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So a very long time ago now, I upgraded from my ancient AMD FX 6100 to a Ryzen 5 1600, and now I am on my 3rd CPU with an Intel i3 12100f.

Why did I go with an i3 and not the i5? Simple, I was on a budget and I couldn't justify spending more than $250 CAD for this upgrade. I could've squeezed in the 12400 if it was in stock, but it wasn't.

Why didn't I just get a new AMD CPU and slot it in? Well I tried, but my Gigabyte motherboard (even with updates) refused to play nice with the 5500 I tried to upgrade too. If I was keeping with AMD I'd need to buy a new Motherboard and if I was buying a new Motherboard for this I might as well get the best bang for my Buck.

So what did I get.

Motherboard: MSI PRO B760M-P since it had the IO I wanted (2x M.2 slots and a USB C Port on the back)

CPU: Intel i3 12100f

And the results are... honestly surprising. Despite loosing 2 core and 4 threads, I gained in performance everywhere, or I was GPU limited with my 3050. 2 minutes off of my 10 minute handbrake render, 50fps extra in Doom 2016, and a doubling in Geekbench single core performance which I need thanks to my work in FreeCAD. FreeCAD is still slow, but the models I am loading are demanding.

Overall I am happy with my upgrade, and the best part is, since I am buying my Motherboards at the end of a socket generation rather than the beginning, it means when I want to upgrade in a few years, it should work with intel 13th and 14th gen CPU's.

Geekbench before: https://browser.geekbench.com/v6/cpu/6614622

Geekbench after: https://browser.geekbench.com/v6/cpu/6616466


Let’s call it hybrid soldered memory


It's not the gotcha that they think it is. Increasing share of Linux, steam deck or not is progress. Any development or considerations made for the SteamDeck and its Arch based OS benefit the non SteamDeck Linux gaming scene too.

Mostly a stab at Reddit PCMR, Lemmy PCMR has a different vibe.


Hi y'all, i used to be so prolific at the whole pc building thing. but now i'm out of the game with age and not buying stuff in a while. so here's my question:

my PC is fine and i upgraded parts of it during the years. but it may be time for a new motherboard, since mine only supports 32gb of RAM which isnt enough anymore.

what do I need to do to replace my motherboard? I guess, i'd have to re-install everything, right? Isn't windows and all the software kinda bound to my motherboard?

since i'm fine with my 2060Super, i guess getting a new PC is not worth it, my case and hard drives are fine. i will need new RAM and SSDs. So what should I look for in a motherboard?

thanks for reading this ramble


I wrote here earlier about being unable to turn off my microphone. My headset had a removable mike. So in the end in order to fix it I just unplugged the mike.

I'm using an older pair of IEM's I have, and the problem resurfaced. I did all the steps turned off microphone in the settings, even went through device manager to turn it off. Was still getting sound.

What finally worked was going into speakers, and sliding the "Rear Pink In" slider all the way down. It's still not off, but at least i can't hear myself breath anymore.

would anyone know why this is happening?

The motherboard is a Gigabyte Z790 UD AC


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List of unofficial console PC Ports with Tutorial (Re-/Decompilations)

I have created a list of all the unofficial console PC ports (that are based on Recompilation or Decompilation) I know about, along with easy-to-install versions that have been marked with a star ⭐.

Additionally, I have included short installation tutorials on how to install them. My plan is to keep this list up to date and add new finished PC ports in the future.


I feel this happens to everyone. Buy a PC, be happy that it's better than what it replaces, then after a few years get annoyed that's slow.

This happened to me with my now 6/7 year old Ryzen 5 1600x. It was so much faster then my FX 6100, but my workload changed, and while multicore it's good, single core leaves much to be desired, especially since my CAD software of choice FreeCAD is very dependent on single core/thread performance.

So I've been keeping an eye on the markets, waiting for a deal to be had, and I found one, with the Ryzen 5 5500 going into my budget. So I bought it thinking that my old Gigabyte B350M Motherboard would support it. I mean Gigabyte says it's supported and they've never lied about anything before... let alone deny by rebate claim for my laptop.

So I installed the CPU, booted it up, and boot loop. So I took out a stick of ram and it posted, was planning on fixing that later. Configured my BIOS to my liking, saved and restarted into my OS. It booted, for 3 seconds, then promptly black screened and crashed. Not even the power and reset buttons worked, so I had to hard kill it.

OK Troubleshooting time. Check BIOS version. 52h, hummm looks good but there is a 53, lets install that. And a reboot after, no fix.

OK let ask Google, within the dozens of responses asking for BIOS version, there was reseating the RAM. That did nothing, and underclocking the CPU to 3000MHz. That shockingly worked, and I booted into my OS. Neat, I can troubleshoot that later.

Now let's install my other stick of RAM and lets get to fixing this sucker... and it's boot looping again. I've reset the CMOS, put both sticks of RAM into all slot configurations, and nothing.

So I re-installed my 1600x to sanity check myself, and it worked, with both RAM installed. So back to Canada Computers I went to get a refund. While I was tempted by the Intel CPU's on the way out, I got new thermal paste and now I am writing this post on my PC with the 1600x.

Lessons I learned today.

  1. If you are upgrading a 1000 series Ryzen stick with the 3000 series as 5000 compatibility is dodgy depending on the manufacturer.

  2. The Manufacturers can and will lie about compatibility, and hardware upgradability is hit or miss depending on the Motherboard.

  3. I'm not buying from Gigabyte ever again. Though I've heard Asus isn't much better.

Now PLEASE NOTE BEFORE COMMENTING. I do not have the 5500 and will not go back and get it again, so no troubleshooting, please. I just wanted to share my experience and kind of warn those who plan on doing the same.


It could just he me but I feel that people can only blame their gear so long before they should admit that they’re getting outplayed. At the same time, it’s strange how those some people will scream their chest out or slam on those keys to rage out on everyone else like they’re big and tough.


I have a triple monitor setup right now, but am thinking of trying a single ultrawide monitor. What is your preference?


Any one use an AsRock N100M? Whats idle power consumption on it like?

I have the n100dc-itx, and its about 6-8w on my home server, but was thinking of changing it to an N100M, as the n100dc-itx might be needed elsewhere.

Anyone got one? Else should I spend much more on the Odroid H4 plus?


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I'm checking this mini pc https://www.acemagic.com/products/acemagic-ad08-intel-core-i9-11900h-mini-pc

It says the M2 and SATA ports are limited to 2TB, but I can't imagine why that's the case.
Could there be a limit on the motherboard? On the CPU?
If most likely this is done in software (windows) probably it won't matter since I'm planning to switch to linux.

What I want to avoid is buying it and being unable to use an 8TB drive.


Keep noticing that when taking about Linux distro recommendations (on Reddit) users recommend Mint and Ubuntu for gaming.

Now don't get me wrong, they're great distros and with a bit of work are great for games, but I feel like theres better recommendations for new users looking into getting into gaming on linux.


Wondering if my next upgrade should be an OLED screen or not. It looks amazing, but how is the current compatability with Linux these days? Anyone with one of these sexy screens that would like to share their experiences?

  • What screen do you have?
  • TV or Monitor Screen?
  • Do you have multiple screens?
  • What brand / model is recommended?

Lemmy know! 🌻


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Microsoft Closes Redfall Developer Arkane Austin, Hi-Fi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks, and More in Devastating Cuts at Bethesda


I finished my first build a few months ago, put fedora workstation on it, everything's been great so far, but there are a few games I have and love which don't work, or are incredibly unstable. so I'm looking for a small, let's say 256gb SSD, to dual boot with windows for those games as well as creative work with lightroom.

My current drive has enough storage for a windows dual boot on its own, but I do not want windows to hide the linux partition or delete it completely.

So my questions are:

  • Should I get a larger SSD than 256gb?
  • what would be a good drive at that size?

I was troubleshooting Bluetooth connection today and I thought that this is somehow related to software (PipeWire, bluez, bluetoothd and all that stuff). But no. Apparently Bluetooth barely works when WiFi antenna is disconnected from my ASUS motherboard.

Anyway, this might save a lot of time for someone, so I'm posting it here.


The "startup repair" Macrium offers is garbage and won't even load, so while I have all my data, I don't have an OS...

I appreciate any insights!


I am happy I could still get it in red 😋

Original RAM was Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200), while my new sticks are TeamGroup T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL18.


I've had my index for a year or two now, I've got both desktop and my beefy AF laptop that I play it on, but both are still super janky. The laptop is actually better for it believe it or not but I still get some hiccups here and there.

I know my bottleneck on the desktop is my GPU, CPU is ready for anything I can pair it with, what's a good one that will never let me see a frame drop again?

Come on I know you guys have suggestions

Edit: since you're all asking here's a list I made some time ago with most of my parts

Ignore the storage you see, i have like 2nvme drives and several SSD's that I didn't list

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