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A couple weeks old

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Because phishing your own employees is dumb...

-Open Outlook and, under the Home tab, click on the Rules button in the Move area.

-Click Create Rule…

-Click on the Advanced Options…button

-Scroll down to the option that says with specific words in the message header and check the box.

-Click on the specific words link

-In the text box enter X-Phish and then click Add. Your search list should say “X-Phish” with the quotes. This is expected behavior and your screen should look like this:

-Click OK to close the window.

-Back on the Rules Wizard screen click Next.

Now you have a choice as to what to do with the message:

-To assign it to a Phish category I select the assign it to the category category. -Then I click on the category link to assign it to a category "Phish" (renamed from something else). Now when I receive a phishing email from UW System it flags it for me. I also have it flagged for follow-up in tasks.

-You can further add an action to forward the message to [email protected] and then move it to the trash.


-This rule will NOT flag all phishing emails and should not be used as a phishing identifying rule; it will however handle UW System-sponsored phishing emails with ease.

-Outlook must be running for the rule to work. If you primarily use WiscMail Web (Outlook on the web) the rule will not apply unless Outlook is also running.

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A law that drew massive protests and made Wisconsin the center of a national fight over union rights is back in court on Tuesday, facing a new challenge from teachers and public workers brought after the state’s Supreme Court flipped to liberal control.

The 2011 law, known as Act 10, imposed a near-total ban on collective bargaining for most public employees. It has withstood numerous legal challenges and was the signature legislative achievement of former Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who used it to mount a presidential run.

The law catapulted Walker onto the national stage, sparked an unsuccessful recall campaign, and laid the groundwork for his failed 2016 presidential bid. It also led to a dramatic decrease in union membership across the state.

If the latest lawsuit succeeds, all public sector workers who lost their collective bargaining power would have it restored. They would be treated the same as the police, firefighter and other public safety unions who remain exempt.

The law is “fundamentally unequal,” irrational and unconstitutional, unions argue in court filings.

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Australian Federal Police officers arrested the “disruptive passenger” after Virgin flight VA696 returned to Perth Airport on Monday night.

“The AFP responded to a request for assistance from airline staff,” a spokesman said on Tuesday.

“Officers arrested a man after he allegedly ran naked through the aircraft mid-flight and knocked a crew member to the floor.”

The man was taken to hospital for medical assessment where he remains.

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YouTube getting serious about those ad blockers.

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What a menace

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From the Article:

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is requesting that the state budget committee release $20 million meant to create a grant program that would support communities where a University of Wisconsin branch campus has closed.

The request is the third submitted to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) by Gov. Tony Evers’ administration this week, bringing the total amount to be released to $45 million. The requests come as lawmakers and Evers have been in conflict over the release of other state funding that was improved in the budget, including funds for fighting PFAS contamination of local drinking water supplies, grants to support hospitals in western Wisconsin and a new literacy program in schools.

The closure of UW branch campuses, including UW-Platteville’s Richland campus, UW-Milwaukee’s Washington County campus and UW-Oshkosh’s Fond du Lac campus, have left local communities facing potential economic crises.

WEDC’s request would allow the agency to implement the grant program as instructed by a law passed by the Legislature in February and signed by Evers in March. Under the law, communities will be eligible for a $2 million grant.

Evers said in a statement that a lack of “meaningful investments” in the UW system has caused the recent campus closures along with staff layoffs, and the state needs to quickly work to address the challenges to prevent additional layoffs and closures.

“This funding is critically important in the meantime to help communities like Richland Center, Washington County, Fond du Lac, and Marinette find new uses for the infrastructure and existing buildings to support local communities and economies,” Evers said.

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Weird News is next!

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Granted. All sites reduced to lowest common denominator in interest of fairness. That's right: IE 6 is back folks.

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No, not unless the mod/admin takes extra steps.

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Girl smiles at boy in kind way. Boy smiles back. Reeks of forbidden attraction.

Isn't that special??

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Try using or as the external DNS in your router for testing. Does it work then?

Also, you may have DNS cached somewhere. You can flush your Windows DNS cache by typing ipconfig /flushdns in a command prompt.

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Torvolds adding neuralink kernel support /s

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Fuckin autocorrect was the death of us all.

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Your dog goes out, explores the neighborhood. Day after day he becomes accustomed to the sights, smells, people. They greet him, wave to him, toss him the hot dog bun that fell on the ground. Then toss him the hot dog too after he cocked his head to one side, as if to say you know you want to.

The city becomes his playground, and it's not long before home changes from a constricting construction of loneliness and laziness to one of the city, of not being owned but owning, and he feels alive in the alleys, the city lights, the comfort of being the best friend to everyone and not just someone who wanted a dog and didn't wanna spend time with him.

You are barely a fat memory, a blurb of an existence.

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Lotito holds the record for the 'strangest diet' in the Guinness Book of Records. He was awarded a brass plaque by the publishers to commemorate his abilities. He ate his award.

I would expect nothing less.

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The insurance waiver at that point is like "Yeah, try to pin whatever ill effects you get from this on us. Good luck with that."

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