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Is he going to grow into those ears?


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It's a marketing gimmick to make you want to go to theaters with proper sound.

TBF pre-THX many theaters had absolute shit sound, they threw a few speakers near the screen and called it a day.

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The original poster is talking about videos in general not memes.

The other thread was asking about memes.

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It's not subtitles, it's text instead of video.

As an "older" person, I much prefer one or two paragraphs I can skim in 30 seconds to a 5-10 minute video that is 95% fluff...

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If I'm healthy till I die, travel, spend time with dog/family, spend my retirement on hooker's and blow.

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Yeah, for all the shit people give US immigration laws. They're some of the lowest requirements of any modern country.

Most everywhere you need a college degree in a sought after field.

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Personal attacks, so sad. I mean it's not like you were attacking a tiny segment of the Christian faith several posts ago. Oh wait. Or pulling the Nazi card on some one who disagreed with you. Oh wait.

Your pathetic attempt to pivot means you lost. And your also blocked so I'll never see your posts good bye!

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It's not the cost of the panels, it's the cost of the structure to hold them. And the maintenance involved.

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This idea has been around 20 years...

The problem has always been cost.

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Turning at any speed will cause the front wheel to catch the air and flip side ways uncontrollably. Which probably would be an issue here but not one causing you to flip over the handle bars :p

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Tbf, he was mostly a figurehead, he was to stupid to think up most of that shit himself. Not that he isn't evil, just not an evil genius.


Is there anyway to "upscale" old 640-480 games?

Right now you either get a tiny box you can't see or a pixelated mess.

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