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I don't think he even knows what that means

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And yet...you're still wrong.

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Lol, you're a fool.

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The complaint is that there is no time to do anything different. She's not a bad candidate just because she's not checking all your boxes. She's a great candidate for this situation.

If you want to complain about your lack of options, time travel back about 60 years. Ther rest of us are living here right now.

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Guess what? You're wrong.

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And they're all incredibly unpopular for their insane behavior. Marjorie, Boebert, Gaetz...

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I fucking WISH he convicted of being a racist, but that is unfortunately not a crime.

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Right? These people are just fucking delightful, and had a solid conversation about tough differences in a very chill way.


Posting this because I really want Josh Johnson to reconvene this panel in the wake of today's news and see what they say.


Last I checked, Trump had no position in the government. Do we need another explicit law on the books to prevent non-representative collusion in the Senate? 🤦


Kind of not a ceasefire then...

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