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We've had this golden pothos for a couple of years at the back of our room which doesn't get much light and some of the vines reverted to the non-variegated form

Since then I've learned that variegated pothos needs higher light but I also wanted to keep the vines without chopping them up into node cuttings. Would it be possible to cut the long vines from the parent and root/repot them whole? I've tried air layering without stripping the outer layer but no roots formed after several months.

I really want to move the variegated portion to a much brighter area as it has had very little growth here but keep the vines in their current location.

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I cut mine and repot directly into soil. Water and badda bing badda boom, full plant.

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Yes, you can root any length cutting. Longer cuttings will generally do better as well.

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I've done it successfully, they grow new roots in water in about 6-8 weeks, then into a new pot!

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