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Nah, Trump doesn't live in New York, now a swing state, anymore. He lives in Florida, now firmly Republican.


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The Clintonite establishment insider that the DNC insisted on is stepping aside to help reduce the risk of a Trump presidency. That's exactly the opposite of what Hillary did in 2016.

Clintonite: a "it's still 1992 and always will be" and "the only way to win elections is to alienate two thirds of your own potential base to appease people who are almost but not quite voting for the other party" Dem who loves cops, hates the left, and thinks public protest should be allowed as long as AIPAC and their other owner donors don't mind.

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That and punting them across swamps

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Which is also the only thing Belgium and Mexico have in common, I bet 😁

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Hillary Clinton supporting a fellow Clintonite but NOT telling the press about it at every opportunity?

That's like a Premier League club releasing a statement to the press saying that they're not going to fire the current manager..

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Meanwhile, in Finland: Perkele, Yogi!

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The cat both has and hasn't knocked something breakable off a counter or table before you enter the room.

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Hamas has the power to stop

The power to stop Israel? The FUCK they do!

All they have to do is surrender and release the hostages

Bullshit. Netanyahu himself keeps saying that they'll not accept any deal that doesn't let them resume the genocide after getting the hostages back.

Hamas and the hostages are just pretenses covering for the fact that the fascist apartheid regime is hellbent on killing or displacing all Palestinians and erasing all traces of them ever existing in Gaza.

After that if Israel continues THEN it is a genocidal atrocity.

As I pointed out above, the intent is clear: the Israeli government wants to "eliminate Hamas" and considers every Palestinian a part of or at the very least in support of Hamas. Including the children.

It that's not enough for you to admit that it's a genocide, nothing will be.

Until then it is the intentional consequences of Hamas hiding behind children to protect themselves

Fun fact: the IDF uses Palestinian civilians as human shields much more often than Hamas does. Does that make any violence against Israeli civilians acceptable? Of course not!

Your double standards are showing.

The only reason Israel has the higher body count is Hamas uses mass civilian casualties to try and garner sympathy

No, Israel has killed over 100x as many because Israel has one of the biggest and most advanced military in the history of humanity whereas Hamas is a couple thousands of poorly armed terrorists and the real "enemy" the IDF is targeting is the Palestinian population at large.

and you're supporting that strategy

Classic Zionist bullshit. Not being pro-genocide like you doesn't mean that I'm pro-Hamas.

Whether Hamas is "trying to" make it so or not, it takes someone who's either heartless or completely blinded by Hasbara gaslighting to see 186,000+ die, most of them civilians, and not have sympathy for the civilians of Gaza.

Not Israel's fault.

That's the biggest lie you've told yet, which is saying a shitload.

Negotiating with terrorists is unethical.

So what you're saying is that Israel has to keep up the genocide? After all, it's not like they have anyone else to negotiate with than Hamas.

Be better. Or at the very least less credulous.

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I'm glad we finally managed to define "the right time" as 6:58-6:59 (can't really tell for sure from this angle) 😁


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The leader of a neo-Nazi extremist group based in eastern Europe has been charged with plotting to have an associate dress up as Santa Claus and hand out poisoned candy to Jewish children in New York City to sow terror, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Chkhikvishvili, who has various nicknames including Commander Butcher, allegedly leads the Maniac Murder Cult, which prosecutors said is an international extremist group that adheres to a “neo-Nazi accelerationist ideology and promotes violence and violent acts against racial minorities, the Jewish community and other groups it deems ‘undesirables.’ "


Because they're hauling ass!


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