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My father’s parents were told he would die when he had polio and was hospitalized. I wouldn’t be here if the doctors were right. My mother was a little girl when the vaccine was new. Antivaxxers piss me off.

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Both. I asked my father this in 2008. He said he thought things were worse than ever. I asked if maybe it'd always been this bad but technology made us more aware of how terrible things are. He was taken aback by that thought experiment.

Some years later, it's absolutely worse. Trump (in USA) showed that no one has to play by any rules to remain successful / powerful. Now repubs are mask-off terrible. But I'd also argue that their party had sanity in the past. Nixon gave us the EPA. That'd never happen now. From Reagan on they've been shit. Clinton was also shit. Obama didn't care, but he was eloquent. Dems sabotaged Bernie in 2020. There's no hope. Sorry, I didn't mean to be a downer.

And ads everywhere! It wasn't like this before. It's measurably worse even if it was already terrible.

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500? But I just woke up and I take sleeping pills so my brain might not be working.

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I say put a bullet in their head and stop their suffering. I'm anti-gun, fwiw.

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Put them on a raft and set them out to sea.

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I recently read an informative post about insects that suggested limited awareness. A grasshopper was eaten by a praying mantis. The comment suggested that the half that was still alive might not feel pain the way that we do as it continued to operate. I think this is what's being disputed to some degree (not the pain part, but that we're so different). I might be wrong. I'm not a biologist.

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As someone else mentioned, he considers Israel blameless for genocide.

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He spun a set at Treasure Island Music Festival. There was a sick track that he opened with that he later released free on his website. I sadly lost it and haven't been able to find it since.

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Not even for the poor. Just not for the mega-rich.

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This was the first post of the day when I opened lemmy. And it was the first to make me super satisfied with a big grin. Absolute joy. Love it! I’m not even gonna scroll cause I love this moment too much to ruin it. I’m gonna fuck off to watch some saved videos instead. Hat tip.

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I don’t give a fuck what Fetterhead thinks about anything anymore. He’s a prick.

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Many of us on the Left will vote for Biden because we're terrified of another Trump presidency but like to complain about how we resent having to do so. I want far more than dems give us. I want actual care for the people who make up our country. I know I'm not gettin' that, so I complain and vote for the less-bad of the two.

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I got a notification on my iPhone. I haven’t watched it yet because I’m charging my Vision Pro after not using it for a few weeks. The content is part of the Prehistoric Planet series. It’s noteworthy because Apple-related tech podcasts have been talking about the lack of additional content for the platform for a while.

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The motive for the alleged data manipulation is unknown.

The Chronicle notes that Memorial Hermann has seen increasing numbers of liver transplant candidates die or become too sick for a transplant while on the waitlist. According to federal data, in 2021, only four patients died or got too sick for a transplant while on the hospital's liver transplant waiting list. In 2022, the number increased to 11, and in 2023, it was 14. So far this year, there are five patients who have died or gotten too sick while waiting.

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No coherent strategy. X circles the drain. You gotta love it. Oh, Lonnie…

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Trump sorta faded from the limelight in 2021. He's everywhere now. How much of that is because of his multiple prosecutions?

Don't get me wrong, I think he should be imprisoned for treason. But if there hadn't been these cases against him, how likely would it be that he just fucked off into the sunset and didn't run for a second term? He might have run otherwise, but now he's kinda forced to (as though he wasn't a narcissist who craved attention – I'm not debating that).

Obviously, we can only speculate. But I'm curious what others think about this?

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Cuffed in the back of a van with no seatbelts. You can get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in your car.

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Advancing Web standards to empower individuals and groups.

Curious what others think of this? This was linked in Tim Berners-Lee's open letter on the state of the web at 35yrs.

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Influencer Adin Ross said he had one last chance to record content with Andrew Tate. A law firm says the comment tipped off U.K. authorities.

I am shocked that Andrew Tater-Tot would attempt to elude justice. Shocked, I tell you.

How fitting that a racist moron who he considers a friend inadvertently gave him away. Awesome with a side of good riddance.

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The pranksters claimed ‘mainstream media in the UK wouldn’t touch the story’ to get Mr Carlson’s attention

This article is somewhat disjointed, but still a fun idea.

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