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Reminds me of all those places supporting child cancer. You never see any signs saying they are against child cancer.

[-] [email protected] 13 points 13 hours ago

Also I suspect I know @[email protected] IRL, but I’m not certain.

I guess that's a consequence of telling the same anecdotes on lemmy and to everyone I see.

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I don't get how checking keyboard activity or number of emails sent is helpful from an employer perspective.

If these people aren't working... then why can't this be measured by, you know, their work not being done?

If you can't tell if their work is being done without a keylogger then maybe you don't need them?

submitted 15 hours ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Companies have the right to monitor employees to ensure productivity but they must also protect the employee's privacy, an Auckland University Business School lecturer says.

Last week US banking giant Wells Fargo sacked more than a dozen people for allegedly faking keyboard activity, pretending they were working at home when they were not.

The bank has not said how it picked up on the problem.

But a survey last year of 1000 US-based companies showed 96 percent of them were using some kind of monitoring to check up on employees working from home.

All of this raises questions around ethics and productivity.

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I just assumed it was petting them. But yeah, walk up to them and press a button and look for a heart. Do it every day. If there's a grey storm cloud thing instead of a heart then they are grumpy, make sure you didn't lock them outside overnight, make sure they have a heater (especially if it's winter), make sure they have food.

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I dunno. I think their explanation fits:

"It's important that licensees when conducting there business and engaging with consumers are conscious of the fact that not everybody is like them, that different people have different cultural understandings and the way conducting oneself can have a negative impact on a person."

However, the thing that really makes me side with the REA is that I looked up the course. It's a 1.5 hour module. I'm sorry but if you go to court because you want to be a real estate agent but don't want to do a 1.5 hour module on cultural diversity... well then you're probably the person that needs it the most.

1/4 of NZers weren't born here, and 1/5 are Māori, so it seems like a valuable use of time for an old white lady wanting to work with the public in a regulated profession.

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Flames were seen coming out the back of a Boeing 737 that departed from Queenstown on Monday evening, before landing safely in Invercargill.

Virgin Australia flight VA148 departed Queenstown Airport at 5.59pm, bound for Melbourne with 67 passengers and six crew on board, before turning around and heading south.

"It experienced an issue just after take-off and has been diverted to Invercargill Airport," Queenstown Airport said in a statement earlier.

The plane - a 737-800 registered VH-YIV - landed safely in Invercargill shortly before 7pm.

The airline later said it was a "possible bird strike on take-off".

"The aircraft has been met by emergency services at Invercargill Airport," Virgin Australia chief operations officer Stuart Aggs said. "The safety of our guests and crew is our highest priority."

The airline later on Monday night said it was not aware of any injuries.

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Great idea! More like this?

Map of NZ coloured like NZ flag, with with kiwi sliced to reveal kiwifruit, fantail, and references to !newzealand and no.lastname.nz

[-] [email protected] 0 points 1 day ago

@[email protected] @[email protected] and anyone else, what do you think of this? I've pulled together some of the things from last year plus added something new (I hope it's recognisable).

image of new zealand flag, with kiwi, lazerkiwi flag, fantail, and references to !newzealand and no.lastname.nz

I have heard the canvas will be smaller this year, I think in response to all the leftover space last year. So I think we will need to be prepared to move things a bit. Maybe we start with the New Zealand flag, building into the others as we get to them but moving them a bit if others have taken the space? We can coordinate on matrix again.

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Haha dumb autocorrect. Firefish is what I was trying to say.

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I'm playing BG3 on Linux on a laptop with integrated graphics, and I haven't had any issues other than not being able to run it with graphics set to ultra (expected since there's not graphics card).

[-] [email protected] 16 points 1 day ago

Wow, a real GIF! I thought they were replaced with HTML5 capable videos years ago!

[-] [email protected] 38 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

The beautiful thing about the Fediverse is that those 75 users are in an ecosystem with the 50k+ Lemmy/K/mbin users, along with users from Sublinks, Mastodon, Firefish, etc.

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Yeah, and lots of new popular indie games. Some recent oneish I've got are DREDGE, Rimworld and Stardew Valley. OK not super recent but not all the games are 20 years old or more. Even Skyrim Anniversary is on there.

Canvas in 30 days 👀 (canvas.fediverse.events)
submitted 4 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

cross-posted from: https://toast.ooo/post/3740832

turns out I did my math wrong, so it’s a little less than 30 days

July 12th, 2024 @ midnight EDT


✨ this year’s event also supports the entire fediverse not just Lemmy!

(you have to be able to make/receive text posts, like mastodon, lemmy, pixelfed, etc) (peertube accounts will not work)

you can get update announcements on other fedi platforms with @[email protected] link

chat about Canvas on Matrix or Discord (they’re bridged)

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Last weeks thread here

Welcome to this week’s casual kōrero thread!

This post will be pinned in this community so you can always find it, and will stay for about a week until replaced by the next one.

It’s for talking about anything that might not justify a full post. For example:

  • Something interesting that happened to you
  • Something humourous that happened to you
  • Something frustrating that happened to you
  • A quick question
  • A request for recommendations
  • Pictures of your pet
  • A picture of a cloud that kind of looks like an elephant
  • Anything else, there are no rules (except the rule)

So how’s it going?

submitted 5 days ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

A man has been shot by police after he hit one of them with a vehicle, and another remains on the run, after a raid in South Auckland.

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

A delay in dropping petrol prices is costing motorists $15 million a year at the pump.

The Commerce Commission's analysis of fuel monitoring data shows retailers are quick to put prices up in response to increased costs, but slow when it comes to bringing prices down when oil prices fall or the exchange rate changes.

"We can see clear evidence showing that fuel companies maintain temporarily higher margins after a decrease in their costs, lasting up to two weeks - at great expense to Kiwi motorists.

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

This is a reminder to fill in the community census.

Direct link to fill it in here: https://survey.lemmy.nz/index.php/493338?lang=en

No questions are mandatory, just fill in what you are comfortable with.

I will leave this open until Sunday 16th, then will start analysing the data after that.

We currently have 42 completed responses, and based on the number of active users in the last month we can do a lot better. If you haven't filled it in, please do!

It doesn't matter if your account is on Lemmy.nz or not, if you're participating here then please fill it in!

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Last week's thread here

Welcome to this week’s casual kōrero thread!

This post will be pinned in this community so you can always find it, and will stay for about a week until replaced by the next one.

It’s for talking about anything that might not justify a full post. For example:

Something interesting that happened to you
Something humourous that happened to you
Something frustrating that happened to you
A quick question
A request for recommendations
Pictures of your pet
A picture of a cloud that kind of looks like an elephant
Anything else, there are no rules (except the rule)

So how’s it going?

submitted 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

A northern rātā (Metrosideros robusta), located near a cemetery in Karamea on the South Island's West Coast, has won the Tree of the Year award in a landslide victory.

The tree, known affectionately as The Walking Tree, as it looks like it is walking across the paddock in high heels as well as having a resemblance to one of J R R Tolkien's sentient, tree-like Ents from Lord of the Rings, won 42 percent of the votes in the annual competition.

NZ Arb runs the Tree of the Year campaign

"This award recognises the significant role that trees play within our communities, not only enhancing our local environments but also providing a sense of place for past, present, and future generations," he said.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Two multinational companies with close ties to the New Zealand police have teamed up on anti-crime surveillance inside stores.

It comes as New Zealand supermarkets, in step with overseas trends, are bringing in body-worn cameras to deter rising rates of assaults on staff.

Foodstuffs said just 16 of its 500 stores across the country used bodycams "to help keep team members and customers safe". Other stores used other measures.

Its North Island stores reported over 5000 incidents in the first three months this year - one a week per store on average.

"Footage is typically only recorded when the device is activated, with recordings later exported to secure systems.

"Footage from bodycams of retail crime incidents is usually only uploaded to Auror following a legitimate request by police, and always only by authorised team members for the purposes of combatting retail crime."

It would only be shared if police requested it for an investigation, the company said.

submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

TL;DR; Lemmy.nz turns 1 today!

On 2 June 2023, Lemmy.nz was created. I've put together the linked video as a recap of the past year (it's probably clear I don't make videos for a living, but it's the thought that counts). No sound, so you'll have to play your own backing music. If you can't watch the video, the events are all covered below (and more).

Here is a bit of history, though it's not strictly in order, and others will likely have more to add (please share!).

I was first to register the domain after a bunch of Reddit controversy had people discussing Lemmy as somewhere to jump ship to. Several others commented on the first day that they had also looked to register Lemmy.nz. In the first couple of weeks we went through a period of trying to work out who we were. Users more experienced with moderation than I had warned that we need clear rules, while I had believed a server of reasonable people would know what was or wasn't acceptable. After some early Nazis came looking for a home, I was finally convinced we would need some guidance, and as a community we worked together on a compromise: We would retain our one original rule (Don't be a dick), but there would be a fleshed out Code of Conduct that underpinned it. We adopted the still current Code of Conduct on 16 June 2023.

At the time I was running Lemmy on a VPS that cost $2 per month. Within a few days of Lemmy.nz being created, hundreds of other new Lemmy instances had been created, and it was also clear that the servers would need more power to support all the people flocking to Lemmy from Reddit, which only got worse when subreddits went dark to protest. Many of the large instances moved to requiring registration applications at this point, with Lemmy.world being the main large instance keeping open registrations and so they grew to be the largest instance.

Lemmy.nz was not unique in that we also fought to keep the server online with the influx. Fediservices.nz offered to provide hosting, and so on 11 June 2024 we migrated to the new, much more powerful server. However, part of the issue was that the Lemmy software was not ready for the influx, and regular patches were released in a rush to handle the technical performance, but these rushed releases also led to a lot of bugs.

Lemmy.nz kept open registrations through that period, it was quite a while later that we were forced to move to registration application after the number spam registrations passed legitimate applications. Some servers that weren't paying attention found they had millions of new accounts created by spam bots. Luckily we only ever had a few thousand, though to this day we still receive more spam registrations than legitimate ones.

Though in the early days I had my hands full keeping things running, things stabalised with the server and Lemmy software over time. Many of the early and very active users disappeared (back to reddit?), and Lemmy as a whole started losing users, though this is a normal thing to happen after a huge influx of people coming to check out some new thing. In fact, the retention rate over Lemmy as a whole was really quite a bit higher than you'd normally expect.

We had some fun, including Terrible coffee art Wednesday, the irregular Photo Friday (and once Snapshot Saturday), and Canvas, along with our daily threads. We also had some drama with Hexbear ending in them defederating us.

We started a Matrix chat, which was very active in the early days but not so active now. Everyone is still welcome to join, though, and we can change that! Early indications from the census survey show many people don't know it exists! Check out the post here.

At one point trolls posted loads of spam to !newzealand, and luckily @[email protected] was around and managed to clean it up in no time at all. To my knowledge, this is the only situation we have had like this on our local communities.

On 14 January 2024 we updated Lemmy to 19.1. This was a massive backend update that all intances were nervous about after many instances had issues with broken federation on 19.0 (we never applied that version). The update caused all login tokens to be invalid but didn't have a process to handle this, instead it showed a server error if a logged in user tried to visit the website or use an app. Some users managed to work it out in the next few days, others may have assumed Lemmy.nz was dead, never to return.

Through January and February we had various host instability issues, and after lots of work on their part (and a bunch of new hardware) things stabilised just in time for issues with federation with Lemmy.world start. It turned out that Lemmy could only send one single update at a time (say, an upvote, post, or comment), and when a server was federating something to other servers it would wait for it to be received before sending the next one. This round trip meant a limit on how many items could be sent each second, and the further the servers were from each other the smaller the number of items that could be sent. The largest Lemmy server Lemmy.world is hosted in Finland, about as far away as you can get from Lemmy.nz hosted in Auckland. We could only receive about 4 or 5 updates per second, and once Lemmy.world started creating content faster than this, we couldn't keep up. Issues with Kbin sending Lemmy.world hundreds of thousands of repeated items just exacerbated the issue, and Lemmy.nz along with others hosted nearby (like Aussie.zone) ended up not getting content from Lemmy.world until hours later, which grew to days. Lemmy.nz peaked at about 4 or 5 days behind, but I was offered help to resolve this and now we have a separate server in Finland that collects the updates from Lemmy.world and sends them to the Lemmy.nz server in a batch instead of one at a time. Over time we should see a solution to this implemented by Lemmy, but for now we have a temporary solution in place.

In February, some kids in Japan started a spam bot attack on the Fediverse. This was mainly across Mastodon but Lemmy also got caught up in it. Hopefully the Lemmy.nz users didn't see much impact, as through a combination of instance admin coordination and setting up an Automod, most of the spam should have been removed pretty quickly.

In March we added the first new community we have had since the ones created in the first few days of the instance being set up. The new !rocketlab community hosts launch threads and discussion about Rocket Lab, the aerospace company founded in NZ but who later moved their headquarters to the US, though they still do many of their launches in NZ. Before adding this community we took a vote, and determined that the majority of people were happy with adding this new community but thought new communities should be added on a case by case basis. As part of the survey, we also took our first look at some basic demographics of the community.

In April, Lemmy.nz voted to enter (Tiki Taane and the CSO](https://lemmy.nz/post/8637794) in the Lemmyvision contest, and we won 5th place overall.

Over time we also added various front ends to access Lemmy.nz.

Earlier in the week I posted a census questionaire to get more detailed information about our community. Once I feel like everyone has had an opportunity to fill it in, I'll start some analysis and put together a results post. If you haven't filled it in, please do!

Through May have been back to having server issues. With all the components (lemmy's containers, automod, cache cleaner, lemmy.world batcher, and supporting components) all interacting with Lemmy internally, it has been hard to track down the issue. On top of this, the host has been having issues, which make it harder to determine where the issue is. It seems to have been better the last week or so, so here's hoping that continues.

This brings us up to today, when we are celebrating our first birthday! Feel free to contribute your memories below.

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The four animals ranged in size from 11 to 12cm and weighed between five and nine grams, meaning they were likely less than a year old.

Council parks and recreation manager Caroline Rain said the enclosure had been thoroughly searched prior to the tuatara being moved in February 2023, meaning the babies had likely been in egg-form at the time.

"We did everything you'd expect us to have done to ensure that there wasn't anything there," she said. "They were genuinely just missed, they were not seen."

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