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there were small dinosaurs. They just don't get as much press.

I rest my case

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Alternative title: Dinosaurs wouldn't be that big if they weren't that big

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Mine are:

Quanta Magazine super interesting and awesomely written articles about scientific topics.

LessWrong blog posts on a variety of topics analyzed with rationality.

Big Think articles about everything, interesting analyses.

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Let's go removedeeeees

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Really cool, thank you!

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I'm here to learn, I admit I'm ignorant and that's why I love asking questions here. Maybe it's me but your comment came across a bit rude.

Anyway thanks for engaging here and providing answers and sources.

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I'm not talking about myself, melatonine, is synthesized by the body when it's dark, light can reduce or stop the synthesis.

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Any topic, just explain what it is please

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I know evolution is governed by chance and it is random but does it make sense to "ruin" sleep if there's light? I mean normally, outside, you never have pure darkness, there are the moon and stars even at night. In certain zones of the Earth we also have long periods of no sunshine and long periods of only sunshine.

I don't know if my question is clear enough but I hope so.

Bonus question: are animals subject to the same contribution of light or lack of it to the quality of sleep?

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Thanks, appreciate it!

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I know it's not what you're asking but switching back is truly horrible, I have to use w11 at work and I hate every second of it. One drive shoven down your throat, Xbox stuff wants to install something everytime I update, installing stuff from random exes found on websites (I know the store exists but it sucks if your needs are not "I want to install candy crush"), changed something in your path variable? Reboot! Wtf? I really hope microsoft abandons windows in favour of its cloud apps for people who need it and lets Linux distros rule the desktop world

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You sure Dolph won't be busy busting heads because he smelled crime or performing outrageous sexual experiments on his incredibly hot but skeptical female lab partner?

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Is it really going to be that huge? I'm using btrfs, how is bcachefs better?

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What kind of dip?

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C'est fou! Felicitations à toi

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The birth (or death) of a relative, the release of a new program, game, series, movie, the date you were dreaming about, could be anything

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What I mean is: some boolean flags are perfect for the real world phenomenon they are representing e.g. is_light_on makes you understand perfectly that when it is true the light is on and when it is false the light is off.

There are other cases in which if you didn't write the code and you don't read any additional documentation, everything is not clear just by looking at the variable name e.g. is_person_standing, when true it's clear what that means but when false, is the person sitting? Lying? Kneeling?

I'm obviously not talking about cases in which there are more states, boolean would of course not be a good solution in those cases. I'm talking about programs in which there are only two states but it's not obvious, without external knowledge, which ones they are.

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Would I receive notifications for new comments on posts I saved?

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This is something I always wondered because some people have a bunch of theories about whether your head should face north or south or whatever, because of the earth magnetic field. Is there any science in this or just "superstition"?

Also, would it be better to have the head towards a window or away from a window, even if closed (e.g. in winter)?

I'm basically asking whether there exist "recommendations" on how to structure a bedroom backed by science.

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