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Yes, we all know condoms exist, thank you for your input.

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I see what you mean, but in my mind the chances of that would be so astronomically low that I personally wouldn't be put off by it. To me it's a bit like asking "what if the plane blows up?" or "what if the plane gets taken over by terrorists?"

Like yeah it's a possibility, but if the risk is low enough I'm still gonna go ahead with it for the convenience factor.

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I like Monaco, but only because I treat the Saturday as the real race.

Ideally I'd want the next set of regs to make the cars substantially smaller, though.

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Just had a look through and I have no clue what you're referring to

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Uhhh yeah of course it's a cash grab, it's a product from a for-profit business. They want to make money from it. Valve is trying to grab cash too.

And eh, the deck isn't better in all departments. It costs significantly more, it's far bulkier, you can't share your physical game cartridges with friends/family, the battery life is worse, couch gaming isn't as refined, detachable joycons are great, the switch is better at split screen gaming especially considering you don't need to buy any extra controllers to do it, etc.

I have a Switch and a Steam Deck, I've played on both for thousands of hours. They're both good devices.

Liking one doesn't mean you have to hate the other one. They're not even directly comparable. Sure they seem similar on the surface, but IMO they're pretty different devices with less overlap than you'd expect.

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Personally, as long as it's provably safe, I'm fine with it.

As far as I'm concerned, if my consciousness is intact, and my body is a carbon copy, that's me. I place more weight on my consciousness being me than those specific atoms being me.

Besides, we all shed all of our atoms and replace them with new ones dozens of times throughout our lives. So we've already died in that way, I guess? But then again, it doesn't happen all at once, it's more of a ~~Ship~~ Body of Theseus type of thing.

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Man if this is effective in both cost and a high efficacy rate, then I'm so down, assuming I don't experience awful side effects.

I had the unfortunate experience of a manipulative woman lying about using protection, and it led to me developing a fear of others doing the same. It severely effected my dating/sex life all through my 20s.

If either party (or both!) can take easily-attainable birth control, it'd be so much better than we have it now.

It's a shame that male birth control has been so much more difficult to develop, probably due to the male reproductive system not relying on a cycle that can be quite easily interrupted.

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No they don't lmao. Do you really believe that? That 1 in 4 people use cryptocurrency?

[-] [email protected] 1 points 1 day ago

You're not understanding. Real money isn't only numbers on a screen. It can be physical or not, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that it's universally backed and usable.

Crypto isn't. It's just numbers on a screen without the backing of government, business, or most people.

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That's not an existing node, but a proposed future one they're branding as 2nm.

Compare nodes that exist. Samsung is pretty far behind right now.

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I do have an AMD GPU. Because I wanted one that actually works properly lol.

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And all it took was state subsidies and slave labour.

Puts me in a weird position because car prices are insane, but I also don't want to support a genocidal regime using slave labour and is purposely undercutting foreign industries in order to kill them, with the long-term goal of ramping up prices and having the west be even more reliant on China.

We've seen from Germany/Russia that becoming dependent on a hostile state is a disaster waiting to happen.

I'll just stick to my ancient Octavia for the time being, thanks.

Happy Easter (
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