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He’s not saying “I wish someone would go out and kill Trump”, it’s “if a bullet was already flying towards Trump I wish it had hit him, especially instead of a random crowd member behind him”.

He said "don’t miss Trump next time".

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The "sovereign citizen" in Russia seem to believe that they are citizens of the Soviet Union, funnily enough:

A Russian movement of conspiracy theorists, known among other names as the Union of Slavic Forces of Russia (Soyuz slavyanskikh sil Rusi), or more informally as "Soviet Citizens", holds that the Soviet Union still exists de jure and that the current Russian government and legislation are thus illegitimate. One of its beliefs is that the government of the Russian Federation is an offshore company through which the United States illegally controls the country.


Every country seems to have their share of those crackpots. In Germany they think pretty much the same, except it's the Reich (the WW1 one) that's still totally real.

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Depends, "creepy" has been so over-used in some circles that it can mean anything someone doesn't find attractive. Like being a bit weird.

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And, after the rebranding: "Someone looked at your BONTO! profile! Want to know who? Get BONTO! Premium and send them a BONTO!-Gram! Remember, this could be the beginning of something wonderful! Get it now for only $9,99 (first 6 months, conditions apply)!"

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"You have 17 messages in your Slorp-box! Click here to log in"

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German-language media says that she claims to not have known that she was pregnant, her Internet search history showed she likely did. Defense said that she was traumatized and had suppressed that she knew. Psychiatric evaluation says she was fully accountable. It's kinda obvious that there was something very wrong going on, though.


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Never left school, mentally and physically.

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Brother, you get a bunch of nerds into any subculture and it’ll turn sexual fast. I’m sure there were plenty of spock eared sex parties.

Case in point:

It is commonly believed that slash fan fiction originated during the late 1960s, within the Star Trek: The Original Series fan fiction fandom, starting with "Kirk/Spock" stories generally authored by female fans of the series and distributed privately among friends. The name arises from the use of the slash symbol (/) in mentions in the late '70s of K/S (meaning stories where Kirk and Spock had a romantic [and often sexual] relationship)

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For real though, containerization isn't the only way to separate applications from each other but totally fine, it's the "It works on my machine, so here's my machine" mentality that doesn't fill me with confidence. I've seen too much barely-working jank in containers that probably only get updated when a new version of the containerized application itself is released.

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If only Mythbusters was still on air...

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So it's like RMS and PMP for speakers. 600 W¹

¹ Briefly, before it blows up

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It's never too late, especially if you can combine the two!

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