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Today the Lemmy.fan family of frontends brings you something completely new:

daring.lemmy.fan! (or, DLF for short)

DLF runs the latest, cutting-edge release of Lemmy. The instance is separate from Lemmy.fan in that accounts, subscriptions, etc are not copied from Lemmy.fan. DLF is federated, however, so comments and communities can be made and posted across the fediverse.

It should go without saying, but daring.lemmy.fan is very much a sandbox and not anything to be trusted with permanent data. Though we prefer to rollback the database if we come across any issues, it may be necessary to wipe things and start completely over.

Hey, that's the joy and beauty of cutting-edge, open-source for you! Enjoy it! Frolic!

A one-time email verification is required to keep the spammers and scammers at bay.

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I'll be back here, snickering.

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Bold, novel attempt sir to rid yourself of the bonds of marriage. Sorry it failed.

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The Illuminati something something...

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♫♪♪ Near, far, whereevvvvvvvvvver you are ♫♪♪

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I'm a learn-by-doing guy so I just went hands on. There's a cheat sheet at CLI Cheat Sheet - Docker Docs https://docs.docker.com/get-started/docker_cheatsheet.pdf that I found really helpful.

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You can't spell ASININE without MENSA

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Small, indeed.

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It wasn't Uber

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GoFundMe started to buy suspect a belt.

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Alls we need now is sneks on Brawndo

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API calls are used when automating or scripting because some environments/subnets may not have DHCP available.

IPAM, vRA, APIs, oh my (self.sysadmin)
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Hi all. I'm not ready to die on this hill, but I am willing to suffer some serious injuries.

Here's the question: Should an IPAM product hand out static IPs when called upon by API for next available address?

Say I setup a machine on vRA using API calls to an enterprisey-IPAM solution using their documented API to poll, and perhaps subsequently pull, the next available IP address.

The API assigns an IP, but the IP assigned is the next IP available in a static range, not an IP address in an established and advertised DHCP range. Thus, any of a number of reserved static IPs will be dynamically assigned via API. The API is not using the IPAM product's built-in DHCP server to dynamically assign addresses. The IPAM product's DHCP and DNS are authoritative.

Bug, or feature?

As an engineer, my take is that the API calls should always pull from DHCP. Static IPs must be considered to be reserved, even if marked unused in IPAM, and should never be assigned whereas DHCP keeps records of IPs assigned and can be trusted to hand out an IP not being used. The idea is, when a new machine is brought online and gets an IP, that machine can either retain the DHCP-assigned addresses or I can assign it a static IP if necessary. Never, ever should my IPAM product think it is OK to hand out a ~~private~~ static IP address.

I can see how some people flip this and want their DHCP pools to be untouched by IPAM, but that's just backwards in my eyes.

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Flipper Zero - I'm not being devious with it. Yet.

Kidding - I bought it since I am a ham and I can find a dozen uses for it in the field.

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There's a trick I learned for clearing a stuffy nose.

Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Then, place a finger on the bridge of your nose.

In very small motions, alternate between pushing up on the roof of your mouth, and then releasing that and pushing on the bridge of the nose. Use a gentle teeter-totter to rock the pallette. Repeat ten or so times and, within a few seconds, your nose will be open.

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I have a Windows 7 install key memorized from my days working in IT for a university.

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You can get a new door and frame installed for about the same cost. Once rot sets in, it has to be cut out completely which then further compromises the frame. Putty, caulk, and paint will just slow down the inevitable.

If you want it done right I'd go ahead and find another handyman who can hang a new door. It's not a terribly difficult job but steps have to be taken to keep water from ruining the new door frame, it needs to be leveled, etc.

EDIT to add - is this a single door or a French door? I can't quite tell by the pictures you shared. If it is indeed a French door then the cost will be quite a bit higher.

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The issue I've come across is vindictive or mean editors who 'own' pages and refuse to allow changes to 'their' article.

Case in point, when a rather well-known bishop was convicted of child molestation I edited his article to add that information.

Boom, reverted, no reasons given.

Anytime I added the block of information back to the article he or she reverted the changes. Wikipedia was no help, so now I refuse to edit Wikipedia articles or even treat them as factual - too many editors have their own agendas.

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Chocolatey isn't really made for the DIYer setting up their computer for a one-off install - for that I always recommend Ninite. Chocolatey is useful for enterprises and advanced DIYers though.

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https://favicon.io/favicon-converter/ - Convert an image to a favicon file in many formats.

https://ninite.com/ - Easiest way to set up a new Windows PC with the latest common applications without toolbars, prompts, or anything like that. Not necessarily obscure but I like to peddle it.

https://www.printablepaper.net/ - Need a check register? Graph paper? Lined paper? College ruled or wide ruled? Dot paper? Calendars? If it's on paper, chances are you can find it and print it here.

https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/ - Need a good bedtime story? This site is best read right before falling asleep.

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Wow, what a conniving and scheming little tattle-tale.

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Poor skill, mostly.

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Reminds me of a comment I once came across in a work application's code: "This function took forever to write correctly. It was hard work. I didn't document it. Figure it out."

Of course the variables were not defined properly and were named esoterically.

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