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What better place to use this meme:

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If it's anything like Toronto Pearson International Airport it's a crapshoot.

Step 0: With kids, corralling the children takes a while and can be like herding cats.

Step 1: Just getting to the airport, from 40km away if you are driving/Taxi, it will take from 20 minutes or 2 hours+ to get to the airport. People who use YYZ often live further than that so add any additional time from that. The Union Pearson Express train is only useful if you are trying to get from Union to Pearson or somewhere between. The 900 bus from Kipling, local TTC routes, Go Bus, MiWay, Brampton Transit all feel second class and you get the same rush hour traffic.

Step 2: Check-in. Domestic flights are fine because not as many people check bags and the counter is quick or you can often skip it entirely. International flights have long, long lines at the counter so add an hour.

Step 3: Security. Another crapshoot depending on whether you are there at peak time. Could be 5 minutes, could be an hour or more to get through.

Step 4: Attending to food and washroom needs. Since it's not possible to know exactly how long this process will go, if unprepared, random food and bathroom stops may be necessary.

So all in all preparing for the worst by leaving/preparing to go at 6:30 for a 14:00 flight is not unheard of when flying via Pearson.

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Speaking as a nonAmerican, I'd think this should be brought to the US courts as constitutionally unsound per the 4th amendment (and in Canada the 8th section of the Charter), shouldn't people be protected from unreasonable search?

Canada's Privacy Commissioners agree that it violates a reasonable expectation of privacy:

The fact that the technology makes it capable for an officer to conduct a search for not work related reasons only to be caught much later in audits, makes me think this should be banned.

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Flying a VTOL aircraft seems out of reach for me as most are either helicopters or military, but an EVTOL seems like something that could be in reach for me within my lifetime.

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I agree. I haven't posted much to my local subs these days.

The way to get your feed feeling more how you want is either to block communities you don't like, or subscribe only to communities you like.

The communities are patchwork and so the growth rate is not uniform, the TPBS group are recent Reddit refugees that migrated over all together which is why they are a bit of an outsize group on our small and humble server.

I agree that a default/local feature set would be great, I've been talking about community groups (multicommunities, tags, whatever) should be a thing for months, things that would make it a little easier for users and server admins to curate the experience, because I admit it the feed can feel a bit chaotic when not logged in.

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He forgot to mention that these radical NDP policies actually helped your average British Columbian...

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Omg what an idiot. In a similar vein, we and the creatures of our earth needs light and sound to survive but that doesn't mean light and noise pollution aren't real.

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Apple's may start being salty and blame everything on anti-trust from now on.

Why were your beans cold this morning? EU's DMA.

Why did you get delayed to your event? EU's DMA.

Why did it rain on the one day you were planning to take a trip? EU's DMA, of course.

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I select the most proximate lever in each cluster, using any criteria that would produce a beginning of a discrete order (so no ties for first). If I get infinite "tries" then even if it is an infinitesimally small chance of selecting the functional lever, at some point I will expect to get it.

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Glad I got to see it one last time this past year... many memories and a lot of the exhibits I remembered from before are still there.

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Right now I just play with things at a level that I don't care if they pop out of existence tomorrow.

If you want to be truly safe (at an individual level, not an institutional level where there's someone with an interest in fucking your stuff up), you need to make sure things are recoverable unless 3 completely separate things go wrong at the same time (an outage at a remote data centre, your server fails and your local backup fails). Very unlikely for all 3 to happen simultaneously, but 1 is likely to fail and 2 is forseeable, so you can fix it before the 3rd also fails.


The contest from last month had established five finalists:

The first row is the new logo that will be used going forward and in version 1.0 of the program!


Link is a 1h42m video interview between Louis Rossmann, FUTO and Immich developers with a introduction to Immich by Louis.

Immich is an open source self-hosted in-development tool to manage image libraries from a central server, and sync/distribute them across your devices, as an alternative to Google Photos. Also see:

The important news here is that FUTO has funded full time development on Immich for 3 years.


Context, a thread on rising fast food costs and comparing local joints in terms of value:


Inspired by:

From the article:

The B-2 is being divested in FY 2025 due to a ground accident/damage presumed to be uneconomical to repair


This petition is part of the campaign led by Scott Ross (Accursed Farms), to end in Australia the practice of software licensors to render purchased software completely unusable at arbitrary points in time.

This petition closes relatively soon so please get the word out to your fellow mates.

Thank you!


Petition E-4965 is the one that is posted to, Ross Scott (Accursed Farms)'s campaign to end the practice of bricking games people have purchased, whenever the publisher doesn't want to support it anymore.

It is open for signing by Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents, until September 5th 2024.

Please spread the word to your Canadian friends and family who take interest in games, and please add your name to it to support this campaign to help preserve games in some form in perpetuity.

Thank you!


In 1974, Ivan Illich wrote that the typical American male spent 25% of his waking life either driving a car or working for the income required to pay for one. 50 years later, is this true? And, which cities consume the most -- and least -- of our time with driving?


Including their brandname chains:

  • Atlantic Cash & Carry
  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Axep
  • Bloor Street Market
  • Dominion
  • Les Entrepôts Presto
  • Extra Foods
  • Fortinos
  • Freshmart
  • L'Intermarché
  • Loblaws / Loblaw GreatFood / Loblaws CityMarket
  • Lucky Dollar Foods
  • Maxi / Maxi & Cie
  • NG Cash & Carry
  • No Frills
  • Provigo
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Shop Easy Foods
  • Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix
  • SuperValu
  • T & T Supermarket
  • Valu-mart
  • Wholesale Club / Club Entrepôt
  • Your Independent Grocer / Independent CityMarket
  • Zehrs Markets

Yes there are other big oligopoly chains like metro, Sobeys/Safeway, Pattison, but I think it's best to start with one major chain to see how much coordinated action can affect them.


Train #641 is being introduced starting May 27th, 2024, which departs Ottawa at 4:15, Kingston at 6:15, arriving in Toronto at 8:48am, which would be useful for anyone trying to get into a Toronto downtown office at 9am.


Photo taken in July 2023.

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