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I always found fiberglass to be one of the coolest materials and it's my understanding that it degrades very very slowly, I'm quite surprised by this.

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Just his name makes him a copy cat magnet tbh.

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This fits really well since Trump would make a great troll

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AGI is software with human like intelligence that can self-improve and the last two years is very measurable progress. We went from essentially nothing to multimodal models that can run on consumer hardware. OpenAIs new model, if they are to believed, is apparently much better at reasoning and can do long term research. I've also seen a few papers in the wild talking about self teaching methods and framework.

To be clear, I don't know which will come first. It's hard to know if the next leap is just a step or if there's a giant chasm laying infront. I do know that it's a lot easier to prototype with AI then fusion and there's a lot more people working on it, both behind closed doors and publically on the internet. Fusion doesn't have this advantage.

Your statement is basically a shot in the dark imo.

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And you base this on what? Both things are very hard to predict even for experts in the respective fields.

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My point is that it isn't charity. It's just a smart business decision that reduces their cost greatly and let's the community work for them for free. With all the licenses involved, I don't even think they can even add a charge.

If they could have built the same product but closed source, they would have.

I love FOSS and in the end this benefits he community, I just don't think that was the driving factor behind the decision and it doesn't excuse them bleeding dry developers and colluding with other store fronts.

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I completely agree with you. UBI is overall a good idea, I just think UBI alone won't be enough to properly deal with massive job loss and certain aspects of our economic systems are going to greatly reduce its impact. It's a very complicated problem and we have some serious decisions to make, it's further complicated by the fact that the best solutions will probably end up dealing a blow to the billionaire class and big corporations and they will most likely fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo.

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Less than 400 employees with 8500 million in revenue while the indie industry struggles backs it up.

The fact that Gaben is a multi billionaire backs it up.

No one becomes a billionaire through hard work, it's stolen wealth. Ask yourself if your arguments can be just as easily applied to bezos, it might give you some perspective on how insane it is to be defending Gaben and his ridiculously fat stack of cash.

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Instead of circle jerking it with your buddy, why don't you point out where I'm wrong.

To be clear these are my own opinions and I clearly think Epic Games should be regulated just like the other platforms.

I think all the platforms are predatory and taking advantage (except gog), it's you guys that are giving steam a free pass when they are at best slightly better than the others but still shit. I guess bootlicking is easy if steams marketing team convinces you it's in your best interest.

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Oh 100%, I'm just saying his use of the word is in no way wrong like half the comments seem to imply. Everyone knew exactly what he meant and the definition is in most dictionaries.

This seems to pop up everytime the word is used and it's a major pet peeve of mine.

My comment is only aimed at those that think third world only means the historical definition when that hasn't been the case for at least two decades. The word third world is almost always used to mean developing country in day to day conversation.

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My main fear is how this will affect renting and house ownership. Rents will probably go up as UBI comes into play and what's left won't be enough to save for any kind of down deposit. I doubt UBI will be enough for monthly mortgage payments in any case.

It's already very hard to move past the renting stage, I imagine it will be impossible once on UBI.

The cast would be comprised of land and business owners. Again, it's already almost the case, I just think UBI without careful considerations would amplify it.

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Maybe saying all dictionaries is a bit much, I only checked a few.


A bipartisan group of senators introduced a new bill to make it easier to authenticate and detect artificial intelligence-generated content and protect journalists and artists from having their work gobbled up by AI models without their permission.

The Content Origin Protection and Integrity from Edited and Deepfaked Media Act (COPIED Act) would direct the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to create standards and guidelines that help prove the origin of content and detect synthetic content, like through watermarking. It also directs the agency to create security measures to prevent tampering and requires AI tools for creative or journalistic content to let users attach information about their origin and prohibit that information from being removed. Under the bill, such content also could not be used to train AI models.

Content owners, including broadcasters, artists, and newspapers, could sue companies they believe used their materials without permission or tampered with authentication markers. State attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission could also enforce the bill, which its backers say prohibits anyone from “removing, disabling, or tampering with content provenance information” outside of an exception for some security research purposes.

(A copy of the bill is in he article, here is the important part imo:

Prohibits the use of “covered content” (digital representations of copyrighted works) with content provenance to either train an AI- /algorithm-based system or create synthetic content without the express, informed consent and adherence to the terms of use of such content, including compensation)

best app for lemmy? (
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The one I'm using is becoming so buggy to the point of being unusable. It was never really great tbh, what are most people using?

As an added question, are bookmarks associated with the lemmy account or the app?

Edit: I'm on android, currently using Jerboa.


I've just finished A Deepness in the Sky by Vernor Vinge. It was amazing and coincidentally my two last books where children of time(1 and 2) and (as to not spoil the reveal) a certain book involving spiders/crabs that live in high pressure environment.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the theme I have going on even if it was purely accidental, what would be some good recommendations involving sentient spider to pursue next?

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