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Our automod does NOT automoderate anything else than blocklisted urls / words. The notification only happens if:

  1. You are on
  2. The moderator is on
  3. The community is on

We will changing the wording of the text soon enough as this is a common missunderstanding.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 6 days ago

Let me guess, it will cost as much as a normal smartphone but with less? The page doesnt even load on my side.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago)

Btw, the automod is ONLY a service from us, that you are getting notified when something got removed from you. If you mean the @[email protected]

[-] [email protected] 14 points 1 week ago

"You dont have to care about infrastructure...." is the bigest lie of those microservice hosting providers.

[-] [email protected] 12 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

Thats has to be from the onion! ( I hope at least )

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 weeks ago

Ahh then you have a lamguage selected the community not allows.

[-] [email protected] 334 points 2 weeks ago

If this is true, then we should prepare to be shout at by chatgpt why we didnt knew already that simple error.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 weeks ago

that is the console in the networks tab.

Please try to have it open and try to post something ( you have the "real" networks tab collapsed, please colapse the console first )

Then search for a request with a POST method and "File" is post. ( as highlighted in the picture )

Then click on it and go to the "response" tab.

But please do not post any screenshot of that here. For your own safety as it could contain sensible data.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 weeks ago

Ok, then please check your Developer Console ( on desktop press F12 ) and check then "Networks" Tab, and check for errors ( red ) click on it and in there, you should see a "Response" tab and check what it is happening.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 2 weeks ago

Check the modlogs if you arent banned from the community. And that you have selected a language

[-] [email protected] 0 points 2 weeks ago

Looks great!

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Hello world,

we chose to close down this community and redirect everyone interested in wordnews to because we want to reduce the load on moderators and have at least locally on the instance less duplicate communities.

We did this action with the cooperation of the mods in c/world and c/worldnews.

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i swapped to Pop!_os 2 days ago ( from linux mint, because i wanted some change and found pop_os ) and i like it!

I have just few points that i would like to share:

  • That the displays scaling cant be changed per monitor untilthe activation of "Fractial Scaling" ( just as a beginner "weird" behaviour )

  • You cant disable / make the "Active window" border smaller.

  • You cant hide the top bar ( but thats acceptable as it hides itself if you are in full screen )

  • Customizability/Lack of keybinds ( for example move active window to Screen 1,2,3 with Super + 1,2,3,4 )

  • (The pop_store lags? sometimes if i search? idk if its just a known bug or if its something on my side?) )

But its still very good and it has some cool features and simple installation!

Thanks for the System76 devs for making such great OS!

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I am pretty new to linux ( almost 2 months PURE linux mint ) and i still find cool software ( like lazydocker, lazygit, zsh... ) but i feel like there are 100k more interesting software to have ;D

If anyone could recommend me some cool / interesting software, that would be cool.


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Its an ad for a energy company. I hoped it would never happen but here we go. Ads on the canvas. Either those are bots because they are hyper active and many.

Thought this is a user canvas not advertisment canvas.


edit: Its the political party "Volt Europa" that is even more worse.

Good to know this is a political advertisement campaign board. A better note for next time.

I am done here. But keep in mind you ( @ Volt voters ) your ad isnt welcomed here.

Siri Open Lemmy (
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Only legends do it! (
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I am not such Legend ;(

Fact! (
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Subscription strikes again!

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Interesting video from Louis Rossmann. This time it isnt bad news rather possible good news!

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What are your oppinions on this? And what would you all think about that happening to brain implants "Subscription".

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