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Jesus Christ some of y'all can't accept a joke.

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American Catholics literally believe you can have "liberal" and "conservative" bishops. No you dumb fucks, there is ONE head of the church and Bishops that argue with the Pope are not following the church.

Whether or not this is all dumb as shit is a different conversation, but if you're going to be a part of the Catholic Church, you don't also then get to pick and choose based on your opinions on various issues.

Conservative Catholics, are not Catholic

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Probably a bored ape wearing a suit made of the Confederate flag

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And "Tyler please put down the monster and stop screaming at me"

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Doesn't matter if it ends up in the same judge's court room

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And you think immigrants are going to do the same to you? What a fucking joke

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Doubt your ancestors followed "the process"

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Don't do this, don't give me hope

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Education should be an inalienable human right for all

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Israel certainly prefers a clean fight when they checks notes bomb UN Schools and Neutral Aid Camps filled with children and innocent civilians

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So what say you about the video where IDF had Palestinians in hand cuffs and had them walk in front of them as shields while the IDF soldiers cleared a building?

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Okay I've seen it a bunch of times now. What is kagis


Naming her Lily


I just wanted to share that today I ran a 7:38 mile. This isn't huge, this isn't a record. But for me it's the first sub 8 minute mile I have ran in about a decade and I feel fucking PUMPED.

Anyone who's out there struggling to meet what they used to be able to do easily, it's okay. We all feel that at one point or another. What matters is setting goals and working to get there no matter how long it takes.

Problemo (

11 years old.

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