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Someone's Friday isn't going according to plan. What a mess.


Another relationship situation ending up at Disputes tribunal, this time being partly successful.


I thought this was pretty funny. Probably for the best the case was unsuccessful, of course.


I'm trying to work out the series of events here, because it's quite bizarre. This person was in a car crash, and then decided to cross the center median barrier, and walk in front of traffic coming the other way? Looking at the photo, they had to walk a reasonable distance and cross a safety barrier to reach the other lane.


This is such a bizarre thing to have such a blow up over. I don't use public transport, so I've never heard these announcements, are they really that bad?


I'm pretty sceptical about ground effect planes, there's a very good reason why they've never really taken off, despite so many countries and organisations giving them a try over the years, but I'd love to know what everyone else thinks.


The man deserves a seven figure payout for this, I think.


I'd love to see this from on the water, what do you all think? I'm amazed someone bought a house especially to see it though, that's just amazing.


On March 18, 2022, scientists at the Concordia research station in the east Antarctic recorded the largest spike in temperature ever recorded with the region experiencing a rise of 38.5C above its seasonal average.

Unfortunately, it's not an isolated event with an increasing number of meteorologic anomalies being reported on the continent in the past two years.

The sea level rise map that was linked is interesting, I propose Hamilton to be the new international airport since both Auckland and Wellington's will be underwater


Politicians being told not to use a song happens surprisingly often actually, I know Donald Trump was told not to use one, I believe it was "rocking in the free world". They've also told Nigel Farage off, apparently.


I'm surprised she could walk to the car like that.


What the fuck?


I find this absolutely hilarious.


Christensen said it appeared one of the two propellers came loose

Can we all take a moment to appreciate the sheer incompetence of the womble that wrote this, to repeatedly call the vessel a jet boat, then casually mention that a propeller came off? I also had a look at their Facebook page, (the racing team, that is) and they also say the cause of the crash was losing a propeller.

Top notch journalism.


Good on them, I hate these BS loyalty schemes, and typically avoid any store that offers them.

Milk it for all it's worth I say.


The saga continues from my misspent Friday night

Managed to put my shoulder back out on Sunday night so spent it all in the ED. Ortho now think I’ll need surgery to stabilise the Bankart fracture I also sustained

The currently want me to stay in as there is a high chance I’ll pop it back out again


Opps (
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Not how I wanted to spend a Friday night


I was renewing with Tower and it's gone up a lot, even though I haven't made a claim and nothing has changed. Same old car. I just thought stuff it, and I downgraded to third party only with no theft or fire cover (I have one of the best alarms)

On the phone they explained that part of the reason was that the value of my car had been adjusted (about $1,000 higher) but when they used the calculator to figure out the premium cost for a lower agreed value, it didn't change to the price I expected.

Prices must have gone up due to inflation or corporate greed.

I'd still trust Tower over AMI. Once I used AMI and my renewal package got lost in the post, and my insurance expired, but they didn't even text or email me. With Tower it automatically renews. So while AMI might be cheaper, they are really bad with communication, and won't even spend 2 cents to send an SMS to your phone.


I'm interested to read about discoveries regarding health, food and longevity as I'm planning to stick around as long as possible. I already found Stanfords publications on longevity. Just wondering if you have any other reading tips? Ideally with an Rss feed.

I'm only interested in information backed by science as much as possible.

In memory (
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The ‘old man’ passed away just before Christmas 3 years ago. This is a bottle I bought him for his 65th with plans to share it with him on his 75th - that would have been this year

Here’s to lost friends and family that we can’t share today with.


I've got a Sureflap cat flap operated by 4 AA batteries. It doesn't work well on rechargeables, it seems to need 1.5v batteries.

I'm thinking to hardwire it with battery backup (like a Ups). I'm not very experienced in electronics, are there any off the shelf products I could use? I'm assuming the flap runs at 6v and that I can just attach two cables, one to plus, one to min.

If there are no off the shelve products, any recommendations for what I should buy?


Genuinely surprised by this one. What is there in Lower Hutt worth travelling for?

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