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MacBook Air owner?

MacBook Air owner?

2018/2019 models are losing #Apple support.


#OptGreen with #GNU/#Linux to keep your device in use! These machines will run beautifully for many years to come.

Not only wallet friendly, #upcycling keeps CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. Ca. 75% of Apple's emissions comes from production alone (details in alt text).

Sustainable, independent #FreeSoftware: Better for users, best for the #environment.


#KDE #KDEEco #FOSS #OpenSource #MacBook

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Did you check the md5? If they were different, it could be anything (it doesn't imply modifications from massgrave either)

As for logic, bad actors would do anything. Even hijacking a server and replacing the ISOs of other hackers, or infiltrate the group and do so.

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Ah, docker-mailserver and delta.chat could also be great for your case!!

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E2E is complicated, if you self-host for a group, having TLS and encrypting data at rest (storage) may be enough. Get a threat model. That being said, I would recommend snikket.org which is a superset of extensions over XMPP which is the open source IM that was the base of almost every app out there. Matrix and Rocket are both alright too. Depends too on your resources, synapse requires too much RAM (or so I heard)

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Syncthing because it's p2p/ local-first. Meaning it's robust to interruptions.

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Great idea!!!

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Count me in. I am moderator of another communities here, no problem.

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Perhaps you can get better at encapsulation. To me, python is highly readable code (and therefore, predictable), specially when functions are properly named.

What were you working on?

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And if it weren't like that, we can also block connections with NetGuard ;)

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Perhaps an example with another function helps, but I will use a list of numbers (lists' syntax uses square brackets).

values = [1, 2, 3]
total = sum(values)
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It's like a subset of the utilities on it-tools.tech but other than that is a kind of a clone.

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Maybe you find it. But do keep in mind that FOSS projects tend to be smaller than commercial privacy nightmares. So, if you could live with the functionality being split across apps, it will be more feasible. It's also easier to maintain smaller apps, so there's many benefits overall..!

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Runner Up, on f-droid is great for measuring speed and the like. I assume you meant running and gps. Other sports (e.g. gym, weights or functional training) got other apps. I'm not logging anything, just use TimeR Machine for everything. As for the food, I have no experience but there are a couple of apps on F-droid like FitBook or SECUSO's food-tracker. Good luck!

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YAMS: Download music from Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube.

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Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Pëtr Kropotkin

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Humanity making progress like it always does

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PGSub - A Giant Archive of Subtitles For Everyone

I've been working on this subtitle archive project for some time. It is a Postgres database along with a CLI and API application allowing you to easily extract the subs you want. It is primarily intended for encoders or people with large libraries, but anyone can use it!

PGSub is composed from three dumps:

  • opensubtitles.org.Actually.Open.Edition.2022.07.25
  • Subscene V2 (prior to shutdown)
  • Gnome's Hut of Subs (as of 2024-04)

As such, it is a good resource for films and series up to around 2022.

Some stats (copied from README):

  • Out of 9,503,730 files originally obtained from dumps, 9,500,355 (99.96%) were inserted into the database.
  • Out of the 9,500,355 inserted, 8,389,369 (88.31%) are matched with a film or series.
  • There are 154,737 unique films or series represented, though note the lines get a bit hazy when considering TV movies, specials, and so forth. 133,780 are films, 20,957 are series.
  • 93 languages are represented, with a special '00' language indicating a .mks file with multiple languages present.
  • 55% of matched items have a FPS value present.

Once imported, the recommended way to access it is via the CLI application. The CLI and API can be compiled on Windows and Linux (and maybe Mac), and there also pre-built binaries available.

The database dump is distributed via torrent (if it doesn't work for you, let me know), which you can find in the repo. It is ~243 GiB compressed, and uses a little under 300 GiB of table space once imported.

For a limited time I will devote some resources to bug-fixing the applications, or perhaps adding some small QoL improvements. But, of course, you can always fork them or make or own if they don't suit you.

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Deceleration: Notes on anarchism and degrowth

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Tribler *arr integration

Hey selfhosters!

I recently discovered Tribler - anonymity focus torrent client. It made some rounds on hackernews and I'd never heard of it before.

I installed gui and was not impressed - it ran terribly on macos. However, I was able to test download and its anonymity features - it uses TOR inspired onion routing. I saw they had API available - and thought it would be perfect for my selfhosted *arr stack usage. However, *arr apps did not integrate tribler API (understandably, it's a niche client)

I dug in a bit and thought it would not be so difficult to create a shim that pretends to be some better integrated torrent client.

I picked qbittorrent.

You can check the link. I run it in docker. Add it to sonarr / radarr as qbittorrent client (username and password is irrelevant, as tribler shim integrates with tribler through API key) It's not the most secure approach - but managing torrents wihout authentication in my home network is an acceptable risk.

I was not able to download anything with more than 1 hops in between - ie it does hide your real IP address, but only uses one relay in between. It's not perfect, but seems to work as designed. I run my services mostly in Kubernetes, so there's likely something in my networking that. I will poke around more to see what could be the issue.

For now, the torrent management works through arr apps using the shim, however, the category is not implemented. Therefore, you can only use one category for both sonarr and radarr for example, and you will see downloads of both of those.

Best ship ever! (lemmy.world)
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4 panel comic by War and Peas. 1. Panel shows two pirates, the first pirate speaks "Captain, our rivals have been calling us names again." 2. Panel: The pirate continues, "They said we were a bunch of handicaps." 3. Panel: The captain himself says, "That's ableism! And we don't tolerate that kind of talk here". 4.Panel: The ship in full from afar waving a bunch of flags, such as the pride flag, the pirate skull-and-crossbones, the human rights flag, the trans flag and more.

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Chinese doctors treated an end-stage type 2 diabetic patient by implanting islet tissue derived in vitro from his own endoderm stem cells. The patient has been insulin-independent for 33 months.

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Cockpit shows some PCP metrics but Grafana is nicer and better suited for time-series data.

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