off in court again

Donald Trump claimed on Friday that he has been stripped of his constitutional right to speak to the press … while ranting to a giant gaggle of reporters. 

The former president took time before entering court in his criminal hush money trial to once again complain about a gag order barring him from attacking witnesses, prosecutors, court staff, and jurors involved in the case. 

“The gag order has to come off. People are allowed to speak about me and I have a gag order,” Trump said. “They are taking away my constitutional rights to speak, and that includes speaking to you. I have a lot to say to you, and I am not allowed to say it — and I’m the only one. Everyone else can say whatever they want about me. They can say anything they want, they can continue to make up lies […] But I’m not allowed to speak. I want to speak to the press and everybody else about it. So why am I gagged?”

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The Indo-Pacific aid bill has cleared the House by a wide margin.

The vote was 385-34-1. The 1 was Talib who voted present.

The Senate is set to begin voting on Tuesday.

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New York Attorney General Letitia James on Friday filed a memorandum of opposition to the surety company that holds the $175 million bond for former President Donald Trump as he appeals the $460 million decision against him in the civil fraud trial earlier this year. 

The attorney general's office says it is concerned about the financials of the bondholder, Knight Specialty Insurance company, and the collateral for the bond.

The $175 million in cash that Trump claims to have provided as collateral in a bank account is in the DJT Revocable Trust and not under Knight's control, as it should be, the attorney general's office argued. Because Trump still has access to the funds, he's still able to make withdrawals, or replace the funds with other assets that could fluctuate with the markets. And if the value drops below $175 million, the bond is no longer secured, according to the attorney general.

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Campaign rallies are a defining feature of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s third run for the White House: all-day spectacles blending evangelical revivalist meeting and carnival, designed to deliver an emotional experience to his base.

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Donald Trump’s main 2024 White House campaign fundraising operation sharply increased spending at the former president's properties in recent months, funneling money into his businesses at a time when he is facing serious legal jeopardy and desperately needs cash.

Trump’s joint fundraising committee wrote three checks in February and one in March to his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, totaling $411,287 and another in March to Trump National Doral Miami for $62,337, according to a report filed to the Federal Election Commission this week.

Federal law and FEC regulations allow donor funds to be spent at a candidate’s business so long as the campaign pays fair market value, experts say. Trump has been doing it for years, shifting millions in campaign cash into his sprawling business empire to pay for expenses such as using his personal aircraft for political events, rent at Trump Tower and events at his properties, which has included hotels and private clubs.

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House Speaker Michael Johnson is right to advance Ukraine aid package. Stand against Russian propaganda.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., describes herself as a “Christian Nationalist” but doesn’t seem to know much about Christians outside our nation. In a move that would have made Soviet propagandists proud, she has claimed that Russia is a protector of Christianity.

In a podcast with Steve Bannon, Greene said Russia is "not attacking Christianity. As a matter of fact, they seem to be protecting it."

Protecting it? Greene was apparently unaware of the numerous reports from reputable religious freedom organizations and Christian groups and publications accusing Russia of torturing and killing religious leaders. In February, the International Religious Freedom or Belief Alliance, a group with 38 member countries, asserted that Russia has killed 30 Ukrainian religious leaders and held 26 captive in the past two years.

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