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I'm going to assume you've heard the stereo-panning version of the record player song that did the rounds.

However, searching for more like this, I can only seems to find shitty low-effort remixes of songs with someone swiping the entire audio track back and forth, without timing it to the actual notes of the song or putting distinct elements in their own space or any of the actually cool counterpointy stuff you could do with this.

Has anyone found any that don't suck?

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Dead Goon - Mr Bungle. Their whole debut album uses these kind of effects in parts but the final track really uses it as part of the song and story.

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The truth is the effect is only that pronounced with the whole track, if you use it on instruments they don't have the same spaciality. Or at least that was the case when I toyed with Ambeo Orbit. So I'm guessing nobody cares and ppl just mix songs regularly.

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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):

record player song

Piped is a privacy-respecting open-source alternative frontend to YouTube.

I'm open-source; check me out at GitHub.

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