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Looking to buy a new controller, currently have Xbox One but the thing is I don't really like the sticks on these controllers, the way they push in and out means they don't glide smoothly, I've used the Elite controllers and they don't have this issue but $200+ is a little steep, so does anyone make a good controller that has the same buttons as Xbox One but with better sticks at a reasonable price? Can I replace the sticks in a controller myself?

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Others have already recommended it but I want to pitch in; my 8bitdo pro is the best I've used (others I have are the DS4, xbox, a few Logitechs including the submarine one, and a fancy-ass Astro).

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heard good things from 8bit and RetroFighters

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gullikit kingkong 2 pro. mic drop.

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I got the Flydigi Vader 3 and i'm very happy with it. The sticks are butter smooth. The buttons are very clicky.

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I'm a fan of the gamesir G7 SE myself. It's very affordable. The hall effect sticks feel smoother and more responsive. Also they don't get stick drift which is why I got mine.

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I got the same controller for the same reason after my Elite Series 2 got stick drift. Really responsive sticks and it doesn't feel too cheap even with the lower price.

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I like that it has mic, I'd like wireless but if third party controllers won't work with Xbox Controller Connector it doesn't matter as much.

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I have an elite, but prefer the 8 bit do ultimate. It's light but sturdy, comfortable, can toggle to pair with my switch or the PC, and has a cool looking charging dock.

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I think I'll have to try that out.

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