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I agree that the truck industry needs to change (I know a few career truck drivers who have shared their experiences), but this was not a case of improper training, or even fatigue.

There were so many warnings for the driver leading up to the intersection. He didn't even try to stop.

Only he knows what happened, but the court documents have listed perfect driving conditions, ample warnings, and squarely puts blame on the driver.

This was beyond tragic and completely avoidable.

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This wasn't caused by a lack of training, though.

He sped through an intersection with an oversized stop signs at it, which featuring a flashing light, without even trying to stop. (Source)

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They should arrive on Tuesday, and I'll have them installed the minute they get here!

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I ordered a pair of Pedaling innovations Catalyst flat pedals - they are very long and designed so the pedal axel is in the middle of your foot. I haven't used them yet, but I've found a LOT of foot relief by riding with my mid-foot, even on flat pedals that aren't large enough to do that optimally.

Generally speaking, most flat pedals work for me, but on very long 100km+ rides, I get hot foot, general foot pain, and don't enjoy it as much as I should. I'm hoping the Catalyst pedals solve this problem.

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Edge was a bit choppy when zooming in, but nothing bad when panning…

That's interesting. Edge (and Opera) in G Earth are 100% smooth at my monitor's max refresh rate (60 fps).

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Thanks for that. I've got a Framework laptop, and just looking at their support community, it seems like Firefox has not been playing well for quite a few people, with many citing "choppy" performance, so I'll have a look what they've discovered.

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Prior to the Liberals coming to power Ottawa was responsible for about seven per cent of the money spent on reducing homelessness, a number that rose only to 14 per cent with all the new money. Most of the money spent on reducing homelessness was spent by provincial and municipal governments.

This is the most important take away.

The Liberal government doubled their funding, but it's the provinces and municipalities who are responsible for spending it in ways that help the homeless.

Any failings are on them, and the headline makes it seem like Liberals are at fault.

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I have run both Google Earth and Google Maps in Firefox on Windows since forever and it has allways been fine.

Yes, they both work (no issues with Gmaps from what I recall), but try Google Earth on Edge and tell me if it's any smoother. To me, it's so dramatic that you simply can't ignore it.

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Yes, GPU is active and even confirmed through the Windows Task Manager. I've added more details to my OP.

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I've confirmed that the GPU is being used (through Firefox and through the Windows Task Manager). On a fresh FF profile, I'm getting the same slow performance out of Google Earth.

I'm putting more details in my OP.

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I know, I've tried Linux. Many times. I tend to break linux without any way for me to fix it. So I always come back to Windows.

It's like an abusive relationship that I can't leave. LOL

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You can check if hardware acceleration is working by going to “about:support” and checking the “composite” line. If it says Web Render (without software written there in brackets) it’s hardware accelerated. I

It does say "Compositing WebRender".

I'm going to try a fresh profile to see if that happens. I do have the same issue on multiple PCs (all windows), so I must be doing something that's creating this issue on all my installs.

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This has been bothering me long enough that I figured I'd check to see if anyone else is having the same issue, and more importantly, if there's a fix.

Some websites, like Google Earth or various weather radar sites get so slow that they are unusable in Firefox.

When I load the same sites in Edge, it's blazing fast, as I'd expect.

Even Librewolf chugs on these sites.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: First, thanks for all the input, guys.

I wanted to say that I've tried a fresh FF profile, and the same slowness happens in Google Earth.

I also confirmed that hardware acceleration is enabled.

This problem isn't on all websites. For example, playing actually gives a higher framerate on FF than it does on Edge. So it seems to be that certain websites just suck ass.

Some of you have said that Google Earth on FF works perfectly fine... on linux. At least it seems not to be a FF problem. LOL

EDIT: Opera browser is just as smooth as Edge with G Earth.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION?? Ok, so even though I was able to confirm that hardware acceleration was enabled, and the GPU was active while using FF, and the about:support showed that webrender was enabled, I noticed that on about:config the gfx.webrender.all setting was set to false.

So, I enabled it, and tried again. Google Earth seems much smoother (not as good as edge, but better than before), and Tube Archivist no longer seems to freeze while a video is being played.

Could this be the reason for my issues? If so, why was this option set to false by default?

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Now that summer is almost here, I'm looking for better ways to protect myself from the sun. I generally dislike sunscreen, but I do wear it while riding.

The helmet visor "Da Brim" (website) caught my attention. Since I wear a huge-ass sombrero-style hat when I'm off the bike, I'm fine with the way Da Brim looks.

For context, some of my summer rides might have me in 8-10+ hours of sun, which isn't good, even with sunscreen on. If Da Brim can make the experience more tolerable, I'm in!

I'm curious to hear from anyone who has one, and what their experience has been.

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I've tried a few jellyfin plugins that are supposed to sync metadata and thumbnails from tube archivist, but it's just not working right.

I can see some thumbnails, but then the titles are just random gibberish. Or the titles somewhat work, but no thumbnails.

Any secret I'm missing?

Both are running in docker containers on a synology nas.

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PICKERINGTON, Ohio (April 26, 2024) — In the wake of the most recent tragedy involving a fatal collision between a Tesla vehicle in autopilot mode and a motorcyclist in Washington state, the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) once again urges the Department of Transportation (DOT) to strengthen Automated Driving System (ADS) regulations.

“Many autonomous vehicles on the road today have not been proven to detect all other road users in all situations before they have been allowed to be used on the road,” Dingman added. “Motorcyclists should not be used as guinea pigs for autonomous vehicle manufacturers. The continued allowance of untested autonomous vehicles on our nation’s roadways is unacceptable. The time for action is now!”

To add to that, you should see how these "accident avoidance systems" plow through dummies during tests. You'd have to have been paid off to allow these vehicles on public roads!

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So, I've had a Raspberry Pi 4 sitting brand new in a box for a few years, and decided to install BirdNetPi on it yesterday.

It's working like a champ, but because BirdNetPi needed a legacy version of Raspian, it's got old software on it.

Is there any way to update the software (i.e. RealVNC) without updating the OS? There is no built-in software updater, and I seem to very easily break Linux every time I make an attempt to use it. LOL

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I can see far too many privacy issues with copy and pasting text into a website, and/or registering an account which will keep a history of the text checked.

Are there any services available that are noted for being private?

For context, I'm using uBlacklist to manually block website that use AI generated content.

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Should I also tip the delivery driver, and the person who made the product?

submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

The literal paperwork involved with not getting paperwork is a little much these days!

submitted 2 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

The United States seems to always have disproportionately high rates of things that kill people compared to other developed nations. 🤔

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Hey guys. I'm curious about this type of scenario, because I see two ways of approaching it and neither seems like the best way.

Legend for the photo: MUP = multiuse path; SW = sidewalk; BL = bike lane (sharrows, but it turns to a bike lane).

Assuming you were on the MUP going north, and wanted to turn onto the bike lane heading west.

What's the best/safest/legal way to do this?

A. Use the crosswalk (not a crossride, so you'd need to get off your bike and walk) and position yourself on the lane facing west?

B. Turn from the MUP straight into the bike lane on a green? This would mean going across two lanes.

C. Position on the left turn lane of the road, and make the left turn from that lane? Cars turning right don't make this easy or safe.

For context, there is a bus route going south to north, and this particular road has a lot of speeders. What I'd think would be safe, usually isn't.

If this were an intersection with cyclists in mind, it would have a large green box for cyclists to move into to make the turn safely. In that case, I'd think C would be the most ideal. But without that, what's the next best?

I tend to choose A at this particular intersection, but that's nearly gotten me run over by people turning left from the north side.


EDIT: Thank you for all the input, guys. I will stick with "A" (which is a Copenhagen left turn), and will suggest to my city to add a proper green painted bike box at this intersection for cyclists to safely make these turns.

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Any time saved by ordering online and picking up the order has vanished chasing customer support people to fix something that would have taken a few seconds through their website.

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Went to order some cat treats and saw that I could get a 25% discount when I sign up for Amazon's subscribe feature.

So I clicked on it and the total in my cart didn't reflect a 25% discount.

When I went back to see what was up, I noticed that the discount went down to 5%.

Unclicking the box will show a 25% discount again...

UPDATE: A commenter mentioned that the text reads "up to 25%", so I went to a different item, added it to my cart and got:

But clicking on that checkbox also brings it back down to 5%.

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