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Last weeks thread here

Welcome to this week’s casual kōrero thread!

This post will be pinned in this community so you can always find it, and will stay for about a week until replaced by the next one.

It’s for talking about anything that might not justify a full post. For example:

  • Something interesting that happened to you
  • Something humourous that happened to you
  • Something frustrating that happened to you
  • A quick question
  • A request for recommendations
  • Pictures of your pet
  • A picture of a cloud that kind of looks like an elephant
  • Anything else, there are no rules (except the rule)

So how’s it going?


Hi all!

TL;DR: If you're reading this, please fill in the Census survey.

I have indicated in the past that I would like to do an instance census in the same manner as does. You can see the results of their survey here.

I have used similar questions and answers for much of the survey as I think it would be good to be able to compare between the instances. I have also made some changes based on their comments in the post, and have added other questions.

None of the questions are mandatory, so just answer what you are comfortable answering. I expect to leave this open for a while and have some reminders to make sure we get as many responses as possible. I'll do a results post once the results are in and I have had a chance to analyse them.

I am hoping to do this on an annual basis, with some tweaks but largely keeping it the same to allow for watching the trends.

Thanks for your participation!

Answer the Census survey


See previous post for context.

If you'd like to see the full canvas, go to


I flew out though Wellington last week, and was told I could keep my laptop in my bag, no doubt due to the new CT scanners.

I know Auckland has these at the International terminal, but have they reached domestic yet? where else in the country?

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Hi all!

Canvas is an event that is like reddit's r/place, where users can paint one pixel at a time and we all work together to make some art. You can see more at last year's conclusion post.

You use your Lemmy account to log in, where it messages you a code to confirm it's you (no password required). This year they have a one account per person rule, so we will need all hands on deck!

We have a template for the design we have put together, you can jump straight to Canvas with the template enabled by clicking this link:

The event starts today (Friday) at 4pm, and runs for 72 hours.

If you use Matrix (or are willing to use Matrix) join the chatroom by following the instructions here.

We can also use this post for coordination, or if anyone is having trouble getting logged in or other issues.

Edit: Updated link


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  • Aotearoa New Zealand formerly enacted revolutionary tobacco control measures
  • Reforms included introducing a generational ban on tobacco products
  • To achieve an equitable smokefree future, Māori leadership and partnership were critical in implementing effective tobacco control measures
  • The planned smokefree reform was repealed by the sixth National-led coalition government
  • Economic concerns, autonomy, and potential illicit tobacco trade were key justifications for the repeal

She should be removed from parliament, now that the investigation has concluded and she was found to be corrupt....get rid of her.


I take issue with the article's assertion that it's a "sneaky payrise" as if it's somehow dishonest.

I've done this before after accumulating several years worth of leave due to a previous employer having strange ideas about project management and the mythical man-month.

I suppose I was kind of pressured into it, but I also liked having a pseudo-bonus that year.


This is a follow on from this event a little while back: 'Reckless': Man pretending to be injured on motorway overbridge arrested.

Back in April, I spent some time looking into a fledgling charity called the Suicide Reduction Trust (SRT). It had caught my eye after a reader tip-off about a TradeMe listing they believed might be a scam. The listing advertised a raffle with the prize too good to be true: a free house. And not just any house, a $2m Auckland mansion, along with cash for furniture and a brand new Tesla to boot. The raffle was advertised as raising funds for the SRT, which had launched shortly before the win-a-house promotion. While TradeMe pulled the listing, telling The Bulletin that it went against its rules, the raffle was legitimate, as Stuff’s Tony Wall reported at the time. But who was behind it and why?

A couple of weeks ago, an email arrived in The Spinoff inboxes with a provocative and, to be frank, shocking subject line: “Auckland lawyer hangs himself on Auckland motorway overpass.” It was from Jaques, criticising the media for failing to cover his new charity. The body of the email clarified this was simply an attention-grabbing stunt. “I’m going to do you a favour and give you the newsworthy clickbait you so badly desire and this morning I’m going to hang myself from an Auckland motorway overpass and you’ll have the story you really want,” he wrote. A few hours later, reports started to emerge of a man dangling from an overbridge, attached to a harness, causing delays to shocked rush hour commuters after two lanes were closed by emergency service. Newshub reported that Jaques was throwing leaflets at the speeding traffic below. He was later charged in relation to offensive behaviour and endangering transport.

Jaques acknowledged it could have “a profound impact on the Trust’s reputation and way of operating” and said “he may have in fact caused more harm than good”.


Some quite out of touch comments in here, I think. Saying "unlikely they would imitate the stylish apartment blocks that can be seen in the likes of Paris or Rome." when a large chunk of our population currently don't have a hope of ever owning a home is pretty elitist, in my view.

They also mention 50m2 as being considered the minimum for banks to lend to you, I live in a three bedroom house that's 100, a living space for one person can definitely be less than half that.

I really hope we can get more dwellings built that are affordable for a single person, that's something currently missing from our market, I feel.


Oh, is that the sound of a free market correction?

Is NZ oversupplied for retail? No, it's the consumers who are wrong.


The government has announced mandatory reading, writing and maths tests for primary schools.

From next year, schools will be required to test the ability of five year olds to link sounds and letters at 20 and 40 weeks of schooling.

From years 3-8, schools would have to test children's reading, writing and maths twice a year using either e-asTTle or Progressive Assessment Tests (PATs).

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Not that I follow it at this time but this looks to be the current standings. GG guys.


Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the 2024 Census survey!

I asked for volunteers to proof read but got no offers so let me know if anything needs fixing. Especially let me know if terminology I have used is incorrect, I know some words hold a lot of weight to some people.

All fully completed surveys are included in this summary, if someone didn't submit, their partial responses are not included. No questions were mandatory so if someone didn't answer the question, it's not included in the results unless specified.

Overall, we got 69 responses, which is pretty good I think. On average (mean), it took 5 minutes 40 seconds to complete. The median was 4 minutes 39 seconds. The longest was just over 30 minutes, and the shortest was a little under 2 minutes.

You can see here the number of submissions each day in blue, and the running total in red. There was a spike when first posted, and a further spike when I posted a reminder post. The final submission was when I reopened the survey for a day on request as someone hadn't managed to complete the survey and wanted to.

line graph showing number of submissions over time

Let's get into the actual responses. I've been told I should stick to bar charts because "pie charts are for marketing and pizza", but I think it's nice to represent some of these as proportions. However, where I've used a pie chart I've also included a bar chart in spoiler tags. I know in the past some apps have had trouble with spoiler tags, so if you have issues maybe read this on desktop. It's a lengthy read anyway!

Where are we?

Where do you live?

In a result that will shock no one, the vast majority of responses came from people living in NZ.

pie graph showing country of respondents

Bar graphbar graph showing country of respondents

Within NZ, Wellington is over represented but otherwise we seem to be spread out rather evenly by the population of each area. To my knowledge, /r/wellington is the only subreddit that had a post about Lemmy with any traction, so I presume this is the reason for the higher proportion of Wellingtonians.

graph of region of NZ of NZ respondents

How big is your community?

Most of us live in urban or suburban areas, with some write in options. Nationally, around 15% of us live rurally, but for survey respondents this was around 7%.

Pie graph of community (urban,suburban, rural)

Bar graphBar graph of community (urban,suburban, rural)

In your opinion, what is the quality of your internet connection?

Most of us think our internet quality is great, with almost 81% stating the quality of their internet connection is Excellent.

Pie graph of quality of internet connection

Bar graphBar graph of quality of internet connection

This makes sense, since most of us have fibre.

Pie graph of type of internet

Bar graphBar graph of type of internet

Within those with fibre, we are pretty evenly split on being under 300Mbps and over 1000Mbps. I foolishly forgot to add an option in the middle, but one person responded 600Mbps in their "Other" option.

Pie graph of type of fibre

Bar graphBar graph of type of fibre

Who are we?

What is your ethnicity?

We are a pretty white bunch. Way less ethnic diversity than I was expecting. The 2023 NZ census showed around 44% of people identify with Māori, Asian, or Pacific enthnicities, so we are remarkably different from the general population. Three people indicated they preferred the term "Pākehā" to "NZ European", though these are grouped together.

Pie graph of ethnicity

Bar graphBar graph of ethnicity

What age range do you fall into?

We have a reasonably older age than perhaps reddit does, but this is largely in line with and probably Lemmy as a whole.

Bar graph of age

What is your gender identity?

We are mostly men here, with this spread being broadly in line with's results, so this may be representative of Lemmy. We do have a higher proportion of women and a lower proportion of people who are non-binary, but this is probably due to normal variance with the low sample size.

Pie graph of gender

Bar graphBar graph of gender

Are you someone with trans experience (meaning your gender identity does not align with your sex assigned at birth)?

Two users identified as trans, and these users both identified as non-binary in the previous question. One user selected Other and indicated they have a gender identity for society, not for themselves.

Pie graph of those with trans experience

Bar graphBar graph of those with trans experience

How do you identify?

Almost 85% of us identified as straight, or 91% if you include those identifying as "straightish". This value is much lower than the general population. StatsNZ reports (based on a survey, not a census) that 4.1% of NZ belong to what StatsNZ referred to as the "sexual minorities population", compared to 9-15% of respondents (depending on how you categorise "straightish").

Sexual identity pie graph

Bar graphSexual identity bar graph

What is your disability status?

To start, here is a graph of all respondents vs those that indicate a disability. Note that we did not have a way to differentiate between someone without a disability and someone who didn't want to answer the question. 8 people specifically said they don't have a condition or disability.

Pie graph of those with disability vs those with no answer

Bar graphBar graph of those with disability vs those with no answer

For those that indicated a condition, we see quite a range. For this question, there was a free text field and answers don't nicely group, so in the interest of having a graph I have tried to nudge them into categories. Mostly, this means if someone wrote "Probably" or "Maybe", I've assumed they have this condition. Hopefully I haven't miscategorised anyone, but remember to take this with a grain of salt.

Also, conditions are listed separately. If someone listed three conditions, they will show as three items in this graph.

Pie graph of the type of condition

Bar graphBar graph of the type of condition

Are you currently studying?

Around 10% of us are studying at the moment.

Pie graph of if currently studying

Bar graphBar graph of if currently studying

What is your highest level of education achieved?

Almost 75% of us have a post-secondary school qualification! I thought I might find some cool relationship between the people who indicated ADHD and the people who had completed "Some university". Despite 10 of the 13 who completed "Some university" indicating they were not currently studying, only one of these people indicated ADHD (and in fact, this was the only person in the group indicating any disability or condition).

Pie graph of education level achieved

Bar graphBar graph of education level achieved

What's your employment status?

89% of us are in paid work, which is higher than's results, but this could be due to having a lot fewer respondents so a single person's answer can change the outcome by a fair bit.

Pie chart of employment status

Bar graphBar chart of employment status

If employed, what field of work do you work in?

This question was a free text field. I have tried to group them into similar categories. This was hard, especially since there's not a detailed job description for each, so take this with a grain of salt. Without these groups, there were many different answers with just one respondent with that answer. But rest assured we have everything from mechanics and plumbers, tourism operators and hospitality workers, researchers, archivists, engineers, manufacturers and those that do film visual effects. And this is all on top of the 57% of us that work in Information and Communication Technology (IT and communication). 23% of respondents listed just "IT", and a further 23% stated "Software Developer", "Software Engineer", or "Web developer".

Bar chart of employment field

Bar graphPie chart of employment field

Lemmy and us

Which instances do you have an account on?

Unsurprisingly, the largest group was, followed by the larger Lemmy instances. Note that this was multiselect, so a user may be listed in more than one place.

Bar graph of which instances people have accounts on

What other Fediverse services do you use?

Lots of Mastodon users. Many use Matrix as well, which is unsurprising since Matrix chats are quite common with Lemmy, and Lemmy even allows a Matrix account to be linked to a Lemmy account to add a button to message a user on Matrix. And on top of that, we have a Matrix chat which would also encourage people to use Matrix.

Bar graph of other Fediverse services people use

On average, how much time do you spend on Lemmy each day (whether on or other instances)

Most people are here less than 2 hours a day, which is similar to's results.

Bar graph of how much time people spend on Lemmy

How do you access Lemmy most often?

Most of us use mobile more often than desktop to access Lemmy. There was one "Other" selection stating "iPad".

Pie graph of device type used to access Lemmy

Bar graphBar graph of device type used to access Lemmy

On mobile, which OS do you use?

Over 80% of mobile users are using Android. We had users state GrapheneOS and CalyxOS (one each), I have included these in Android. We also had one user write "Both", which I have added.

Pie graph of mobile OS used

Bar graphBar graph of mobile OS used

On mobile, which app(s) do you use?

The most popular app was Voyager, followed by just using the website in a mobile browser. This was actually quite different from, who had Sync as their most popular, followed by Jerboa and then Voyager.

Bar graph of the apps people use on mobile

On desktop, which interfaces do you use?

On desktop, people tended to only use the default Lemmy UI. This may partly be because it's not particularly obvious that our other frontends exist.

Pie graph of most common ways to access Lemmy on desktop

Bar graphBar graph of most common ways to access Lemmy on desktop

If you primarily access through a different Lemmy/Kbin/Mastodon/etc instance, please list it below

For those not directly accessing through, was the only instance with multiple people using it as their primary way of accessing

Graph of primary instance

Final questions

What's your favourite desert?

I'm an idiot and, after reading the answer about The Sahara, accidentally wrote Desert instead of Dessert.

For favourite Desert, we have three votes for the Antarctic/Antarctica, two for Sahara, and one each for Gobi, Central North Island, and Arrakis.

Graph of favourite desert

For favourite Dessert, I have grouped and graphed the results, though I am sure to have offended someone with my groupings. The top answer was ice cream, followed by cheese cake, which mirrors's results. One person decided "Ice-cream cheescake mix" was their favourite, which is not counted in either category and is instead listed separately.

Graph of favourite dessert

Of those that answered with a dessert, here is the full list:

  • Apple crumble x 2
  • Blackberry and apple crumble
  • Cheesecake x 2
  • Cheesecake!
  • Cheesecake, Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Cookies and cream ice cream
  • Creme brulee
  • Custard
  • Don't eat sugar
  • Halo halo
  • Home made pav with fresh strawberries
  • Ice cream x 3
  • Ice-cream cheescake mix
  • Kapiti Ice Cream
  • Much Moore's Double Choc Fudge Ice-cream
  • Peacan pie
  • Revenge
  • Strawberry rhubarb pie
  • Tarta de queso
  • Tiramisu
  • Tub of jelly tip ice cream
  • Vegan Cheese Cake

Do you use the Matrix chat?

Almost half of people didn't know we have a Matrix chat room. Now you do! You can find instructions for joining here. If you're having trouble, reply in the post and we can offer help.

Pie graph of those what use matrix chat room

Bar graphBar graph of those what use matrix chat room

Are there any communities you would like to see created on

There were a handful of suggestions here, but no two people suggested the same thing. Firstly, we have a post here that outlines some NZ communities across Lemmy. It hasn't been updated in some time, so feel free to reply with any that you know of to be added.

Some people replied with things they don't want, but I have filtered this out as people can block communities they don't want to see.

  • /r/diynz
  • A dedicated outdoors community
  • Hurdy gurdy discourse
  • More regional NZ content
  • NZ mechanics, stained glass, or growing weed.
  • Something cheesy/cringe where we mock ourselves, kuhy-wee accent and maybe even small town monuments, etc. Almost nostalgia bit with shit posting and rivalry... Still got a way to go, but I reckon the ideas got legs. Bring back top town!
  • thetron - Hamilton

In my view, I'd think most of these would be better posted to the !newzealand community, which has the bigger userbase. Some exceptions:

I'm also not sure we have the population to support a Hamilton community. Originally the idea was anyone in the top half of the North Island could use [email protected], anyone in the bottom half could use [email protected], and then we had [email protected]. We intended to split communities as they got too big, which I don't think has happened, especially since we have a comment about wanting more regional content.

I also think people should feel comfortable posting things to the [email protected] community if they don't fit in another community, even if it's not relevant to all of NZ. Others may have a different view, but I would be wary of fragmenting the users across too many communities.

What are your thoughts on the post and comment language options?

The options here were:

  • I don't use this feature and don't have an opinion.
  • We should stick to these three languages, as it makes it easier to find the language I want
  • We shouldn't limit the languages, all should be available.
  • We should use a small list of languages, but I would like us to add ___.

I have shortened them in the graphs so they fit.

Pie graph of language preferences

Bar graphBar graph of language preferences

We had some comments as well.

One user mentioned Māori would never be used, I'd counter argue that it's weirder for an NZ instance to actively not allow it than it is to have it as an option.

Someone mentioned they didn't know it was an option. On the website, there is a dropdown box under the box where you write your post or comment. If you use an app this could be in a different place. There are plans to have Lemmy auto-fill this in future.

One comment saying NZ Sign Language isn't an option, and we should support it as it's an official national language. Unfortunately Lemmy doesn't support sign languages at this time, so we will have to try to think of another way users can communicate non-audibly. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

One comment asking for Cantonese, and another saying we should add pacific languages. I don't have any reason not to do this so will look at adding these.

One person said voting should help decide as people would upvote content they can read - unfortunately you can't see content for languages you haven't selected, and currently doesn't let you select languages outside the two current options. We would have to open up to all languages to allow this, which makes it harder to select one you are looking for as the list is huge. This was one reason for asking this question, to see if there were any other languages people wanted to read but couldn't.

Do you have any other feedback about, this survey, or anything else?

I've grouped the feedback into generic answers. "I don't know what's happening" encompasses answers from (paraphrased) "I'm new and not sure what to think of Lemmy" through to "I've been here a year and still don't understand how it all works".

Graph of feedback groups. A bit over a half "Thanks Dave", a bit over a quarter " is awesome" and a fifth "I don't know what's happening

Bar graphGraph of feedback groups. A bit over a half "Thanks Dave", a bit over a quarter " is awesome" and a fifth "I don't know what's happening"

Are you happy for your responses to be released in a public data set?

We had 52 respondents happy to have their responses released publicly, and a further user marked as "Other" that was happy to have their data included with some parts redacted.

Please let me know if you are interested in doing some analysis on these results. I wanted to preemptively collect consent but I'll only release the data if someone is actually interested in doing some analysis.

Pie graph of those happy for data to be released publically

Bar graphBar graph of those happy for data to be released publically

Final comments

Thanks to everyone for filling in the survey, and bearing with me as I wrote up the results. I had thought I'd get to do more analysis on subgroups, but you get quite small groups when you do that and so it's hard to draw conclusions from. If anyone has ideas for further analysis, leave a comment!


Cabinet Minister Judith Collins wants the government to expand the use of artificial intelligence (AI), starting with the health and education sectors where it could be used to assess mammogram results and provide AI tutors for children.

"It doesn't do the work for them. It says some things like 'go back, rethink that one, look at that number,' those sorts of things. What an exciting way to do your homework if you're a child."

Deploying AI in education and health would be seen as high risk uses under new legislation passed by the European Union regulating AI.

Using AI in those settings in EU countries must include high levels of transparency, accuracy and human oversight.

But New Zealand has no specific AI regulation and Collins is keen to get productivity gains from extending its use across government, including using it to process Official Information Act requests.

An OIA request by RNZ for a government Cabinet paper on AI was turned down (by a human) on the grounds that the policy is under live consideration.


Last weeks thread here

Welcome to this week’s casual kōrero thread!

This post will be pinned in this community so you can always find it, and will stay for about a week until replaced by the next one.

It’s for talking about anything that might not justify a full post. For example:

  • Something interesting that happened to you
  • Something humourous that happened to you
  • Something frustrating that happened to you
  • A quick question
  • A request for recommendations
  • Pictures of your pet
  • A picture of a cloud that kind of looks like an elephant
  • Anything else, there are no rules (except the rule)

So how’s it going?


In a world of Afterpay, tap and go and online shopping, cash is - surprisingly - still king.

Many said they still carry notes and coins in their wallets, and the amount of cash in circulation has almost doubled in the past 10 years.

One person spoken to by RNZ said they carried cash they received in tips from working in a restaurant, while another said her mum often gave her cash.

But a third said it felt "flippant" to carry cash: "I don't really like to keep it because then I tend to spend it and I'm trying to control my spending."

Some said carrying notes and coins was essential in a natural disaster.

"I do love to have cash because I kind of feel secure," one man told First Up.


Two Ministry of Justice workers are in hot water for describing a researcher as a "bitch" in an online conversation.

Academic and author Barbara Sumner made a number of Official Information Act requests as part of her PhD research into the systems around adoption. Then, in October last year, she asked for all correspondence mentioning her by name.

"Because I had felt all along that there was a resistance to everything I sent in and you know, just the sort of snottiness, I guess, of some of the responses that came in that request. I wanted to understand how they were treating me throughout the process."

One page of the response stood out among more than 100 others. A November 2022 Teams conversation between two staffers, whose names were redacted, complained about Sumner's latest request.

They described it as "a waste of time" and said it "should have been refused on the ground of substantial collation" or that the ministry should "charge her for it and get a contractor".

"our ministerial services team sucks cuz they wouldnt let us refuse, and helen didnt push back hard [sic]," one worker wrote.

"but also shes a bitch for wanting everything. does she think govt just has unlimited resources for this type of crap lol.

"like theres no public interest in our emails back and forward."


Quite a fascinating series of events actually, it sounds like the landlord/realtor has let her attitude cost her a large amount of money, and will continue to do so if she appeals the case.

It's good to see her getting pulled up like this though.

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