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This is just what I keep on me when I'm at home being lazy lol

Guitar pick for scale

Flashlight: Nitecore TIP SE Knife: CobraTec Stinger

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With the Milwaukee, you hold a button and flick your wrist to open/ close it. makes it easy to use with one hand. any knives with a regular blade that do this? thanks


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Howdy, I have a Zebra F701, and I love it. But there are plastic internals. I love the affordability, scratch resistance, and durability of steel for pens. I've used pens as door stops in an emergency before. I'd like a full steel pen.

What are some all steel pens to look out for?

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Having been forceably removed from the workforce I have been, as the godly call, blessed to become a Gentleman of Leisure. These are the indispensable tools of someone very hardily doing nothing that the capitalist class can find a way to make shilling from.

A top my diodrio journal cover is a cigar tube currently holding a Tabak Especial Negra. Below that left to right is a Stanley 4 in 1 pen screwdriver, a Speedball fountain pen, a Kimberly 4H pencil, a Tide To-go pen, A Streamlight Stylus Pro, a Wegner Swiss Army Cigar Cutter knife, and ow profile bluetooth headphones.

Behind all that is my wallet, some earplugs, and a guillotine cigar cutter.

on the right side is my Contemplatio covered in cigar labels.

Missing in the picture is my torch lighter.

Working on it (i.imgur.com)
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viperade ve18, zebra 701, Milwaukee fastback 6 in 1, guaze pad, bandaids, lightning write for iphone (not pictured) 3x5 cards, spare hook blade and mints. Working on making it better

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TactileTurn side click pen, Leatherman PS Style, Urban Carvers dice bead, Aroundsquare mkultra, aroundsquare zircuti Sigma begleri

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Apparently my cousin's best friend works marketing for Squid Industries and is Lucas's gf. So they sent me some stickers and some other goodies. Thanks Ashley!

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I wear hayanwa "fast rope" bracelets everyday, so I made them in different colors to coordinate with my outfits. These bracelets allow 6 yards of 95 Paracord to be quickly and easily deployed with a simple tug.

I was inspired by a video by MeZillch, but with some tweaks I came up with, most notably being a pre-tied handcuff loop for hojojutsu and an aglet to help thread the stopper knot.

ETA: This video shows how I fit 6 yards of cordage in the bracelet.

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Made a fix with my EDC duct tape


I came across this chair at my university that had its back falling off. It'll take a long time before it's properly fixed, or worse still, they'll toss it and replace the entire thing, so I wrapped some tape around and it's very solid now! That'll keep students happy for some time.

I have some duct tape folded around an old card in my wallet and used my victorinox knife to cut it.

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Ridge Wallet with cards and some cash

Ridge key case with keys and small pocket knife

Pixel Watch

Not pictured: Pixel 7, used to take the pic

Today's (UK) EDC (lemmy.world)
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iPhone 12 Mini; Wallet with Swisscard (probably my most-used thing), Sparrows Door tool, key, cash; Car fob; Olight 1R2 Pro; Compass; 6-in-1 adaptor. Watch not pictured (automatic).

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  1. Has ro be a backpack, no sling bags.

  2. I hate Velcro. Picks up hair, wears out. I want to buy this for life.

  3. No leather. Same as Velcro this bag will likely be abused and get wet a lot.

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All kept in my bag.

L to R:

Acetaminophen (math is hard), Car Keys, Leatherman Signal, Pixel Buds Pro, Generic leather wallet, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel Watch 1, Spare Pixel Watch Band for hikes.

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The Victorinox swiss army knife is simply the best pocket tool!


The more I look at alternatives, the more I realize, nothing can give you this much functionality in this small a package, while being so high quality and reasonably priced. Popular (machine-assembled) versions regularly go for $25.

The one caveat is that it falls behind modern knives in terms of safety and ease for opening/closing. I'd love to see a next-gen SAK without nail nicks. This model is the Mountaineer.

Machinist EDC (lemmy.world)
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Leatherman crunch paired with minichamp

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I need all this stuff.

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  1. An all-black LAMY Safari fountain pen filled with a mix of water, Platinum carbon black, and inkjet printer ink.
  2. A blank sheet of A4, folded in half three times.
  3. My passport.
  4. A fully loaded Secrid card carrier.
  5. A really nice rock. It has been in my pocket for a year. Don't think about it.
  6. A dumb watch. (Casio W-59. Very small, light as a feather. Green LED-backlight display. 50 metre water resist. Tough, within reason. Effectively infinite battery life.)
  7. A beta of the PinePhone Pro, equipped with dreemurrs archlinux.
  8. A USB drive containing all of my computers' boot partitions and Archiso.
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middle-aged IT generalist guy, United States. from left, lens cleaning cloth, REI 1L nalgene, handkerchief, coffee tumbler, ridge wallet, generic grid lined notebook, Leatherman Signal, Pilot G2 .07 pen, keys for work with included tiny flashlight, and phone case (Peak Design Mobile) to represent the phone (Pixel 7 Pro) used to take the photo.

not pictured: car/bike keys, as the wife has the car today and it was snowing so i didn't bike, and wristwatch because i forget, constantly, that i'm wearing it; it's just a part of me. generic Timex Weekender with a nylon strap. does nothing special but tells me the time, accurately, on a face i can read, even in the dark.

Multitool (lemmy.world)
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I carry a Leatherman Rebar when I know I'll need a few more tools in my pocket. It's only a few times a month but when I do it's indispensable.

The size is both small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket while be substantial enough to feel like a real tool. The tools I use the most are the pliers, Philips screw driver, and wire cutters.

This model locks the tools while they are open which I prefer but it lacks scissors, a replaceable bit driver and has, in my opinion, a light duty knife.

13 year old Zippo (lemmy.world)
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I've had this Zippo since early 2011. According to the markings it was made in August of 2010.

I don't always carry it but when I know I'm going to need a lighter it's what I use. I have other lighters around the house, for candles/starting the grill, but when I go out this one is in my pocket.

It was originally the matte black model but after more than a decade I decided to use acetone to remove the coating. It's now raw brass which I do like.

The only downside of this lighter is that the original insert will lose fluid over a few days. I did add a small piece of this plastic over the bottom of the insert to act as a gasket. It does improve the time it takes for the fluid to evaporate by about double.

I know there are flame and torch inserts but I prefer the simple mechanism of this. I've had other torch lighters in the past and they always seem to break. If something on this Zippo ever breaks I know I can repair it with a repair kit. I don't mind disposable lighters since they work well and serve a purpose but I enjoy the permanence of a Zippo.

Backpack recommendations? (sh.itjust.works)
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I’m looking for recommendations for a backpack that will be used for commuting to work. What I’m looking for would have one large compartment that I could put a shirt and a pair of pants in, a Bluetooth speaker, a large Contigo water bottle and maybe some miscellaneous stuff. I don’t want a hundred pockets and compartments (internal or external). All I seem to be able to find are laptop backpacks or hiking backpacks that are just too “busy” with features that would just get in the way or waste storage space. I really don’t want to have to resort to buying a laptop backpack and then cutting out all the internal compartments with a razor blade. That’s just dumb, and I worry that what’s left after cutting would start to fray and fall apart. Durability and and convenience are top priority but price isn’t a huge issue (within reason).


Update 1: Since there have been several positive comments re. JanSport bags… That’s what I’ve decided to try. I pulled the trigger on this bag. It’s a bit fancier (suede parts) than what I was originally planning but it ticks all the boxes. The fact that they have a Canadian store and free shipping is icing on the cake.

Update 2: Bag just arrived today. It’s nice, really nice. I almost feel bad about the abuse it’s going to take. The canvas is quite thick and has a very high quality feel to it. Same for the suede. Doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s just the right size for my needs. At first glance the external water bottle pocket looked too small to fit any kind of reusable bottles but I tried forcing it a bit and found it has a very strong elastic band that holds the pocket folded against the main body of the bag. We’ll see how long that elastic band holds up. The zippers feel nice but I don’t know what brand they are as they have a stylized “JS” on the zipper pulls. It does have a laptop sleeve that I was kinda hoping to avoid but the way they’ve done it is very nice. It’s a zippered full length pocket not accessible from within the main compartment. It’s kinda hidden between the top mounting points of the shoulder straps and the upper flap that covers the main compartment zipper. Overall I’m very happy with this bag and I think the price is about right for the quality of the materials and construction of the bag.

Thanks everyone for your input.

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I recently made myself a Midori inspired notebook. It's 5 oz veg tan leather that I dyed.

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Been wanting a prybar to go with my copper EDC stuff for a while but I was worried copper wouldn't be strong enough. Found this old wrench on ebay for $10 and modified it for my needs. Left one of the wrench jaws on there so there's two ways to use it as a prybar. The spike end is rounded enough to probably not tear through a pocket but tapered enough to splice rope or tighten knots. Ended up being 5 1/2" which is a nice size.

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1Tb backup disk, 512Gb Ventoy & tool disk, assortment of av/rescue/security usb's, usb adapters, sd/sim readers, 4€ screwdriver set, sim adapters, tools...

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From left to right and reasons why I carry it.

[Nixon Regulus] it has a timer, (which is really great for cycle times on the mill and you gotta use the can) 2 chronographs, 3 alarms and most importantly tells the time. The reason why I chose this watch is that I wanted a simple watch with a few feature and ABSOLUTELY DO NOT want a smartwatch because of privacy and how useless they are without a phone connected, I originally thought about buying a Casio gshock but wasn’t thrilled at how it looked, although I have heard some pretty crazy stories of them surviving.

[USB Toolkit] USB-C to USB-C cable (quick charging and data in a pinch)

USB-C to Lightning (for that one friend that insists on owning an iPhone)

USB-C to Micro (for them crusty old devices)

USB-C to A (for when USB c isn’t available)

USB-C male to USB-A Female (for when you need to plug something USB-C into USB A)

USB-C to micro SD card (for when you need to save a file or need a Linux live environment)

[Wallet] it was a gift, have no idea what brand it is, It’s made out of canvas and has a neat little pocket to hold my USB-C stuff.

[Leatherman skeletool] I have always like having a screwdriver and pliers multitool, I in the past carried a Gerber center drive and loved it. Except for how bulky and heavy it was, it also did not fit in my watch pocket/coin pocket. I also have used the Gerber Dime, which I really liked because of how pocketable it was. However, I used the pliers on it and it broke :/. So I settled on a Leatherman Skeletool, I don’t like it has proprietary bits, but it’s really lightweight and fits perfect in my coin pocket. The main reason I like having a pair of pliers in my pocket is at my job I do a lot of cutoffs and there are hot metal chips that make the pliers very useful when u need to move them

[Atom Tech Power Bank] it has 1 USB-C (in and out) 1 USB A port it’s 3000mAh which isn’t that big but I only use it for a hop up on charge as I rarely use my phone and my earbuds have big batteries

[extra mentions] I also have a pair of Sony xm3’s i daily for music and junk, and they work pretty well, and sound great. They are kinda big case and earbud wise, however I’m fine with some chunk.

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