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Small communities that are similar should think about mushing together for activity. Example: Hiking, Backpacking, Thru Hiking. It will generate more Activity and then branch out. We have too many niche pages that won't be active.

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I get it. High heels are hot. Tighten the calves. Lift the butt. Taller. More step on me energy. They're hard to walk in. All valid points.

However, the sound of heels, its like an insecure toddler stomping down a hallway. Just imagine a normal pair of shoes doing the heel - toes slap. Clop clop clop. Cringe.

Stop using YouTube. (lemmy.world)
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It sucks.

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I like to eat my cereal by putting my cereal in a bowl. I then pour out a glass of milk and drink the milk. The way I do is get a spoonful of cereal and then drink the milk as the cereal is in my mouth.

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i did not ask for this!! don't pay extra for it and act like you're somehow doing me a fucking favor because now i have to take the day off and practically sit by the fucking door listening for the guy to knock -- cannot fully engage in an activity, wear headphones, shower, etc etc etc.

again, I didn't ask for this!!

these days it's really obnoxious because now it seems like you can't even turn it off? like 10 years ago maybe you could sign into the site and say 'actually please leave at the door'. now it's fucking LOCKED ON. ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS. SHIT!

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How hard is it to add c or f to the end of a tempreture

How the hell are people supposed to know if you are using celsius or fahrenheit

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I’ve had turkey just about every possible way it can be cooked, and it just isn’t that good.

Doesn’t matter how juicy or dry and it doesn’t matter what herbs or spices are used, it just not that tasty.

Give me a brisket or a standing rib roast or just about anything that isn’t turkey for thanksgiving.

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like all the fuckin ads with the hugging families around winter. any educationally normal adult knows everyone just gets more stressed, with travel and gifts and social obligations and everything, but you're not even allowed to...openly feel that, it seems? it's like there's this happiness benchmark you have to reach, otherwise you'll feel even shittier and sadder for not having a happy holiday season

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and no one irl even has the decency to agree with me because it's so fucking drilled into the culture that these fucking BuNsInNesSes have a Right to do this because it's a bSUsniEss. like oh yeah they have an office building so they definitely get to analyze my piss because they say they want to. sick fucking freaks.

preaching to the choir a bit on lemmy (or i would hope so at least) but still

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I'll get this out of the way right now, I'm a progressive socialist and Kissinger's legacy in the world is one of reactionary repression and suffering. I find pretty much everything he stood for to be wrongheaded and harmful to society.

That said, celebrating someone dying in the way that's happening now shows disrespect to human life and an utter lack of humanity. I understand the motivation, but it should be fought against by remembering that no one is ever just one thing, everyone is a mix of good and bad, and we certainly shouldn't give in to the desire to rejoice at another's death, no matter what we think of them.

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He's recently in the news for his early parole, but to my mind his conviction for murder was probably unjust.

  1. The prosecution was not able to rebut his testimony that he fired on what he thought was a burglar in his home. This was a reasonable fear - Pistorius is a double amputee despite his Olympic medals, and he lived in a neighborhood that was particularly attractive to break-in robberies due to the residents' wealth.

  2. The prosecution could not provide a motive for murder - the best they could speculate was that they had had an argument, but the prosecution could not provide details of any supposed argument, nor substantiate it from the testimony of any witnesses who actually would have been able to hear it.

  3. It probably was negligent and contributory to have fired on an "attacker" he could not see, but conversely, had he intended to murder his girlfriend during a spontaneous argument, there's no reason for him to have taken the risk of firing through a door in order to do so.

The traditional elements of the crime of murder are means, motive, and opportunity. Two of these are stipulated since, by the defense account, Pistorius fired the gun that killed Reeva Steenkamp The prosecution's argument for motive was specious speculation at best, and Pistorius' judicial conviction on appeal represents a miscarriage of justice since there was really no reason given to reject his defense. His original conviction of culpable homicide and reckless endangerment was correct and shouldn't have been appealed.

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(for a total of 7 fingers per hands)

Genetic engineering will create surprising things. We could explore it in advance with ai generated images or motion pictures.

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  • the pilgrim thing is all made up anyway
  • it makes more sense to have a feast to celebrate getting thru the winter than just right before it
  • similarly it makes sense to stockpile some treats and extras thru the winter just in case (in the old days like of a famine)
  • right now Jan and Feb are bleak awful fucking months with nothing to look forward to
  • you see family during christmas anyway why do it in november too
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It seems most people are on board with the idea that AI will change the world. While I agree it having some impact, I also think it is overinflated by marketing. Operating an AI takes huge computing power, which costs heaps of money and energy. So how are people suggesting that exponential improvement is feasible? I do not get it.

Further, aren't we supposed to reduce energy usage? Why are we trying to overspend what little is left? I hate how this is taking priority over the environment.

Creating this post mainly to rant, I thought OpenAI firing Sam Altman was a signal for a reality check. It seems they are wrapping it up and trying to rehire him though.. What a drama.

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They have a right to defend themselves. They wouldn't have been treated as nicely as they've treated Gazans if the roles were switched. Hamas decided to attack people who were so merciful to them when they wouldn't have shown such mercy.

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I have used linux for a couple of years now and it was one of the most bumpy beginnings (and ends) i ever had with software. There was little a moment that wasnt marred by some kind of problem.

I could write a book on all the problems i had encountered and some of them happen several times, but here are some highlights:

  1. monitors not being all recognized unless its plugged in in a VERY specific order
  2. monitor 2 not having the correct colors
  3. audio not coming out of the correct source, the default source changing when something else that can sue it is plugged in, and also changing after a restart
  4. gaming, proton barely EVER worked, rated gold or platinum on protondb? fuck you it wont even start for you
  5. wine is not much better, lutris also fucked up several times

What broke the camels back today:

I stream, on wednesday my controller stopped working so i couldnt continue to stream, an hour after i stopped? the controller started working again great right? no, today the same shit, controller doesnt work.

Linux continues to have awful roadblocks that make even the most stubborn user (me) switch back to windows for now

But ah i am not dont yet, getting support from other users is about as much a fools errand as it is for windows, just sprinkled in with a lot more brown nosing elitism. And i imagine i will get similar comments here cause lemmy has the same circlejerks reddit has.

As long as linux continues having the most mundane problems with NO solution anywhere it wont get anywhere, if it werent for steamdeck it would still hover around at below 3%

See i like linux, i like how the ui feels and all, but i just cant anymore, i want shit to actually work and linux just cant provide that yet

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Some might be unabale to disagree bc they just havent tried it yet. While yes pineapple on pizza is gross strawberry is a decent combo.

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(What makes this an unpopular opinion is that I'm basically advocating for jettisoning an entire Fediverse platform rather than just riding out the rough patch.)

I admin a Lemmy instance, and the amount of spam we get from Kbin and have to deal with is absolutely insane. Every morning I have to spend at least 15 minutes cleaning it up: responding to reports, banning accounts, purging posts, and pruning the images. And it's more of that all through the day, just in smaller bites.

Many times I've toyed with the idea of de-federating Kbin instances completely, but I don't want to cut off interactions with their legit users. The legit users are not the problem and are very much welcome.

Side note: If you're reading this and thinking "What Kbin spam?", then you should reach out to your instance admin(s) and give them a big 'thank you'. The spam from Kbin is not just a "me" problem.

The underlying issue is that Kbin mod actions do not federate to Lemmy. At all. The mods of their magazines can (and probably are) doing a great job cleaning up spam, but once that spam goes out, it's a one-way trip to Lemmy and completely up to the instance admins to deal with. For comparison, on Lemmy, the community mods can remove the spam which will then issue a removal action on instances that received it via federation.

I've tried various ways to unsubscribe and remove Kbin communities on my instance, but the "unsubscribe" doesn't seem to be honored by Kbin, either. So I'm stuck receiving content that's 90%+ spam and having to deal with it every day with no end in sight (barring de-federating Kbin completely). The only thing that sort-of works is hiding the Kbin magazines on my end, but that just hides the spam, too, and I'm still stuck storing it on my system.

So yeah, life for Lemmy admins would be easier if Kbin users would make the switch and I could just de-fed from Kbin without losing the good people.

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What the title says. Sure, it's gentle on the environment, but it doesn't remove soap scum, grease, grime etc anywhere nearly as effective as other products. I also doubt its efficiency as an antibacterial compared to say alcohol or most detergents.

There, I've said it.

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also applies to women wearing crop tops and bikinis

why do you want people to see your belly button

(no i don’t want to control what they wear)

(is only opinion)

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Maybe I have sensitive gums or something like that, but eating the cereal right after I add the milk makes my mouth hurt.

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I have kids that I raise, they are great kids, I love them to death but if someone thinks kids aren't a burden (of any sort) than they're lying.

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I like dogs like I like toddlers. It's fun to hang out with other people's for a while, but ultimately they're annoying, loud, and make a mess. I feel like in the past 10 years or so, dog owners have become increasingly convinced that everyone thinks their slobbering, untrained mutt is god's gift to everyone, and expects everyone to love it unconditionally. Dogs in restaurants. Dogs in stores when you go shopping. "Oh it's so funny that your dog is jumping on me and getting it's dirty paws all over me while it tries to sniff my crotch." "Oh oops! Your dog ate my food off the counter, fucking again. Guess that's my fault because in this house nothing is safe from the coddled fucking dog." "Hey man can you watch the dog? It's really easy, not like it pisses all over the floor and knocks the trash over or anything. We have to leave the house for 2 hours and it has anxiety/depression/borderline personality disorder and he's a wittle special boy who needs constant attention."

I'm just tired of it. Nobody gives a goddamn about your stupid dog. Stop bringing your animal to restaurants, it's disgusting and inconsiderate. It's not your child, it's a dog. Dog people have made me hate dogs.

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In the wake of the Onion's routine release of their "No Way To Prevent This" article, people like to blame the perpetrator's action on mental illness. That is, some sort of mental instability was the primary cause of a mass shooting. Logically, if that is true, then without that mental instability, the mass shooting wouldn't have happened, the person would have...done something else.

But this is bullshit.

There is a science behind why people commit violence. Why We Snap points out several "triggers":

  • Life-or Limb
  • Insult
  • Family
  • Environment
  • Mate
  • Order in society
  • Resources
  • Tribe
  • Stopped

It's completely reasonable to kill a person in self-defense. Almost no one denies this. That is the primary justification for the proliferation of guns in American society. This is not a mental illness.

At home, 72% of all murder-suicides involve an intimate partner; 94% of the victims of these murder suicides are female. There are a lot of reasons why men hurt and murder women, but fragile male egos that treat women as inferior and interpret their actions as insulting and as challenging to a man's masculinity is an entire trope. And yet, the gender essentialism of traditional masculinity isn't treated as mentally ill (or even just plain wrong).

Tucker Carlson was renowned for his supposed truth-telling about how the order of American society is being threatened by an invasion of immigrants. Trump did the same thing. A reasonable conclusion, then, is that the El Paso mass shooter was merely defending his beloved nation against this invasion of immigrants, whom he just so happens to hate because they threaten the order of society.

Similarly, the Nashville Christian academy shooter was trans. For many of us, transgenderism isn't a mental illness, and thus not a cause of excessive violence in and of itself. However, coupled with the antagonistic relationship between traditional Christianity and transgenderism, several of the triggers that don't assume mental illness make sense.

And, of course, tribe...oh boy! As American polarization increases among the electorate, the salience of tribes increases. Only like a week ago, GOP lawmakers that didn't support Jim Jordan's nomination for House Speaker were sent death threats over the phone. If you don't vote for their guy, they'll fuck you up! (But non-violently...listen to the clip). Being protective and supportive of people like you isn't considered a mental illlness.

Again, I don't believe any of this violence is justified, nor am I advocating for it. (I cannot stress that enough). My argument is that there are seemingly rational reasons to engage in violence in the moment. So, rather than scapegoating the mentally ill, maybe, just maybe, we should look to why it seemed like a rational decision for a mass shooter to kill a bunch of people. What was their motivation? What problem were they trying to solve? And why did excessive violence seem like a good way to solve the problem?

I believe this is a much better approach to any shooting or violence in general than the allowing an immediate pivot to mental illness as the causal factor.

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