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Post pics if you got em! I think mine is my dioscorea elephantipes (at least right now, it changes often). Grown from a seed, she'll be a year old in July :)

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Leaf/tube/mouth of a Sarracenia illuminated from behind by a light, that shows two huge flies trapped inside

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Don't know if there's any Canadians on Lemmy that have ordered from Crystal Star Nursery but this is my third order and I'm so excited!

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Succulents (mander.xyz)
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Bonus daytime photo

Mutant violet? (lemmy.world)
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I was given a small pot with a single sad leaf to try and rescue. I was told it was an African violet. It was repotted and I gave it some fertilizer and it started producing this giant leggy looking leaves. Is this normal? A mutant? It doesn’t look like any violet I’ve seen.


Edit: thank you for all the feedback! It does indeed look like a cyclamen. I have moved it closer to the window, hopefully it will fill in nicely.

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All of my plants are next to the two spots I usually sit down. So when I have my big water cup out, I share a little with my plants and maybe pet their leafs for a second. It makes me happy to share my cuppy of water with my little plants. Apparently, this works really well and they are all growing like crazy! One of my fellas is huge now but I am kinda scared to repot though because I never done it before.

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I gave away my only big plant, an 8-foot-tall bird of paradise. The rest needed repotting anyway, so I took them all out of their pots and buried the roots in a roughly 50/50 mixture of moist potting soil and perlite in a plastic crate.

I had a Philodendron micans on a tall moss pole. I took it off the moss pole, wrapped the roots in a damp paper towel, stuffed that portion into a Ziploc bag, and stuffed the whole thing into a clear plastic bag, loosely sealed.

I did the same thing to a Madagascar jasmine plant that had been vining around a bamboo arch.

Finally, I placed some smaller plants in a smaller plastic container with moist perlite.

Sadly, I had to give all my pots away. There just wasn't enough room or time to carefully pack everything. We were already a half day late getting underway with our road trip.

I'm thankful they seem to have all survived.

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Not an ad or anything but I got it from light.bio if you're curious. Super cool product, I've been waiting for a company to successfully bring a bioluminescent plant to the market for a decade and it finally happened!

Dahlia Help (lemmy.world)
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Hello, so my daughter picked out this Dahlia on Sunday, and we've planted it last night, and we came home today seeing this.

What is going on? Is there a fix? Thank you for your time.

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Here are some pictures of an African Violet I have had for about 10 years. I think I may have a problem. Leaves at the bottom have been dying, which did not seem unusual but now I notice discoloration of other leaves and flowers. More pictures - https://nd.nl.tab.digital/s/EAYcAiAjA25SwfK

Any ideas?

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Sorry if this is the wrong community or is redundant...

I'm looking for leads as to what's happening to plants in my greenhouse window. It started with my basils. Before I noticed, it spread to my mints. The leaves show these yellow spots, then they turn brown and die. Eventually the entire plant dies.

Any clues as to what I can do to treat/prevent this?

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I am not all too knowledgeable about plants and wanted to try my hands with planting seeds and growing them indoors!

For a bit more Context, the plant pots themselves have a Water reservoir underneath and will be Wall Mounted directly over a heat producing TV. While the room itself is quite light flooded, the spot where I'll put them won't get any direct sunlight, though still plenty of general light.

I should also note that since I haven't had the best track record with plants, its best if the plants themselves are resilient for over or underwatering at times.

I also recon a hang plant would look the best, but im open for any recommendations from you folks! Thank you!

Grow, dammit (possumpat.io)
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Still waiting for my newest African violet to shape up, but it was cruelly yanked from an auntie's loving humidity cabinet and then thrown to sink or swim on my countertop.

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2020 - I got into houseplants.

2021 - I told myself, "If I'm still into houseplants a year from now, I'm getting a tattoo of my favorite plant."

2022 - Still into houseplants, and now also into outside plants.

2023 - Got it going in August.

2024 - My last session was just last Tuesday and I still have the Saniderm on.

There are supposed to be more leaves to the right of the tiger going towards my arm, but I'm suddenly moving out of state so it's done for now, at least with this artist.

I'm also panning to get the tiger touched up and color added.

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My Pothos got a bit long and dropped leaves in the middle of its stem. I didn't want to cut it directly since in my experience it would drop more leaves on the newly cut piece, so I wanted to try air layering. I've never done air layering before and didn't want to use sphagnum moss, so I gave it a try with coco coir.

After 11 days in moist coco coir in this little piece of an old plastic bag, it has little roots! In a week or perhaps two it should be ready to be separated from the mother plant and potted. 🥰

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Both are grandchildren of a totally white geranium, children of a slightly red tinted one. Sprouted via seeds from their parents fruits.

I think they are gorgeous!

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My house! (lemmy.world)
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So, obviously, a beginner wants to start with a hardy plant, and I guess a cheap one, and one suited for the conditions the houseplant will be living in, and one they like the look of. But my intention with this hobby is to become more connected with my environment, not to exploit it in the way most convenient for me. I want to understand: what is a good, or minimally harmful, houseplant? Are the ecological footprints very different between different houseplants? I've been told that if you live above a certain floor on an apartment planting natives isn't important since pollinators don't get up to your level anyway--is that accurate? Do people ever uhhh...just like scoop up plants growing around them and just pot them and grow them at home? Are all plants that would thrive as houseplants commercially available or is what's commercially available mostly influenced by other factors like subjective/cultural aesthetic value & hardiness under transport conditions & stuff like that?

My pride and joy (sh.itjust.works)
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I have a hobby 3d design business where I make things, and I have a lot of planters. When I make a new one the routine is, buy plant, plant it, take pictures, make notes about how well it works or looks.

Sometimes I end up with 3 or 4 iterations of it. I have too many, no WAY to many plants and I can't keep up with the care for them. I'm hoping there are members of this community that would be willing to test stuff for me, take photos and give me feedback. Preferably if you live in the PNW or west coast so shipping doesn't cost a fortune.

For example, right now I'm working on a little shelf that I'm hoping to put smaller, dangly succulents on and I've made two, sent one to a friend and need to test the second one. Message me if you are at all interested.

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