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Apple's next generation CarPlay allows auto manufacturers to license the OS | Don't look now but Apple is back to licensing an operating system after decades::undefined

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Nice edits there 😂

My point is you're using words that you clearly don't know the context of. You can say open this or that all day long, but you very clearly do not understand what QNX is, how it runs, or what it runs. You therefore don't understand the comment you replied to, which I explained for you in my reply, which you then replied with the some gibberish you don't understand, because you don't understand what an API is or where it should run.

Now, let's say some uniformity comes into existence by an ISO/ISSA or 20022 group that makes a generic framework of calls clients can make to control whatever in a car. Then automakers need to define the backend controls for direct hardware interfaces, which would not be universal since any car models will have different parts. The translation layer there needs to run on something directly connected to the car hardware. This is what QNX does. If there was a shift away from something like an RTOS as a controller mechanism, you'd still need whatever the control layer runs on to be able to directly interface with the hardware. You can just call something an API and then wave your hands around like you know what you're saying, but not understanding how it all fits together.

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My edits changed a few spellings/grammar. Where there was an addition, I used an "E:" tag.

No, you completely misunderstood my comments then said I don't understand.

It's you who isn't understanding. Trying to pull an umm ackshully☝️🤓 only to get it wrong.

My comments were very clear.

And I'm a full stack web developer who does bits on the side for various Linux-related projects. Yeah, I know what an API is.

Go feign intelligence to somebody else, I can't be bothered with this useless, unrelated chatter. It's not what I made my comment for.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 months ago

full stack

web developer

Pick one

But really, I actually work on automotive firmware and you're entirely correct.

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