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You can't make this shit up, lol.

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I don't, well, for a long time I didn't because it was a storage space issue. I've thrifted for movies and shows and put the discs in those big disc booklets that can be hard to carry. But at the same time they kept things in one place than having to play around with cases and whatnot.

However, I did decide a while ago that I will keep the cases for tv shows because I already filled up one big disc book. And now I'm deciding that for movies that I care about and would want the case for, they stay. Any movie that I don't care as much for, they get stored in the disc book and the case is donated.

That's another thing too is I was stupid to throw away the cases, knowing better that some places or people could actually use them. Worse off with the art cover included, which people could use that. Not anymore.

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They are populated by a lot of misogynistic and sexually frustrated guys trying so hard to overcompensate what little manliness they think they have. The kind that think it's OKAY for THEM to cheat but not the other way around.

There was a dude from TikTok recently that's going to get sentenced for life for murdering his wife and someone she was seeing. His reason? He tried using provocation and his emotional instability as the reason. Like, fuck you dude, you're insecure and you didn't use your brain power to divorce and dump her but instead you got to go and kill her?

Now imagine that shit amplified if Republicans or Trump get into office. Women left and right would not only be imprisoned in relationships or even marriages to guys that presumably lied about themselves to get their way with these women. But now guys would have practical immunity if they even think the woman they're dating with is cheating to kill them.

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This is a very softball question, it is not being asked for some legitimate purpose.

It's mainly asked as a platform of sorts that serves by being asked so people can answer in the form of reasons for why we loathe advertisements and commercials in general.

My answer is that we don't like to be marketed to, especially from companies of which we don't have a single ounce of interest of doing business with. "BUY! SUBSCRIBE! BUY! SUBSCRIBE!" is regularly chanted loudly from any company that pours millions down the drain to make 10 second ~ 1 minute ads of dramatic theatrics of a product we can live without.

And a lot of their 'research' or lack thereof, of their product is obviously fabricated to get people to buy. That's the primary goal, is to get people to buy or subscribe by any means necessary.

Makes me wonder a lot of the time, why we aren't attacking marketers and salespeople more often. I swear if we all focused on a week or a month by breaking the kneecaps of any salesperson or marketing agent while tormenting their families through harassment because of all of the years they've harassed us and fucked with us by relentless advertising.

I bet this shit would slow the fuck down.

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He isn't even going to be a good independent. Guy doesn't know what in the middle even is. Just a soft conservative in denial.

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Their daily routine consists of this:

  • Wake up

  • Drink Coffee

  • Proceed to bash head with a mallet at least 7 times

  • Proceed with the rest of your day, repeat additional bashings to the head 3 more times if you have "the itches" that constitutes things that are called thoughts.

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We've tried for years to tell them, without political sway or swagger, that the direction they're going in with this poor excuse of a 'man' is devastating them inward and outward. The laundry list of evidence is there.

But all that they're going to do is yell at us about how we're a part of Deep State, our news is 'FAKE', our findings are from sources distrusted by them. That because we're smarter than them by being informed, their insecurity levels will reach all time highs and we'll be threatened against through use of force by their choice.

These are really the kinds of people that just has to learn the hard way. They're the kind of people that stay behind during tornadoes and hurricanes as they all go "wow...that's amazing" as everything is destroyed around them and they're at high risk of being taken along for a painful ride.

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Fuck them. It's their choice. This conman will sell them all out again when he gets the chance.

This voterbase of his are living in an entire universe of their own from ours. They've been convinced that any negative that happens, is "winning" against their opposers. The easily duped. The mislead. The fools. They know not any better even in the face of reason and logic. Even as their friends and family have died, gotten jailed or been fucked over by the very party they continue voting for who lied to them about how they were going to "make this country great again".

So at this point, these people are systematically committing suicide by political association.

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It's already started over in Twitter. MAGA Cultists are already thinking that America has 'died' lol.

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Majority of the shit that they're touting as 'new', have already been done in past Windows OSes.

Widgets? Vista did that. Touchscreen? Windows 8 did that. Search? Really, fucking search? All Windows OSes did that. Paint? Are they fucking serious?

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Same. I'm looking around at the KBin instance and it's in bad shape, some of the communities are in. The admin is MIA due to IRL issues with health so he can't be around to help. Moderators are abandoning already weakened communities that are now stuffed with bots and spam content.

The only real lively community is over in Lemmy's instances. But, the Fediverse still yet has a long ways to go, it needs more maturity as an alternative and needs more time to gather membership that'll hopefully be comparable to reddit's but not in quantity but quality.

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Don't you fucking disregard Paint...

NOBODY ignores Paint.

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Hm, glad I was informed that my Twitch account was deleted a week ago.

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looks at RES in hopes they have much longer

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Gamers like to make it sound like $70 is a new thing today for video games. When, I've seen adverts of games back in late 90s and early 90s that were priced $70. It's always been around so I find it ridiculous that so many of them complain that the pricing is too high when, it's been a thing.

Even more dumb is that sales are stupidly frequent so why even bother trying to pay $70 anyways besides FOMO.

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This week on the campaign trail, Donald Trump suggested he was open to restricting birth control or allowing states to do so. He later walked it back on Truth Social, saying he will “never advocate imposing restrictions on birth control.” President Biden and Trump are proposing vastly different visions for reproductive rights and healthcare. White House Correspondent Laura Barrón-López reports.

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Stocks, Investing, Gambling, Bitcoin .etc

Look, I'm not a fucking broker or a hustler, okay? I don't care that you keep running around telling me or others to go waste our time and money to put into markets that can be incredibly unpredictable. It is all about luck, chance and risk. Things most wouldn't want to put themselves on the line over even if they were down next to nothing. They'd rather buy lottery tickets.

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I'd go back to the 1970s, the dawning of personal computer growth in it's beginnings. I'd take every single idea and patent from today and collect them all in a multiple series of binders. I would spend weeks holed up in some apartment, jotting notes, re-directing credits to me.

I would be the founding father of hundreds of technological inventions, way before they were even thought up. Flash Drives? My idea. Compact Discs? My idea. SSDs? My idea.

Everything will be my idea and I'll be biding my time, pitching ideas and profiting off of the patents that I sell and my ideas alone, with little to no work involved. By the turn of the 2000s, I'll be unfathomably recognized and wealthy.

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As I've gotten older as a player, I have found myself dropping some eras of gaming that I used to be nostalgic for. One of them is the 8-bit era, the NES days. I have played some of the best that system had to offer and I will never say that system didn't have any good games.

I've just fallen out of fashion with it because maybe it's in part that nearly all of the video game-based content I watch and find, tend to orbit a little around 8-bit too much. Most of the time it's because content creators were born in that era and no arguments can be made.

But I've grown exhausted from the oversaturation and sometimes over-glorified favoritism of 8-bit that I just have difficulty revisiting again. I've forgotten to mention how many indie games lean hard on the 8-bit aesthetic.

Another era of gaming that I am also finding myself falling out of favor for is 16 bit. This applies to consoles more than anything that was made in 16 bit. Having a hard time revisiting that era for some of the same reasons.

I'm more of a 6th Gen/Arcade player type.

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Mine is nostalgia. That's literally my copium drug and it really is strong some days. It's not that I sit here everyday and never move on to newer things, I do sometimes embrace new things and realize there's more out there than what I have.

It's just, there's an online radio show I still listen to, to this day and it's episodes are like 17 years old and been out of syndication for a good long while now with no hope of returning. It's like my time capsule that opens up so much in my mind, so many memories, so many what-ifs to think about, bringing me back to where things were in that time period .etc

And it's something I just don't think I'll ever let go because as much as I've tried to find a place in this awfully trashed world, I'm always winding back at square one because either I'm incompatible or it is incompatible with me.

I just want to go back to the 2000s and do it all over again and meet who I know now just to see how things could've gone if we've all met earlier.

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My pick is Five Finger Death Punch and the obvious answer is Ivan Moody. The guy radiates that alpha-male wannabe energy and it definitely rings through all of the songs he has written and performed with this band. The guy is just a prick and a self-victimizing asshole.

I think he's the primary reason FFDP is mocked so badly.

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I use ProtonMail as my primary e-mail client. For some reason, I cannot get to ProtonMail to verify an e-mail that I used to register elsewhere. I keep getting the hourglass on Firefox. So I go a try Chrome and it's the same deal.

Of all of the browsers, Microsoft Edge immediately got me there whereas before hand, Firefox didn't have a problem. But it seems like today, it decided to shit the bed as well as Chrome on getting me to a place I regularly log into every day of the week.

I don't get it and it's stupidly frustrating at times. This is applicable for when things you've used for so long just stop working.

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For example, I sometimes do want to vote for Trump. Not because I like the man. Not because I find him as a credible leader, in fact, he's a murderer in my eyes by negligence because of his handling of the 2020 COVID Pandemic.

But I want to vote for him because of all of the collective amount of stupidity I see society spiraling into and almost at a stunning level of complacency. We complain more than we do. We nitpick and cherry pick anything from anyone that isn't warranted and make a big deal of it like someone's post on social media.

We continue feeding into the things we cry about being bad. Just so much fucking stupidity at competing levels that challenges the previous record.

And I want to vote for someone who is as destructive as Trump, as a means of just punishment because of this. It's like, society doesn't learn as much as it should, so fuck you, have another 4 years of this asshole and this next set will most likely be the kind where we'll see irreversible damage.

All because of society's obliviousness and idiocy.

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