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Assuming "hast" is supposed to be "heat" and "dinner" is supposed to be "summer," then yep... I'm starting to wonder when we'll see people literally fleeing north to save their lives.

Texas is becoming uninhabitable.

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Stop using Xitter, people. Let it die.

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That's where my optimism lies, too. The kids, by and large, are all right, and it's high time we let them have their turn running things.

I just hope that we have democracy at all after November.

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Perhaps it would make more sense to describe it as an intentionally mistaken understanding.

We've been a fragile, fractured country since that day. Al Qaida - and Saudi Arabia - did us lasting, potentially terminal, damage.

In 2001 before 9/11, George W. Bush was clearly going to be a one-term failure of a president, a mistake of the electoral college brought about by complacency, never to be repeated. He would get the boot, be replaced by a better and more competent president in 2005, and that would be that. No Patriot Act. No Department of Homeland Security. No TSA security theater. No war against Iraq, no formation of ISIS, and likely no Tea Party, let alone the travesty that was four years of Donald Trump.

Saudi Arabia may have actually dealt the killing blow to this country, causing the ongoing, slow-motion disaster in politics we see today.

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The party of personal freedom, everyone!

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No it doesn't. (My PC runs Linux.)

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I'm not. He has a clean bill of health from his medical team, and of the two serious candidates running, he's not the one whose doctors had him take a cognitive assessment.

Again, let it go. Biden doesn't have a family history of dementia, and it's unlikely he's going to develop it before he dies. Stop trying to turn misstatements into a diagnosis, Dr. Lemmy.

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He was Vice President for eight years. He's been President for less than four. Sometimes, I accidentally refer to myself as a support engineer, even though I haven't been one for years, because I was one for a long time. Misstatements happen - especially when you're talking about a guy with a stutter and a history of talking before his brain has caught up.

Let it go, guys. The "he's got dementia" shit didn't land in 2020, and it's not gonna land now.

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I asked for a description of the video and its content, and the OP refused to actually answer.

I'll watch the video if you'll confirm it's not an attempt to attack CRISPR technology.

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Yeah, but, y'see, actual Idaho kinda sucks. They want the benefits of being in a blue state while complaining about it.

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The Republican claim on hard-nosed, reality-based reasoning is just so astoundingly mendacious. I find myself legitimately perplexed over the whole thing.

I mean, the guys who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, trickle-down economics work, ectopic pregnancies are a gift from God and mustn't be stopped, vaccines are poisonous, life doesn't evolve, and Donald Trump was a good president are the down-to-Earth realists? Is this performance art of some kind?

How do people like that survive to adulthood?

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Some context:

Former Trump White House Communications Director Michael Dubke suggested on CNN Tuesday that Trump had mobilized his allies and proxies to the courthouse in an effort to “get around the gag order” imposed on him by Judge Merchan.

Yep. He's trying to violate the gag order indirectly. Unfortunately for him, the gag order specifically includes attempting to have surrogates violate the order on his behalf.

I suspect there's another gag order hearing incoming.

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This is what a DOJ that hasn't been twisted by political bias looks like. It doesn't matter that Cuellar is a Democrat. If he did the crime (and he's innocent until proven guilty), he should do the time.

Republicans: Take note.

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The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments on Trump's claim of "absolute immunity." Several news organizations are carrying the arguments live (including the linked article). You can also listen on several YouTube channels, including:

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Donald Trump’s valet Walt Nauta was told that if he was charged with lying to the FBI, the former president would pardon him when he won a second term in 2024, according to notes from an interview with a witness in the federal classified documents investigation.

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Those calls came after numerous media outlets reported potentially identifying biographical information about the woman, including her job and the neighborhood she called home. Fox News Jesse Watters highlighted the juror's details while reading through public pool notes about the selected members. "This nurse scares me if I'm Trump," Watters said.

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I've just finally contracted it for the first time. I'm vaxxed and multiple-times-boosted, so it's not that bad...

But it's still pretty fucking miserable. Ugh. The paxlovid seems to be helping some, but in return it's giving me the most horrendous taste in my mouth. Like a battery fucked a lemon in there.

What worked for you when you caught it, lemmings?

Edit: Holy cats, you guys came through! Thank you all for your various recommendations. The gist of it seems to be:

  • Definitely stay on the paxlovid (and use pineapple to deal with the awful taste in my mouth that's a side-effect).
  • Rest. Fucking REST! Do not, under any circumstances, stop resting until it's run its course. (Fortunately already doing that, since I've been feeling half-past dead.)
  • Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and mucinex are my dear, sweet friends. (I'm already a big fan of mucinex, so I have some already.)
  • Drink a lot of water. (I have a comically oversized cup I've been using for that.)

And I gotta say... Now, as the end of the day approaches, I think I might, just maybe, be feeling a tad better. Thank you all!

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Florida venture capitalist Michael Shvartsman and his brother Gerald Shvartsman pleaded guilty on Wednesday to participating in an insider trading scheme linked to the blockbuster deal that brought former President Donald Trump’s social media business public.

Each of the brothers pleaded guilty in New York to one count of securities fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, according to federal prosecutors.

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This is happening right now.

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Wow, someone actually finally managed to force Trump to pay a bill.

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