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I use this all the time, it is fantastic.

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After being switched to a new manufacturer for my generic adderall XR this last month I have been feeling spaced out, unable to concentrate and fatigued. I also noticed other people having problems online the last few weeks.

And for anyone that wants to say "it's all in your head, generics are the same" this manufacturer had a citation from the FDA this December failing on multiple points of "quality control":

FDA Data Dashboard

The citation's details states the following (summarized because the text boxes are images and not actual text...):

The responsibilities/procedures are not in writing and fully followed

Separate/defined areas to prevent contamination are deficient regarding holding of rejected components, drug product containers and closures before disposition

Buildings used in manufacture and holding of drug products are not well maintained

Equipment used in manufacture, processing, packing or holding of drug products is not appropriate design to facilitate operations for intended use

Equipment and utensils are not cleaned and maintained at appropriate intervals to prevent contamination that would alter the safety, identity, strength quality or purity of drug product

Despite there being no guarantee drug is the proper dosage or even that the drug is pure and uncontaminated the FDA had taken no action or even warned them formally.

I literally do not understand how this drug is being sold right now.

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We've had this golden pothos for a couple of years at the back of our room which doesn't get much light and some of the vines reverted to the non-variegated form

Since then I've learned that variegated pothos needs higher light but I also wanted to keep the vines without chopping them up into node cuttings. Would it be possible to cut the long vines from the parent and root/repot them whole? I've tried air layering without stripping the outer layer but no roots formed after several months.

I really want to move the variegated portion to a much brighter area as it has had very little growth here but keep the vines in their current location.

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I think (most) millenials and gen z are in pretty good agreement with what policies we want for the future, though. So I'm not that worried.


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