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First I didn't know what was wrong, only saw the cyrillic version. Then I noticed they transcribed it back to Latin in a different way to the original - that's mindblowing! I also kinda read it as bud ape shit.

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Depends on the context.

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This one made my day. And I'm glad I scrolled back to find the coincidental poetry mentioned below and noticed the username 😆

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OP says girls want it.

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Yes, and a very beautiful one.

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I do boil coffee. One of us might be a coffee preparation purist.

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As a bean purist, I have to disagree. (My puristic view: a bean can only come from a legume.) It's a one bean soup.

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Even the Twin Peaks lodge, right?

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What's wrong with possums?

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You don't pay a plumber every single time you use his work 15 yrs after his death.

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They kind of taste like butter to me. It's a mild flavour, but nice.

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I was really hoping this was about electricity and I'm not disappointed.

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