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Coca cola

Google , except android.


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You proved that boingboing is not a trustworthy website. But it might be still interesting to speculate on why Trump didnt release the medical report (if he indeed, didnt release it)

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it is.. sorry you cant laught at tragedy anymore

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  1. It's a girl !!!
  2. Racial invaders10:05
  3. Ultimate consumer / capitalist18:33
  4. Communism / cold war22:25
  5. Spirituality vs nihilism29:20
  6. Aids / covid35:50
  7. Dangers / limits of science39:38
  8. Danger of denial47:00
  9. Power of the individual50:25
  10. Importance of responsibility53:52
  11. Tactical Intelligence56:33
  12. The great trust dilemma1:03:37
  13. An imitation world
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I wonder how you can spend 500 000$ on an Indonesian trip.. are those Indonesian dollars, or are they having coke and hooker every minutes?

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I find somehow telling that US got a black president before it get (if it even go there) a woman president

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good one! That must be an US aimed list

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something has value because it is sold for a lot? Seems weird. If I sell a turd for 2700$ the turd has "value". At what point did it get that value? when someone buy it, or the moment I put it on the shelf on my shop?

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If he got caught, the drone was probably really spying on him

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