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There’s nothing more offensive to people like that than a woman who, y’know, is a person

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Absolutely heartbreaking...

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Streetpass was one of the coolest features a portable device could have and they did it so well. It was always so exciting to see that little green light

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There's nothing 'mildly infuriating' about this -- this is full blown infuriating. Enraging.

Hope you find something better soon

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Love wins 🏳️‍🌈

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Kern County, California

Not going to lie, I 1000% assumed this was going to be some Florida Man Activity™

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Sleep Token - This place will become your tomb (2021) / This eden (2023)

Grim Salvo - MILDRED (2022)

Tame Impala - The Slow rush (2020)

Spiritbox - Eternal blue (2021)


Can I include EP’s? If so, Lorna Shore - ... And I return to nothingness (2021)

Black Tiger Sex Machine - Once upon a time in cyberworld (2022)

Apashe - Renaissance (2020)

Florence + The Machine - Dance fever (2022)

Hozier - Unreal unearth (2023)

I’m sure there’s more

It’s definitely survivorship bias and likely that the barrier for entry is a lot lower now, so only ‘better’ music would be made (ie record companies doing risk assessment and deciding what would be more likely to sell) / your average person can make music now relatively easily, which I suppose technically ‘dilutes’ the overall ‘quality’ of music today - take your pick

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For the last month I’ve been on an absolute tech binge on reading up and tinkering with hacking ps vitas and other general computer faffing about.

This has lead me to not only purchasing not one, but two ps vitas in the last month, and spending basically every waking hour reading documentation, looking up new homebrews and plugins, and actually working on getting these things implemented.

Additionally, carrying around a tiny baby console has reignited but also a impulse purchasing a new handheld gaming pc. Now I already have a fairly decent one, an aya neo 2021, so 16gb ram, a 4800u processor, 1tb storage, etc. This baby’s literally been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it, with the exception of Baldur’s Gate.

But now I’m really getting bothered by how heavy and big it is. So what do I do? I buy a GPD Win 4 on an impulse because it’s only a little bit larger than the vita, but has many many many pluses compared to my current pc (32gb ram, a 34% faster processor, 2tb storage, an on unit keyboard, a mini mouse trackpad, rear buttons (honestly one of the main things I miss about the xbox pro controller), etc). I’m still going to use the aya, I’ll set it up as a pseudo desktop of sorts probably, or use it when I do want that bigger screen.

But man I feel absolutely worn out from this. It’s been a ninth of just solid obsession and being unable to think about anything else. Not to mention the money I’ve spent that I really ought to be saving. And the worst part is I know there’s very little I can do to break out of it.

At least the comp I know im going to be using, the vita I think the fixation will die out once it’s all set up and configured... I think I enjoy the tinkering more than I will actually using it.

Does anyone else feel the same after a hyperfixation binge? It’s gotta be similar to stims making us tired right? Finally found something that releases the dopamine, and now it’s a tidal wave. Not to mention just the go go go go obsessive thinking 24/7. And it certainly doesn’t help that being so focused on this instead of literally everything else means I’ve missed my meds more times in the last few weeks than I have actually remembering them. Gotta love a self fulfilling prophesy eh?

Anyway, anyone else have a similar hyperfixation story they feel like sharing?

And I fully accept this is far too much to read lmao

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As a librarian myself, this is horrifying.

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4ish hours to get into the Catacombs in Paris. Not long by some of the other times mentioned here, but I got sunburnt pretty bad despite being in the shade a lot. Totally worth it though, it was really cool and my dad really wanted to see it

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Photo looks like it was taken on a plane of the chair screens too. In flight memes

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I mean people using libraries for the most part don’t really understand the decimal system and probably wouldn’t get the significance of it being in the 000s - especially the 000s where it’s sandwiched between computer science and knowledge structure & other general works. When I’m compelled to aquire a bs book in any category, simply because patron demand is high, I prefer it be in the same section as factual information so it may be drowned out a little more. (And I say aquire, instead of purchase, since those types of books I try to rent so they can be returned after it’s been taken out by those requesting it and it never makes its way into our full collection)

I do like the meme though! This format is pretty great and we do indeed need more librarian memes, I don’t mean to get all pedantic here haha

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Do you happen to work at a mid-sized paper company?

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