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I don't know, I do at least know his name

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It disagrees with the second statement not the first

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I think stealing the labor of others is evil

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Watch the Strange Parts videos, I wouldn't be too confident about that

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I have an Ender 3, it works much better than this printer. Watch Strange Parts on YouTube, he was sent a review printer and couldn't get it to print despite being on call with the inventor/CEO himself for hours to debug it. Also, Ender 3 had a fire risk with the bed power/PSU connector too.

From the CEOs perspective, doing this he can at least get the Kickstarter backers their money back since they likely couldn't get the printer to a good state given all the issues.

The whole ecosystem here in the West doesn't favour starting up. It's not easy to do it in China either, but the whole supply chain is there (as such also the knowledge/support) and the business environment makes it more likely for it to happen there.

Agreed, and don't forget how important it is how much cheaper skilled labor is in China.

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feels like they weren't all that committed to the cause.

They were in a very tough position, their printer was having major quality control issues, I think they probably needed money.

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Not true

Why not? I can tear out the copyright section of book I own, how is removing a watermark different?

Reproduction is the primary complaint, but if I don't distribute it that's invalid.

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Wouldn't mask of mean he admits to it?

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They found a way to make it work.

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And/or just cheap. So I end up replacing various parts in my laptop over the years, and solder a JR connector onto the charging connectors rather than just buying a new port

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Owner could be the chef, it you know, might not want to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Depending on what you mean by underpay, possibly yeah it'll contribute. Don't look too much into the new CA restaurant worker minimum wage law.


The real shower thought was about movement across the highest speed we know of at the minimum distance we know of, so I divided Planck length by the speed of light.

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