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Ironically if they did hire a white man to play The Little Mermaid, the hard right nutjobs would be screaming that it was part of a "woke trans agenda" to normalize crossdressing and eliminate the traditional American male from society lol

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Interestingly this statement is only presented completely without context. What role where they talking about? I'm sure Steven Miller wouldn't be satisfied until white men in blackface are playing every role in whatever it is they're talking about lol

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I hate to tell you, but even the shitty Choco Tacos were discontinued a few years ago

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Also Buffy is short for Elizabeth

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The Arby's Triple Cheese Melt. I think they stopped making it by the late 90s. Every once in a while it would show up again randomly and go away again a few weeks later but I don't think I've seen one since like 2005

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Also, Peggy is short for Margaret 🤯

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Wait until they find out that Billy is short for William

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The person who reported the case to police was under the impression that Gutierrez-Farfan was a licensed provider.

Right, because licensed medical providers so often practice healthcare out of an old drink cooler in the parking lot at the mall lol

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If you've never read it, you might like Gotham by Gaslight

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The original Nintendo Entertainment System that I played with from the mid 80s to the early 90s came out almost 41 years ago now sonny 👴

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I didn't even have any cash, I got a grant from the city for the initial payment


I never knew the 80s new wave version by Soft Cell was a cover lol


Apparently it's a regular occurrence


This is just what I keep on me when I'm at home being lazy lol

Guitar pick for scale

Flashlight: Nitecore TIP SE Knife: CobraTec Stinger

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I've been a Slayer fan for nearly 30 years now, and as a guitar player Kerry King has been one of my heroes since I was a teenager, so I went into this with high hopes.

I'm sure you've all heard some reviews already calling the whole project "Slayer Lite" and I can't completely disagree with that, but I really feel it's not entirely fair, and I will clarify that as I go through the good, the bad, and the "meh" of this album.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. This is mostly just a Slayer album. As much as I love Slayer I was really hoping for something more from this solo outing. The part that really kind of irritates me the most is that it's not even a cohesive Slayer album. Some tracks sound like modern Slayer, some like 90s Slayer when they flirted with nu metal, and my favorites sounded like classic 80s thrash era.

What we've ended up with sounds more like a collection of Slayer B-sides and unreleased tracks that goes on a little longer than it probably should. While they are all definitely good songs, there's really not much here I haven't heard before. The guitars sound like Slayer, the drums sound like Slayer, the bass sounds like Slayer, even the singer sounds like Tom Araya with a sore throat.

Wow, I really used the word "Slayer" a lot there...

That's really it for anything negative I can say about it, so let's move on to the positive!

There are a number of tracks on here where you can actually hear Kerry King very tentatively trying to step out of his comfort zone a little, and that kept me engaged enough to listen to the whole thing. Mostly these were little things that I think would have been vetoed on a regular Slayer release. There are some neoclassical riffs, a couple of tracks lean a little more punk which I really liked, I think I even heard a little blues lick here and there!

I wouldn't call any track on here bad! I enjoyed all of them individually even if they don't necessarily add up to something that sounds like an "album" as a whole! If you were really wanting more Slayer after the last album you won't be disappointed!

My final conclusion is that this is an album written by a man who has played the same type of music with the same band for 40+ years, and is not yet really sure how to branch out on his own. If he makes another one, and I hope he does, I'd like to hear him go completely off the deep end and play something totally unexpected that he always wanted to do but couldn't because it didn't sound "Slayer" enough.

My final grade is 3 inverted crucifixes out of 5



Once you see it you can never unsee it


I found some old negatives the last time I visited and this guy was in there!


Nowhere in my town has these anymore but I recently had to go out of town a few times and found more Harry Potter Kinder Eggs in a few stores way out in the country lol!

The only ones I don't have yet are Professor Trelawny, Luna Lovegood, and Cho Chang! I'm starting to think they don't actually exist lol


The only person laughing is usually the person who made the joke and it's generally just irritating to everyone else who just wants to get on with their day. I might feel differently if we like, got the day off work for April Fools Day I guess


For anyone who is unclear what this is, the circle on the back of the card is an actual tiny record, and when you put it in the machine it would play you a little bio about the baseball player on the card!

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