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that you're willing to share obviously

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official programming language of the queer agenda!

~thigh highs and estrogen not included~

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Not‽ Aw dang, I'll install those myself

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Guessing that you don't want to see the dead rat I got the other night with my airgun, I present you with this instead.

Otter interview goes off on a tangent

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This has left me with ripples of giggles for days, btw.

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I feel kinda dirty that my last iso is en-us_windows_server_version_23h2_updated_may_2024_x64_dvd_[8 char identifier, that I don't really know what does, but removed to avoid accidentally doxxing myself].iso

At least I got it from ms directly.

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This isn't taskmaster. No bonus point for re interpretation of the task.

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Me on my tractor tilling my field from two months ago. Not sure why it's in my download folder (maybe downloaded from somewhere wife uploaded?), but there ya go.

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go go gadget neck extender

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A Morris Minor stretch limousine

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