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Recent voter surveys say between 14% and 22% of under-30s would vote for the far-right Alternative for Germany party in the upcoming European elections. But who are these potential voters?

At an Alternative for Germany (AfD) European election campaign in Berlin, two of the far-right party's candidates, Dr Alexander Sell and Mary Khan-Holoch, discussed national pride and how the AfD hopes to make Germans proud of being German again. 

The crowd was largely made up of pensioners. However, there were also quite a few young people in the mix. 

Khan-Holoch herself is 30 years old, and she did not hesitate in her answer to the question of what makes the AfD so attractive to first-time and young voters.

"Germans feel afraid of becoming strangers in their own country," Khan-Holoch told Euronews.

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Ukraine wants to use donated weapons to attack targets inside Russia, but its allies are split on the issue.

French President Emmanuel Macron said Ukraine should be free to hit targets inside Russia in response to a direct threat of attack, wading into a debate that's dividing Kyiv's allies. 

"We have to allow [Ukrainians] to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired, but not other civilian or military targets. We're not being escalatory by doing this," he said on Tuesday, speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. 

Scholz was more cautious, saying that Ukraine's use of Western weapons "must always be within the framework of international law."

The two leaders' comments are part of a broader debate roiling Ukraine's Western allies.

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Hi guys! I'm having my first attempt at Immich (...and docker, since I'm at it). So I have successfully set it up (I think), and connected the phone and it started uploading. I have enabled foreground and background backup, and I have only chosen the camera album from my Pixel/GrapheneOS phone. Thing is, after a while (when the screen turns off for a while, even though the app is unrestricted in Android/GrapheneOS, or whenever changing apps...or whenever it feels like), the backup seems to start again from scratch, uploading again and again the first videos from the album (the latest ones, from a couple of days ago), and going its way until somewhere in December 2023...which is where at some point decides to go back and re-do May 2024. It's been doing this a bunch of times. I've seen mentioned a bunch of times that I should set client_max_body_size on nginx to something large like 5000MB. However in my case it's set to 0, which should read as unrestricted. It doesn't skip large videos of several hundreds megs, it does seem to go through the upload process...but then it keeps redoing them after a while.

Any idea what might be failing? Why does it keep restarting the backup? By the way, I took a screenshot of the backup a couple days ago, and both the backed up asset number and the remainder has kept the same since (total 2658, backup 179, remainder 2479). This is a couple of days now going through what I'd think is the same files over and over?

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Almost three-quarters of the recorded executions were carried out in Iran alone.

Human rights group Amnesty International said in a report released on Wednesday that 1,153 executions were recorded worldwide in 2023.

The figure represents a 30% increase when compared to the year before. 

The number of countries that carried out the executions was the lowest on record at 16, according to the UK-headquartered NGO.

"The lowest number of countries on record carried out the highest number of known executions in close to a decade," Amnesty said in its annual report on the death penalty and executions.

The human rights monitor attributed the "alarming” jump in executions to Iran, where numbers spiked nearly 50% when compared to 2022Iranian authorities executed at least 853 people last year, compared to 576 in 2022.

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The White House on Tuesday provided the most complete definition yet of what it considers a "major ground operation" in Rafah that could trigger a change in United States policy toward Israel, and said Israel's actions there have not yet reached that level.

"We have not seen them smash into Rafah - we have not seen them go in with large units, large numbers of troops in columns and formations in some sort of coordinated maneuver against multiple targets on the ground. That is a major ground operation. We have not seen that," White House national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at a briefing.

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Yes, this article is from 2024

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...when he will find himself standing in a hardware store confronted with a wall of bird feeding accessories. This is, I'm told, some kind of twisted coming of age thing. Up until now you've thought about two, maybe three birds in your entire life. Tops. But then, bang: Suddenly the topic of a bird feeder is vitally important. It's serious business.

There's a snag, though.

"What about this?" She'll ask. "It's so cute, like a little tiny house. And it's only $14.97!" It's not even sold yet and you can see it's already falling apart. The wood's split, and clearly nobody taught the children in that sweatshop how a square works. Or a clamp. There's a gold sticker on the bottom, half peeling off. It says 'Made In China.'

"Come on, I could make that in about 10 minutes with crap I have lying around my workshop."

"Yes, dear," your wife say, while patting your arm.

This is what 300,000 years of evolution has brought us. Countless generations worth of genetic fine-tuning, passed down through mitochondrial DNA, veritably ensured the delivery of that precise response. The woman has watched you rebuild transmissions, heft Labrador sized rocks over your head, and replaster the entire house. But this, this thing consisting of no more than five ratty planks of wood, elicits a sarcastic "yes, dear."

This is it, isn't it? Men, mars. Women, venus. Every single dumbass 1950's stand-up routine, distilled. It turns out it was all true. Well, part of it, anyway.

But some things are a matter of principle.

This is a bird feed suet cake holder I literally made out of offcuts and random crap I had lying around on my workbench, in ten minutes. Using nothing -- nothing, I say -- other than my compound miter saw and cordless drill. And a spot of wood filler, because there was a gnarly knot hole on the plank I wound up using on the top.

Parameters drafted: Zero. Measurements made: Zero. Components purchased: Zero. And spending $14.97 on a ramshackle piece of shit? Studiously avoided.

Anon is a samurai (sh.itjust.works)
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Flood water use (lemmy.world)
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Has anyone ever given any thought to trying to capture all the floodwaters that seem to be increasing lately, and moving them to the more drought affected areas?

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Climate change activists daub mega-yachts in Barcelona (www.mississippivalleypublishing.com)
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Vulgar (slrpnk.net)
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