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Education went up in cost because nothing was stopping it from going up and everything else is so broken it took the place for it.

Well yeah, that's my point? Why do you think their customers are able to pay any amount? Because they're taking government loans.

Healthcare went up because insurance companies. They are a useless middlemen.

How did insurance companies increase the cost of healthcare when their goal is to decrease it so they can profit more?

Cars really haven't gone up that much.

New and used cars definitely haven't gone down in price despite increased mechanization, improved shipping, etc. But yeah out of these things they have the lowest infinite free money behind them.

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I'm talking about inflation adjusted price

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The AMA doesn't directly control it, what it does do is lobby congress to limit it. The AMA actually is the reason the cap was put in place in 1997. Doctor administrators are also often AMA members/supporters/in some capacity bound to the AMA, so they often don't explore other sources of funding than government for expanding residency capacity.

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Just a risk of mysterious death and missing organs if you complain about abuse

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if it wasn’t for privatized insurance mucking the whole thing up

Insurance companies aren't saints, but their whole goal is to keep costs for themselves low so they can pocket the premiums. A lot of factors go into driving up health care costs, this is nowhere near all of them but to name a few: AMA keeping residency slots low to control supply of doctors and keep wages high, high educational cost meaning doctors require higher pay, long education needed(high lead time on new medical staff, doctors have some of the longest educational time in the US of anywhere in the world), intellectual property law enforcing drug monopolies, extremely expensive FDA approval process, (?)expensive FDA certification of some equipment(this I'm not entirely sure about- but I suspect its the case), Certificate of Need laws restricting competition in some areas.

Everyone always jumps to defense spending which is not the problem. Defense spending creates hundreds of thousands of well paying jobs to American citizens. The large majority of the money used to produce military goods goes back into the economy.

Sorry to say Keynesian economics died.

Other than that, the first part of your comment is right.

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Where this type of lending is less frequent, like mobile homes, prices haven't risen as much. But as that lending has gotten more common, they're starting to.

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Well, why do you think the price of houses goes up while most other commodities go down. Except for... education, healthcare, and cars in the past 20 years. It feels a little like to me the government backed lending(among other things) has something to do with it. Something something- taking a low interest loan means you're less concerned about a 20% higher price, and so is everyone else- or something.

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Autism and many other DSM diagnosis' don't really describe anything than arbitrarily grouped symptoms, if you have those abritrarily grouped symptoms you are "autistic" but that doesn't mean it has the same cause, effect, or treatment as others with similar symptoms.

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Both migrant workers and those with Down Syndrome

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Then you realize you don't have any compilers installed so the best you can do is batch

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The real shower thought was about movement across the highest speed we know of at the minimum distance we know of, so I divided Planck length by the speed of light.

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