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One that I remember, it at least when I first realized it turned me on anyway, was when a woman and her girlfriend attempted to sexual assault me. I was able to get away but I was also crazy aroused.

I have a huge kink for CNC with a woman as the aggressor now.

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Adult book store is just a sex shop. Toys, porn, etc... Not much to do but shop your pervy heart out.

As for an adult arcade, expect ugly people and look out for random bodily fluids left behind. Sometimes a kinky couple will invite strangers to do things. What's allowed and what goes on can be two different things. Adult arcades can be pretty gross and not for everyone.

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It's a pain in the ass for sure. I got a lot better by playing F# or G cleanly and easily then transitioning down to F. I did a few strums on each back and forth while watching TV. After doing that for a few weeks I was able to play F much better.

I still flub it if I haven't played it for too long but it comes back fairly quickly.

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We'll it doesn't haunt me but looking back it was RoboCop. That movie is a bit much for a 6 year old to watch.

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Women dancing. Not talking about shaking ass and stuff which is meant to be sexy. I mean when they dance out of pure fun and happiness. When someone feels the music and just has to move.

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Lost Driver Sushi

For when the driver is also in the wrong community

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There's one way I can think of that'll let you know. You can get a small fish scale that fishermen use. Tie a string or whatever around the bar in the middle to attach the scale and weigh the bar. It should only take a few seconds and you'll have an answer.

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Oh it's like a caltrop, here I was wondering what kind of carnage the cute little animals were supposed to do.

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As an American, I feel the same way.

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