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I made this community as a reaction to the July 4th general election taking place in the United Kingdoms, to mobilize my fellow comrades in the lead-up to the general elections, the group is party agnostic though there is an obvious bias due in part to my political affiliation but all leftest parties that fight for dignity and the working class are very much welcome.

By all means feel free to join where ever you may come from whether for information or solidarity.

In solidarity.


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They look like this ( . )( . )

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Oh yes I think selling a great idea!

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Yes and it sounds pretty good to me, although I'd draw the line at pegging 🫠

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Good question, and highly dependent. I think for the most part I'd move to being friends.

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Lol I like the latter more

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I'm a guy.

Question: on several intimate occasions with more than a few partners I have notice partners will cup my pecks..

It makes me feel self-conscious and would like to know why some of you cup pecks? 🫠

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I'm a fan of tight boxers, a cross between pants and boxers. (Pants) in uk are underwear.

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Trumps wearing nappies though.

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I sleep weird, on my side, top leg extended forward parallel to my torso and bent at the knee, and bottom leg straight as to follow my torso. My foot of my top leg is often positioned touching the upper part of my bottom leg as to make a triangle.

In maintaining this position I find my manhood is free, in failing this I often cup.

Reason why: its uncomfortable to have my privates sticking to my legs, or squished between my legs

Also I sleep nude might help explain the weirdness.

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Worrying. Anxiety sucks..

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Continuing as usual is defeat. The more votes for 3rd party the more broken the system will look, with this a campaign for real change could take place. Instead you want to bury your head in the sand.

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A few great talking points came up.

If your interested in voting for a socialist candidate in the elections then keep an eye out for TUSC candidates. Tusc is the trade union socialist coalition. Also there maybe other socialist standing, Corban being one.

If you are unaffiliated to a socialist party but would like to join a revolutionary party with plenty of active members across the country then feel free to contact me through DM or visit the hyper link. We are having a membership push with upcoming elections.


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Will I see any Lemmy comrades at the event?

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Account is two months old, picture downscaled to 499kb.

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Mine is insidious as it sounds cool and is apt in our modern world of fast news

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i avoid hype but as a massive fan of the original kcd and the honesty of this reveal, im hyped! wont be pre-ordering though, never pre-order its bad for the industry and consumers.

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Web browsers were very limited compared to today's offerings but still very extensive when compared to other applications. Now, browsers on desktop are at a point where they're equivalent to an OS in scope.

This frustrates me as it's led to stagnation, where very few companies can hold their position. Firefox can only keep up due to preexisting groundwork and the large amount of funding from Google. Chrome had billions thrown at it to quickly enter the market.

The thing that kills it the most for me is there is no way to fix the massive amount of effort needed for a web browser. It's extensive because it has to deal with thousands of situations: image rendering, video rendering, markup language support (HTML), CSS support, JavaScript support, HTML5 support, security features, tabbed browsing, bookmarking and history, search engine integration, cross-platform compatibility, performance optimisation, developer tools, accessibility features, privacy controls, codec support, to name a few.

Now, for my unpopular opinion: stripping back a general-purpose browser to its core, forcing web redesign, and modularising the browser. Rather than watching videos in the browser, an instance of VLC would be started where the video will be streamed. Instead of an integrated password manager and bookmarks, we have something akin to KeepassXC with better integration. Markup documents and articles automatically open in word processing applications. I know this idea seems wholly impossible now, but it often crosses my mind.

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I am going to request arch and the greater linux community replace xz with winrar.exe

This is a community effort.

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