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PC Master Race

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A community for PC Master Race.


  1. No bigotry: Including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia. Code of Conduct.
  2. Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here.
  3. No NSFW content.
  4. No Ads / Spamming.
  5. Be thoughtful and helpful: even with ‘stupid’ questions. The world won’t be made better or worse by snarky comments schooling naive newcomers on Lemmy.


founded 1 year ago
Moderators Wanted (
submitted 1 year ago* (last edited 1 year ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

~~If you're willing and able to help moderate please comment below!~~

~~I'm EST, other timezones are preferred but not necessary.~~

Closed, I think we're all set for now. Thanks for the interest and replies!

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